Suspects Caught By Lifeguards & Park Rangers

August 20, 2013

police car Horseshoe Bay Beach[Updated] Two men were arrested yesterday afternoon [Aug 19] after they were chased and caught by Lifeguards and Park Rangers after they were suspected of stealing personal belongings from people at Horseshoe Bay Beach.

Police attended Horseshoe Bay Beach at approximately 1pm yesterday, and two young men were seen in police custody on the beach, and the police were seen speaking with beach patrons in the area.

The police confirmed that two 19 year olds were arrested in connection with the incident.

Update 4.15pm: A police spokesperson said, “Police responded to a report of a theft at Horseshoe Bay at 1pm yesterday. It appears that a tourist at the beach saw two black males sit in her friend’s chair and start to rummage through her personal belongings whilst she had stepped away.

“The woman shouted at the two males who quickly disappeared into the crowd on the beach. As a result she alerted security in the area, who began a search for the two males.

“A few minutes later another tourist noticed the same two males removing a bag from the beach, she called for help and a chase ensued with the life guards, park rangers and the two males.

“The two suspects were caught and were subsequently detained until the police arrived on the scene. The two 19 year old males were promptly taken to Hamilton Police Station, processed and detained.

“All of the stolen goods were recovered and a court appearance is expected in the near future.”

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  1. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    thieving little b@$tards!…stay away from decent people!

  2. Amazed says:

    Well done Park Rangers and Lifeguards – you went over and beyond your duties. Glad these lowlife suspects were caught. Shame on these teenagers who have nothing better to do than to steal other peoples hard earned belongings.

    • Terry says:

      Well stated ‘Amazed’. I was going to say same but you beat me.
      That shows that people care about whats in the water and on land.

  3. bir says:

    lock them up

  4. frank says:

    I understand the police have more jeeps 4×4 go anywhere

  5. HeyBye says:

    The courts should throw the book at these guys if guilty
    Committing crimes against our visitors is committing crimes against Bda as a whole.

  6. BDAGIRL says:

    The police do their jobs, but when they reach the court room its another story!!!!

  7. GoodIdea BadIdea says:

    It wasn’t me


    I found this stuff laying on the road and I was about to return it to the owners or take it to the police station like my granny used to tell me to do.

  8. Well done Park Rangers and Lifegaurds and that tells a lot on your training and watchful eyes,hats of to the Dept. Of Parks for the workers there are a cut above the rest, they are the best.

  9. Thank You to the Park Rangers and the Lifeguards, other should take a page from your book, keep up the good work, you saved others from being robbed that day also, again, THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH, you all made our day to be proud of our fellow Bermudians looking out for our VISITORS and BERMUDIANS alike. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lock them up and take the keys to the Zoo and throw them in with the alligator, no one will get them then.

  10. Thank You to the Park Rangers and Life gauards, you just made the beaches a little safer

  11. a photog says:

    next time drown the lil ba$^%ds

  12. Bermuda Visitors says:

    We have been traveling to Bermuda a couple times a year for many years for holiday. Reading the Bermuda paper and seeing the change with our own eyes is very sadening. Between the gangs, shootings and now robberies against tourists it is clear the Bermuda of old and the values of it’s residents have gone. We were in Hamilton in May waiting at the main bus depot one evening and we decided to take a cab versus waiting for the bus, we just don’t feel safe anymore. Reading about the grafitti last week in St. George’s after the teenage boy died in an accident was very disapointing. Not only do the young Bermudians no longer understand how to act in a civilized community but it looks like many adults condone their actions, there are no role models for them. It’s sad but perhaps it’s time to move on and find another spot to vacation. Given Bermuda’s ecomomy that could be devistating should other begin to feel the same way. Truely sad.

    • Just Saying says:

      This is very upsetting and our visitors dont feel safe. But this can happen anywhere. Bermuda is a small place and every little thing is put in the media. That’s the way of the world. I am not saying that it is right to steal, but things like this happen all the time. It is just more publicized. It should not stop you from coming to Bermuda. We have our ups and downs but do not let the bad out weigh the good.
      People go to Mexico all the time and are told never carry valuables with them. I was told that when I went to Venezuela. Be a bit more cautious but never stop coming to Beautiful Bermuda!

    • Next says:

      But I bet it’s still safer here than wherever you are from.

    • tricks are for kids says:

      I’m guessing your from a crime free state?…sign of the times sad to say…I don’t feel safe going to the States either….shootings EVERY DAY there. ..the WHOLE world is messed up..

    • E$ says:

      Then take your silly values and GWAAN! You jus lumped the entire into less den 1%, Bermuda is still safer den where ur from.

  13. So tired says:

    Bunch of losers!

  14. QuietlyObserving says:

    Perhaps if the OBA even attempted to follow through on their promise of 2000 new jobs, these youth wouldn’t be out with the thought or need to steal in the 1st place. Was there an announcement that these jobs will no longer be created? A lot of us are waiting, hoping and praying that this promise wasn’t just made up to gain our votes. Its easy to judge those unemployed persons when you’re sitting there collecting regular pay checks…ABP

    • E$ says:

      you have to get off ya a$$ first and den apply….let me kno how u do lmfao

    • donderoad truedetrees says:

      you shouldnt try and pretend you voted oba

      the mess the plp created will keep the entire island held back for a decade

  15. the Candyman can! says:

    @ bermuda Visitor

    Please put what your read into perspective. Like most places in the world thereis a small persistant minority that is hell bent or “trying” to destroy the peace and tranquility we have come to expect and enjoy. Most Bermudians are hard working and do not condone the behavior of that persistant few. Be mindful that reading the newspaper and looking at the news blogs is not a true representation of what is going on it highlights the critical things of the day. Sometimes it looks alot worse than it really is. Bermuda is facing our challenges head on a things look like the are turning in the right direction. Thank you for your support and continue to believe in Bermuda

  16. swing voter says:

    we’ve certainly lost our way as a people haven’t we….glad my kids settled.

  17. GoodIdea BadIdea says:

    Really though – this isn’t that different than 10-15 years ago when the same things happened to the same tourists leaving their valuables in a place where they are vulnerable.

    Sadly the friendly atmosphere, the intoxicating beaches and the general tranquility of our islands lulls the visitor into a false sense of security and this is what these criminals prey upon like wolves on lambs.

    Problem is that most guest apartments and some of the hotels don’t have convenient lockups in the guest rooms which forces the tourist to carry valuables with them, the rental bike seat locks are a joke to an experienced thief and leaving something on the beach unattended is just asking for an opportunistic crime to happen.

    I’m just glad that these two were caught and will hopefully get some form of appropriate punishment. Maybe walking around the beach with a sandwich board with the words “I am a thief” painted on both sides for a month worth of weekends might give them something to contemplate. What can you do? Putting them in jail only hardens them, letting them free with a suspended sentence only emboldens them, fining them is a joke unless the fines are in the “I imported weed by mistake” range.

    • @ Goodidea Badidea. Loving your suggestion to wear a sandwich board. Make them wear the hot orange jumpsuit from Jail if they found guilty and let them walk up and down beach in the heat of the day. Make lettering big and bright ” I AM A THIEF”. If they are given probation or something stupid have them put on house arrest with anklets, but they have to wear the sandwich board on the beach until the end of summer. I would volunteer to watch the nasty ba@@**d parade up and down. My kids know if they did anything like that they would be on display with a sign saying their crime and at peak time for all to see.

  18. Just Saying says:

    This is very upsetting and our visitors dont feel safe. But this can happen anywhere. Bermuda is a small place and every little thing is put in the media. That’s the way of the world. I am not saying that it is right to steal, but things like this happen all the time. It is just more publicized. It should not stop you from coming to Bermuda. We have our ups and downs but do not let the bad out weigh the good.
    People go to Mexico all the time and are told never carry valuables with them. I was told that when I went to Venezuela. Be a bit more cautious but never stop coming to Beautiful Bermuda!

  19. tigerboy says:

    Throw the book at them, no excuses hard labour in prison. This is our bread and butter they are destroying. Well done lifeguards and park rangers.

  20. Triangle Drifter says:

    Too bad the life guards & parks people did not give them a good beating before the cops arrived. Better justice than the court is likely to give them. Watch this. 1 year probation. A wrist tapping.

  21. take my word says:

    Sad so many comments about these fools stealing yet! A young man just did our island proud and there are as little as four comments. Do you think giving these thieves all this credit is worth it. Cause u must know these guys read the comments for kicks! Smh I wish we could ignore ignorance!!!!

    • Ya got me Rollin ......NOT says:

      Lil Quan and Coshaun!!!!!! You all have anything to say about them. Hello !!!!!!!! You people kill me man. It’s you lot that are really killing this island not the youth.

  22. itJobsgone says:

    Too many people trying to justify this.
    Our beach on a busy day…500 people 2 get jacked. Last week these two likely hit many and got away.
    The cruise companies are now warning guests to leave their valuables on the ship.
    Sounds like what I heard in Jamaica or Mexico.

  23. Grand Wizzard says:

    Take those two little b**tards and chop their hands off. then see if they can steal anything again!


    let me do the chopping, i would be mooooore than happy

    little worthless pieces of trash!!!!! cockaroaches!!!!!

  24. Red says:

    I would like to give much props to the Security detail at the Caines Horseshoe Bay Beach concession as well.

    The Security detail there was very instrumental with assisting BPA to catch these young wayward men.

    You Security guys are still as sharp as can be.

  25. Kindley says:

    Bermuda Visitor – It is difficult to see the change in Bermuda. We think of it as a beautiful safe island / a cut above the islands to the south. I work very hard to save money to visit Bermuda because I love it. It is a special place for my family. We don’t want Bermuda to change but the world is changing and not for the better.

    Bermuda, don’t rely on the cruise ships….make your island available to those who want to experience the true joy of Bermuda.

    Good job life guards.

  26. Babylon says:

    Good work,you guys should be police officers.

  27. nuffsaid says:

    I am loving the suggestion of the sandwich board. But I also think that putting this guys to work under the supervised watchful eyes of the Park Rangers while having the boards around their neck and picking up trash and garbage from the parks and beaches for the duration of the summer would not only teach them a lesson but get a lot of the trash collected and for free. If the boards are too cumbersome then have them wear T shirts with the words I AM A THIEF printed on the back and front of it. They really need their hands free so that they can WORK.
    But DO NOT PUT THEIR ARSE IN JAIL. It’s another waste of Tax payer’s money!! Archie sit up and pay attention PLEASE!

    On another note if you dock in Limon, CR you are told not to carry valuables or take certain side roads alone the beaches. So sad that we have to live like this on vacations but it is the way of this changing world.