New Membership Options At Tucker’s Point

September 22, 2014

Tucker’s Point Club is offering new price structures for membership starting this September, with initiation fees being waived and memberships customized to fit each individual’s needs.

Through the years, the property has survived many changes and challenges, and the evolution for the Tucker’s Point Golf, Beach & Tennis Club continues as they launch their new membership options for 2014.

Callan Bassett, member of the Tucker’s Point Club revitalization team, explains: “Starting this September, our initiation fees are being waived and memberships have been customized to fit each individual’s needs – whether one is looking for a Full membership to enjoy all the amenities, or just a Golf or Tennis Membership for families, couples, individuals and even Juniors.

“Families can enjoy Full, Social or Sports memberships, while couples and individuals can enjoy the same, along with two additional options of Golf or Tennis membership only. Juniors, for those under the age of 23, can sign up for both Golf and Tennis or pick one of the two. Never before has our Club offered so many accessible options and price structures.”

From left to right: Callan Bassett, Lisa Mello & Robert Holland

Group Portrait_WEB

A hotel spokesperson said, “Those who take advantage of the revitalized memberships will enjoy amenities that are unparalleled on the Island. In addition to the spectacular views from the golf course and the all-round amenities of the Tennis Club, members can enjoy the stunning Beach Club, resort dining at three top-rated restaurants, spa, fitness centre, hotel pools, discounts on hotel rooms and at the retail outlets, and even the children’s programs on weekends and school holidays.

“From the serious golfer who appreciates the 18 hole, par-70 course to the family looking for the vacation experience right on their doorstep, Tucker’s Point Club is the perfect getaway.”

Fellow Club team member Lisa Mello encourages those interested to contact them for more information. “We are all very excited about the changes and look forward to showing our amenities to potential members. We offer so much in terms of sport, fun and relaxation that we really are a haven to our members. Our haven is your haven.”

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Comments (15)

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  1. Coffee says:

    I’ll spread the news .

  2. aceboy says:

    Any thought to communicating directly with those members who were shafted after paying HUGE initiation fees? Not just a fluff piece marketing “letter” telling us all what a great job you are doing to increase membership either, but a meeting at which the full facts of the situation are disclosed.

    • Ronald says:

      TPC continues to make epic failures year after year! Their marketing staff needs to be fired or at least forced to enroll in a Demographics For Dummies class. Membership at clubs like this is not meant for everyone. Sorry, but there are many Bermudians and Expats who studied hard, got educated, got experience and thus make more money than the rest of us. They are the demographic that private clubs should be marketing to. Sadly for TPC, instead of imposing minimums on this group (who could afford them and would prefer to have them), they lowered prices and in doing so CHEAPENED the product. This wealthy demographic doesn’t want to be a part of this cheapened product, nor do they want to be enjoyng their private club and have their staff and his family plunk down on the sand next to him. Sorry, sad truth but truth nonetheless. So why does TPC continue to sh*t on the demographic that they want to attract? Good question! Loyal members are leavig TPC and takig their money with them. Epic fail,TPC. Epic. RIP TPC.

  3. Meeeee says:

    So Tucker’s Point is now touting for local business.

    When TP started out, it was aimed at an all-offshore market. That concept didn’t pan out.

    Next, TP changed the land use plan and got permission for more building and thus more sales. That is not panning out.

    Now, TP invites locals to join up. With a local population that has declined since TP first started selling, that won’t pan out.

    Is TP in or nearing the final stages of its slow slide to … ?

  4. chipper says:

    Also, why not just disclose what the new custom rates are? Why do we have email to get the info?
    You would think they would try to make it as easy as possible for people to know…

    • Real Talk (original) says:

      Um. Because making it “as easy as possible for people to know” takes away from the exclusivity of it all.

      • Redo says:

        Oh please, there’s absolutely no exclusivity any more. Not at these prices. This is nothing more than a public club with a small entry fee now. Thanks but not interested any more.

        • Strike fund says:

          What prices?
          They were rather elusive about that in their statements.

    • Wow says:

      I think it’s around $2,500 annual fee for golf only, no initiation. This compared to $2,000 for Port Royal. Like someone said below, basically it is now a public course. I feel for the original members who had to fork over something like $100k in initiation fees.

  5. Ignorance is not bliss says:

    I feel that if I have to ask what the new custom rates are then I cannot afford them!

    Was it Groucho Marks who said ” I would never join any club that would accept me” ?

  6. Just a matter of time says:

    Interesting how important soliciting to the local dollar becomes when things get tight with these hotels etc. Otherwise, to heck with us.

  7. smh says:

    They never wanted… “us” now they need “us”….#thanksbutnothanks!

  8. Bermuda123 says:

    How about a free membership or at least a membership holiday for those who showed faith in the past and paid very large initiation fees? I appreciate times have changed and TP needs to do what it must, but some recognition of those members is long overdue.