Video: Meet The New Tourism Authority CEO

January 31, 2014

In a media briefing yesterday [Jan 30] Tourism Development and Transport Minister Shawn Crockwell and Chairman David Dodwell introduced the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s new Chief Executive Officer Bill Hanbury.

They noted that BTA is privately managed and now has responsibility for the day to day management of tourism in Bermuda, and while the BTA is not part of government, it is a very significant and important partner.

Mr Hanbury said he was very excited to be in Bermuda and noted that he plans to “live the brand,” and plans to get himself some Bermuda shorts.

Mr Hanbury, Minister Crockwell, Mr Dodwell:


Speaking on why the new CEO’s salary is not being revealed, the BTA said: “The most important assets of the BTA are its team members, particularly those in senior positions. For us to reveal any confidential details of employment would simply be feeding competitive information to those who are competing against us.

“We are in the process of hiring other executive and staff positions right now. If any of those applicants were informed that the details of their remuneration were going to be revealed by the media, many of them would probably walk away from their application.”

“The BTA has set very high standards of ethics within its charter and the confidentiality of employment contracts is important. The BTA intends to honour those agreements. The BTA is a private enterprise and the issue of salary and benefits is a matter between employer and employee.”

30 minute video of the press briefing; 

“Chairman Dodwell noted that in establishing the remuneration packages of BTA executives, the Board of Directors looked at market based information and are satisfied that the BTA scales of remuneration are not excessive and fall within the industry norms,” the BTA said.

“Minister Crockwell further noted that it is possible that BTA has been more innovative than many other destination marketing organizations, another reason not to disclose proprietary information.”

Chairman Dodwell said, “So, we have made the decision that we are not going to disclose contractual details of any BTA employees. We are hopeful that we can now focus on the 99 percent of issues that are important in the delivery of a new energy for tourism in Bermuda.

Minister Crockwell noted, “You have seen Mr. Hanbury’s impressive background and it is clear that he is the right man for the job. I want to reiterate just how pleased we are to have Mr. Hanbury lead this team.We appreciate your interest in Mr. Hanbury and the work that he will be doing to help revive Bermuda tourism. “

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  1. sage says:

    Oh come on!

    • jonny says:

      rubbish, that means he’s being paid a lot of money….

    • Cleancut says:

      Mr. Hanbury……..SOS…….SOS.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      OBA is a joke ;-)
      OBA set this up and we pay for it.
      When BTA become totally private, how will they pay themselves?
      This idea stinks and the no disclosure of pay stinks.
      OBA continue to hammer out their personal agendas.

  2. San George says:

    Good luck mate. Government did not create tourism in Bermuda and neither can they revive it. Get government out of the way.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      I agree @San George!

    • Mike Hind says:

      Um. That’s what they’re doing.

      “BTA is privately managed and now has responsibility for the day to day management of tourism in Bermuda, and while the BTA is not part of government, it is a very significant and important partner.”

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        So Mike, you do not have a problem with the CEOs salary being a secret? Your quote above misses one important point……..that the TA is funded by we, the taxpayers.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Nope. I have no problem with this.

          Then again, I’m not searching for any molehill to turn into a mountain like you are, so… there’s that.

          I’ve been saying for years that Tourism should be run as a business. This is part of that.

          I’d rather our money be spent on this project than something like “Faith Based Tourism” which brought in… how many people?

          • Moving Forward says:

            In 2006 FBT brought in 600plus visitors for one event alone!! That is more than any of the other niche markets brought in combined for several events!

        • Mazumbo says:

          Now you know very well Mike endorses everything O.B.A/ubp does but quick to criticize the P.L.P’s screw up’s.
          You know the saying de mans ice is colder.

          • Mike Hind says:

            *sigh* this is, as per usual, completely untrue.

            You REALLY have to start trying honesty, “Mazumbo”.

            I know you’re trying out your new “The white man’s ice is colder” trope, but it’s not sticking.

            You’re proving yourself to be the ridiculous joke that you really are.

      • Watching says:

        Mike where do you think the money is coming from? They are being funded by Government Grant! We have every right to know what the salaries are.

        Although I wish him luck, listening to him, he has not said anything we already do not know. I am already seeing, same ole ole. The good ole boys are here to stay.

        On another note, while some very effective Bermudian staff are being rehired at a much lower wage, the TA is still spending money on consultants.

        Wake up!

        • Mike Hind says:

          If I may translate:

          “Here’s another molehill! Let’s make a mountain!”


  3. deallnighter says:

    Before we knock it or make it a more of a political thing that its going to become anyway! Tourism is already at the very bottom, so it cannot get any worse.Lets see the result before we start BASHING!!

  4. watching says:

    How much is he making? The public deserve to know. His salary comes out of the public purse as the government is fully funding the Tourism Authority currently. We deserve to know his compensation package.

    • Hmmm says:

      I want to know names and salaries of all government workers by name role, dept when they began this employment and I want to know it NOW.

      I have a right to know.

      • Suzie Quattro says:

        I want copies of the appraisals and reviews of every one of my children’s public school teachers, and I want then NOW. I have a right to know.

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        All govt wages and salaries are public knowledge…….duh. Ever heard of the Budget….you know, the one that the Min of Finance will present next month? I know its Friday but come on man… can’t be trying to defend keeping the CEOs pay package a secret? I swear the OBA creates issues on purpose, as this is to stupid to be a mistake! And since the rest of govt workers are taking pay cuts….again I ask, how much is our CEO making?

    • terry says:

      Knowing his salary will do what ‘watching’.
      Just another day in Bermuda to b**** and moan about something.

      I’d say 1 million a year is a good starting.

      The man makes more anyway in other ventures and as a consultant to many groups et al.

      No point in typing more as it will fuel ‘hah cum dah nut tallin huss. Muss be heidin sumtin……..

  5. Concerned Citizen says:

    How much of our TAXPAYER funds is OUR TA CEO getting paid? If the amount is such that it is competitive by industry standards, then so be it, BUT, I still would like to know the amount. Crockwell and Dodwell….smh!

  6. js says:

    he was Destination DC’s CEO and first employee was he their only employee

    its gonna take Mr. Hanbury a long time to get caught up to speed

  7. say it like it is. says:

    He said on TV last night would take 3 to 6 months to get Bermuda back into the tourism business, wow, if he accommplishes that, then he goes home?

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      No. He said we should start to see results in 6 months. That doesn’t mean the job is done.

  8. Unbelievebale says:

    One bit of advice to Hr. Hanbury….chase that high client all you want but it won’t work. They may come here but they don’t spend money around Bermuda. They stay at places like Tucker’s Point and only go to expensive restaurants like Port o Call or Tom Moore’s then they go straight back to the expensive hotel. They don’t frequent more general restaurants like say Rosa’s. It’s not a great example but you know what I mean. They don’t hang out in “locals” bars or go to museums and things like that.

    Have a place for that type client, yes, but for God’s sake, get some other people here. The East Coast techies, the pink dollar, the small families, etc.

    • Mike Hind says:

      So… because Port o’ Call and Tom Moore’s are expensive, that’s not considered “spending money around Bermuda”? That doesn’t make sense.

  9. Choir Boy says:

    At worst I can hardly see him doing as badly as tourism under the PLP. Anyone remember Faith Tourism? I say give him a chance – who cares if he’s being paid handsomely. He better earn it. Oh and anyone remember Faith Tourism? Yeah right.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Anyone remember Cultural Tourism/Ethnic Tourism? How did that one work out for us. How much was spent runnning around fishing where there are no fish on that one.

      The average American could not care less about Bermuda culture or Bermuda history unless it pertains to US history.

      Like it or not, at our prices, we are not a blue collar destination. Never have been. Never will be. To them a $150PN Holiday Inn Express is more than they will pay.

  10. more than enough says:

    these guys have no shame…
    if his ‘compensation package’ is any where near as over-inflated, as his idea to turn around a 30 year failure in 6 months, we are in trouble.
    minister crockwell tried to support this secrecy ‘by further noting that bta has been more innovative than many other destination marketing organizations,’ what does this mean? in hiring overpaid executives?
    somehow this is to be perceived as ‘another reason not to disclose proprietary information.’
    how many big word combinations are necessary to say ‘salary’?
    oh yeah these guys don’t work for a wage like most of us… their financial compensation package usually consists of more than just a very healthy yearly salary and the best healthcare benefits available but also includes high end accommodation and transport allowances travel stipends, or whatever. and let us not forget the luxury meals and fine wines and the likes, and who knows what else.
    these guys make me sick. any word on the old department of tourism workers…?or is this already yesterdays news?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Sounds like you were a regular part of Browns travel entourage. You are very knowledgeable.

      By the way, who promised that they were going to turn tourism around in 100 days. It was nowhere near as bad then as it is now. Whose tourism Ministers went on junkets to the far corners of the earth & ignored the areas where we actually get visitors from?

      Can you enlighten us?

      • Johnny says:

        You mean like Singapore

      • more than enough says:

        like singapore?

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          No, not like Singapore. After months of research of various gaming versions the OBA settled on the Singapore version as most workable for Bermuda. It was not a fishing trip not knowing what would be caught. It was a trip for face to face details of how the concept works.

          I guess you missed the article explaining it all in quite some detail recently.

          • more than enough says:

            just like singapore… as of yet, i have seen no returns on this expenditure.have you?
            furthermore, this whole gambling issue hasn’t been passed in the house yet, has it? although i’m pretty sure, judging by the signs, that it will go through, and be passed.
            fishin’ trips over…where’s d fish?
            all the article mentioned was a series of results.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      He never said he would “turn it around in 6 months”.

  11. terry says:

    14 years of PLP spending and friends and family.
    2 billion+ in debt.
    Not enough revenue coming in.
    And you all b**** and moan about how much someone is paid to turn things around.

    6.30pm. Young and the Restless.

    RIP Bermuda.

  12. Max says:

    I wish they would make ST Geo a town where they can fly the Rainbow flag. Its a nice place and if they encourage alternate life style people that would be nice. They have disposable income

  13. Hmmmmm says:

    So let me see if I understand this. The Party who campaigned on being open, transparent and accountable; the Party who spent it’s entire tenure in Opposition demanding to know the salaries of the Hospitals Board’s executive team, the Party who accused the PLP of being secretive about everything and never accepted one reason for not sharing even the most sensitive of information….the OBA is refusing to disclose how taxpayer dollars are being spent? This must be the Twighlight Zone or something. Have you people no shame?! This guy is paid from our tax dollars and this brush off by the Minister and “Chairman Dodwell” (how very communist!” is supposed to satisfy us? This is proof that the OBA is manned from top to bottom by hypocrites.

    • Here's to Hoping says:

      And yet we still do not know what Dr. Thomas’ pay was after Mr. Desilva stated that it won’t be stated publicly.

      What is your take on the BTA itself?

      • Hmmmmm says:

        Having spent 14 months “looking under the hood” with a totally OBA Board including a chartered accountant on that Board (Atherden) and one as the former minister (Pamplin-Gordon), and the late Mrs. Jackson as a consultant, then whose fault is that?

    • Mazumbo says:

      It’s called de man’s ice is colder.

  14. Here's to Hoping says:

    Personally I am pleased that the promotion of our tourism product has now been taken out of the hands of the politicians. The private sector, whose livelihoods depend on success, will do much a better job on focusing marketing efforts to promote our little rock in the middle of the ocean. This is especially true as of now given the very sad state of our tourism industry in general which has led to it now only contributing roughly 5% of our annual GDP.

    In terms of remuneration I am of the opinion that pay, for all BTA staff, should be based solely on achieving established performance metrics. For example, if tourism numbers continue to fall or stay stagnant than this should result in BTA staff’s pays being reduced or lose their job entirely in line with such failures. And yes it would be a failure given that we are literally at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to our tourism industry as of now. This will in turn provide incentives for staff to go that extra mile to ensure success not only for themselves, but also for Bermuda as a whole.

    In the past the promotion of our tourism industry was in the hands of politicians and civil servants who simply did not have to answer for poor results and thus were able to retain their cushy jobs with no sort of repercussions for underwhelming performance. And as for the Minister of Tourism position that was even more secure as compared to the civil servants and thus even had less worries and as everyone knows politicians are very rarely people who seek the best for others and instead only look to be reelected and retain their position within their respective Party.
    Mr. Hanbury, based on provided and ‘Googled’ information, appears to be a man with enormous experience and successes in his many years in the tourism promotion industry and on the face of it looks to be quite a coup for Bermuda as of now. I am sure he will give Bermuda a competitive advantage going forward, but also hopes the BTA does look to the long term and ensures that a Bermudian shadows the CEO position to learn all the ins and outs of what it takes to be successful in such a role. In the meantime it is very promising to have someone in the CEO position that doesn’t have to learn as they go and possesses more than sufficient experience to assist in our almost non-existent tourism industry.

    Good luck BTA, you all will need it.

  15. Triangle Drifter says:

    There seems to be an awful lot of confusion on who does what in the promotion of tourism these days.

    To me the BTA is rather like the Trade Development Board of the 50s & 60s. Government had very little involment with tourism back then. The TDB consisted of Bermuda business leaders who had an interest in the success of Bermuda whether they had a direct connection in tourism or not. Everyone was part of the overall product.

    As the years went by the Government got more & more involved till we had the monster of civil servants that was the just disbanded DOT.

    A DOT, of sorts, is needed to do the grunt work which comes from the direction of the BTA which is in effect a board of Governors which any public company has. My interpretation is that Bill Hanbury is the link man, the very active & qualified person doing the day to day promotion of Bermuda. In effect the CEO.

    The Minister, like him or not, also has a place as part of the BTA being there is public money running the whole thing, for the time being anyhow. No matter how self supporting the BTA becomes there will always be the need for Government representation on the Authority.

    I may be off a bit but I don’t think I am too far off in who does what.

  16. Bermuda Boy says:

    @ Mazumbo, is de man’s ice is colder something you just thought up? Give it a break and read a book to get something substantial to say!

    • Mazumbo says:

      The term (the white man’s ice is colder) has been around for years and I do read books that where I get my information from.

      • terry says:

        That’s why they live in Africa and Britain.
        Then again……never mind/mine.

      • Come Correct says:

        Dun…shut up, SHUT… UP, JUST SHUT THE F*** UP. Can you say anything without pulling race into it or attempting to stir racial emotion? And lose the name since even you have said you are not that type of person but have more of a militant approach. What an outright dishonor.

        • Mazumbo says:

          Get over it Dreamer racial issues will always be here and the name is suiting that’s what he gave his life for.

          • Hmmm says:

            The only racial issue on these boards today is you. You struggle to understand that your divisiveness is destructive.

          • Mike Hind says:

            The difference is: He wasn’t a liar and a racist. You are.

            • Mazumbo says:

              The truth is an offense not a sin.

              • Mike Hind says:

                You do not speak the truth. At all. You twist it for a racist and political agenda.

                This has been proven time and again.

  17. TaxPayer says:

    You lot are a bunch of pokey, brown nosing people! Stop critising the process before it has even begun! Let’s talk transparency shall we? How much do you, you and you get paid? Better question is how much have you saved?! Where do you work, what do you do? The majority of you leaving comments are filled with jealousy and resentment, for many reasons I’m sure, but nobody truly cares. His compensation is only relevant if the project fails, but it hasn’t even had 5 mintues to begin so stop with the crap! In all honesty, I come on here and read comments as a source of entertainment, bag of popcorn and a good chair because the foolishness that is presented makes one wonder why Bermuda is in the state it’s in generally speaking. Get off the computer and make a difference – and stop being so critical. If you all could do it better, it would have been you!

    • somuchless says:

      I can do better and they didn’t choose me so hush you trap.

      • Wow what a great audience says:

        If you’re so great at it then do it for free, or start your own advertising company; bring people in and help the whole island prosper.

        • somuchless says:

          I was making a general point of taxpayer’s comment. I was not speaking of me. Go get a life and apply to the bta and see if you’ll get in. Meet me at buzz In a month to discuss how you made out.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Did you apply? Are you qualified?

        Prove it.

  18. more than enough says:

    according to furbert this guys compensation package may be up to $500’000 in salary, benefits and expenses. live large much?
    dodwell should also have to report what he is making in his package.
    what happened to the transparency he spoke of?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Well, I guess he would know. Nice pickins if you can get it. The thing is, Furbert didn’t produce any results. Neither have the past DOT directors.

      If Mr Hanbury produces results it is big bucks well spent.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      You’d rather be back to having Patrice Minors in charge of tourism?

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        A frightening thought that is. Not sure which was worse, her or the used car salesman with his BS.

        • more than enough says:

          crockwell is our new patrice minors, lest we forget…

      • Paul says:

        Patrice Minors …..thank God she is out of politics……. every ministry she had was @#$% ^&

  19. godson says:

    While children are going school hungry…a man snatching bags… someone begging to get locked up for stealing vegetables…people losing jobs left, right and center…Politricks at its best…this is “waffless”

    • Hmmm says:

      Drug problem, drug problem, untrue and funding for the Food program was found, plus there was an article on the fund for charitiable donations recently. If this body can improve tourism, the.n there will be more job opportunities.

  20. The Skink says:

    Our competitors care little about the salary of a top tourism official in Bermuda. They are more concerned with how to attract visitors to their shores.

  21. Ninja says:

    How much did dr brown make all told? Exact salary, all benefits, housing allowance, etc. Thank you

    • Mazumbo says:

      And David Gibbons, John Swan, David Saul, Pam Gordon???

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Didn’t know any of those were Tourism Minister. Can you remind us when they held the position?

        As Premiers I’d like to compare their travel expenses to Brown & Cox as well, compensating for inflation of course.

        Be careful what you wish for.

      • Ninja says:

        They are all before my time. Just know we never got straight answers when asked what dr b was making. Why?

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        While we’re talking about “how much did he make”, let’s add Ewart to the list. And Burgess.

  22. Concerned Citizen says:

    Four words sums this up……the Oba leadership are demons! And some of their followers are too. Keeping it real, some of you people are sick. Once you self destruct, please see fit to leave the island. I would rather new folk living here then you sick, anti Bermudian, pro hades supporters. Btw, any person who talks sh…. like our new CEO (6months my a**), is defiantly overpaid.

    • Mike Hind says:

      Demons? Seriously?

      Are you THAT desperate for them to fail?

      Demons? “pro hades supporters”?

      This is just crazy talk.

    • TaxPayer says:

      You are just dumb lol…proof reading your post is the first step; OBA is an acronym not a word…lol…and your 4 words to sum up your “point”, well you typed 5…get off the computer and get to the books!

  23. X man says:

    Oh ‘ an older person – how sweet – I hope this dos’nt mean old idea’s.
    and I hope he’s worth the big paycheck that broke Bermuda is giving him.
    I’m a little suspicious now but Time will tell.

  24. LOL says:

    Poor Shawn,
    Does he really think he is in charge. Dodwell is running the show. Another former UBP MP! What is this new man going to do different. He says we are already a magnificent product. ” IS THAT IS TRUE?” Does he realize that Bermuda is boring, it is too expensive and the people are not the fawning fearful ignorant sycophants that we were in the 60′s. I want to know how much this man is making and where is that money coming from. How much is Dodwell making and where is that money coming from. This is B.S!!!!

    • more than enough says:

      poor bill, wait until he realizes whos reaaly in char

      • more than enough says:

        oops..wait until bill find out who’s really in charge…
        like i said this is precisely why an outsider was hired to be
        ‘above’ the dods.
        our very own ‘mr tourism’ himself would not be happy answering to a less knowledgeable bermudian than himself.
        and surprisingly enough this magically aligns them with the government interest…imagine that.

    • TaxPayer says:

      What do you do for a living?

  25. Rockfish#1and#2 says:

    If Crockwell is as smart as he thinks he is, he would understand why there is so much interest in this man’s compensation package.
    He must cease insulting the intelligence of the taxpayer with his flimsy excuses for not answering a simple straightforward question. Additionally, he is creating a controversy which will make Hanbury’s job more difficult.

    • more than enough says:

      if crockwell was smart he’d start lookin’ for another job, he might be next on the list of expendables…oh yeah he already has another job, which he somehow performs simultaneously with this one .

  26. BigD says:

    Ridiculous response , he is probably being overpaid. Minister be careful your post is at the pleasure of the Primier and I don’t understand how public funds are involved in anything secret. What is the status of PATI.

  27. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    A definition of 5 star.

    A visitor staying in a 3 star property expects every thing to be 5 Star and deserve nothing less.

    A vacation experience in Bermuda should be nothing less than fantastic.

  28. more than enough says:

    here we have a group(bta) of well off individuals broadening their financial standing…whilst basking in the glory of their promises of a better tomorrow.
    and another group(dot) of people who were promised that they would not lose their jobs, suddenly jobless. losing what could possibly be their only source of income and facing a bleak tomorrow, today.
    what of these people? and those from h princess and cb club?
    are the bta not concerned with all these job losses? they remain silent on this issue. jobs being lost now, specifically in the area of tourism should be important, i would think. or is it the brilliance of the bta’s secret plans for the future(of the business)that has them blinded?
    time to ‘look under the hood’ no pun intended

    • TaxPayer says:

      So silly…the BTA is privatized…if someone from Validus loses their job, does Ren Re have a responsibility to get involved as the industry’s leader?! C’mon, the hotel and club dismissals as of recent are specific to each property and it is a Union issue!!! That’s why the union is involved! BTA is forward thinking and action, not “let’s muddy our noses in crap that we can’t control right now!” Stick to the script people and educate yourselves

      • more than enough says:

        he who kisses a$$, is he with the muddy nose.

    • TaxPayer says:

      Furthermore…it will be a favor to this country to have all those former DoT staff who feel entitled to a paycheck and job in the BTA out of there! For years the admin staff in the DoT were complacent (lazy), not personable and rude…You need to realize something, its time to earn your pay! No more hand outs!

      • more than enough says:

        thanks for proving my point.
        you think that these people are worthless, and not noteworthy, complacent(lazy), not personable, and rude, who feel entitled to a paycheck and a job.
        mmmm mmmn.
        this is more than likely your point of view on most bermudians…let me guess…. is ‘job creator’ among your many titles, tax payer?

  29. more than enough says:

    how did the dot’s budget compare to the amount given to the bta?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      The 2014-2015 Budget comes up in a couple weeks. See for yourself.

  30. more than enough says:

    are you for legalizing herb and re enlivening our tourism product and creating jobs for bermudians?


    dislike-shame on you

  31. Scribe318 says:

    I tied reading all the comments, but couldn’t deal with all the bickering back and forth!

    Probably reflects the real situation Bermuda finds it’s self in!

    Running around in circles like a chicken with its head chopped off,

  32. Scribe318 says:

    The unfortunate thing about our “Tourism” is that for years different boards have failed to recognise out unique selling points!

    They used to be only the beaches! But today’s traveler wants more! They want culture, they want entertainment – not just music fests- but in our case – Bermudian music, they want value for dollar, they want to buy Bermudian goods.. No not trinkets! People want to be able to feel the country they visit!

    But as long as we –the people– continue to look for a department or authority to solve this problem then I’m afraid to say that we are to blame —-also!

    When we travel what do we see? No matter where we travel. We see the people .. Not a department or authority or anything like that!
    It’s the people of NYC who make it worth visiting! Same with Paris, Spain etc! The people and their love if their country and culture. How they display it!

    Sure they have problems like everyone else, and they are more established as popular destinations, but the point remains.

    Other countries work with and highlight and promote these selling points.

    When we look at Bermudians around the world who are doing some truelly amazing things… Who are just doing their thing.. And we do not utilize them as say.. ambassadors, then we will always fail in our quest!

    If we do not at least employ some of the tactics our compatitors use…. Then what do we expect!

    Ps: to the new man in charge… Putting signs on London busses don’t work… The city is bombarded with big advertisement! Also the taxicab thing… Nah!
    Flying one gombay to perform is a sorry sight.. Leave a few ministers at home and fly a whole troupe over. You may also want to check out that Bermuda Day in London event… Not from a financial stand point. There maybe future visitors amongst the thousands who attend!

    And probably the biggest thing… AIRFARES!