Bermuda Couple To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

July 30, 2014

Mark and Tina Nash will be leaving Bermuda on July 31 and heading to Tanzania in order to climb fabled Mount Killimanjaro, all in an effort to raise funds to support Hope Academy for Girls in Sierra Leone, a self sustaining, multi-purpose school for at-risk girls in the western rural area of Sierra Leone, West Africa.

In advance of their trip, Mark and Tina Nash have turned to social media in order to raise funds, promising to match all donations up to $5,000; so far, their efforts have raised more than $4,000.

According to their Indiegogo page, “A donation to Hope Academy can mean that one more girl child has the education she needs to change her life.

“A gift of any size helps to provide the facilities, resources and educators needed to make this school an effective and efficient learning environment for the girls and community of the western rural region of Sierra Leone.

“Because they are a grassroots organisation, relying entirely on volunteers, 100% of donations will go towards the school.”

“It would mean so much to us if you could donate whatever you can – one dollar or a hundred – it all makes a difference. We will personally match all donations up to our funding goal of $5,000.

“There currently exists a striking gender gap in education in Sierra Leone. Roughly 60 percent of girls who enter Primary School do not make it to Secondary School.

“While the economy in Sierra Leone is set to improve, without education the distribution of wealth will still be skewed, especially against women. There is a desperate need for well-rounded education and thereby empowerment of girl children in Sierra Leone, such that they can be assured of a brighter future.

“We are both fully committed and determined to reach Uhuru Peak, the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, but we also have no way of knowing how our bodies will react to the extreme altitude. We’re working and training hard to get our bodies in shape, but high altitude sickness is always a possibility regardless of fitness level.

“While we can’t guarantee we’ll both make the summit, we can guarantee we’ll give it our all.”

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  1. May God of my understanding guide each step you make…I also wish you both success in your endeavours

  2. Quinton Berkley Butterfield says:

    Wow, what a feat!! Hope you have fun, raise millions of dollars :) and more importantly, stay safe!! Good luck!

  3. bda boy says:

    Alright Tina and Mark I know you can do it . Best of luck and enjoy!!! From one of your fellow Dukers. JW

  4. Dean DaCosta says:

    I know of two other Bermudians who have made that same climb, I’m sure it will be a challenge but also a lifetime adventure.

  5. i and i says:

    Take some music with you as well , might I suggest …Crosby ,Stills Nash ,and young.

  6. i and i says:

    And some Kansas….and some ruby slippers just in case…

  7. 66L78 says:

    Hey Mr. CURB president, maybe you can spread some of your wisdom over there too…

  8. Former Duke of Edin says:

    You go Tina!!!!!! I know you can do this. You got this in the bag. Sounds like something you would do!!!!! You are my idol!!! God Bless Safe Travel!!!

  9. Great good luck and a fabulous gesture. ( Nice one AJ)

    IndieGoGo I shall right away

    Cheers from another lifetime away from Bermy and happy memories

    Best to all in your orbit and peace in your valley

    London UK