“Pure Bread Cat” Wins Halloween Contest

October 31, 2014

The winner of this year’s Annual Spookie Ookie Pet Halloween Costume contest hosted by Fetchfido is Sheldon the “Pure Bread Cat”, who is 1 year old and lives in Smiths with Jennifer Chisnall.

Spookie Ookie Pet (9)

A spokesperson said, “We had started the contest two weeks ago but voting didn’t start until this past Sunday, lasting for 3 1/2 days with Sheldon winning the contest with 530 votes.

“This year [our 2nd year] we had 16 contestants including a Pirate Dog named Titan [1 y/o] coming a close second with 488 votes a Princess Leia from Star Wars dog [Annie 7 y/o], and a recuse dog from The Animal House Jamaica dressed as a Bermuda Gombey [1 y/o Toffee]

“Our Sponsors this year [Noah's Ark, Ettrick Animal Hospital, Endsmeet Animal Hospital, Animal & Garden House and Pampered Pets] pulled together a fantastic Halloween Goodie Bag this year with a Personalised gift basket from Noah’s Ark $150 cert to Fourways in for the Pet Parents from Ettrick and gift certs from the other sponsors.”

“Fetchfido started in 2012 to connect pet lovers to other pet lovers. We encourage people to go onto out website Fetchfido.bm to post their lost & found pets and Pets needing adoption for free. We also like to support our local charities and have over 2000 followers on our Facebook page.”

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  1. el presidenti says:

    how would you like it if I put a slice of bread over your head!

  2. Sharon says:

    OMG – get a life el presidenti – I’m sure that the bread was not on the cat’s head for a long time!