Petition Calls For Change To Dogs/Beach Laws

November 21, 2014

An online petition has been launched calling Warwick Long Bay to be “allocated year round for dogs and horses to be allowed to free of leash laws.”

The petition text said, “The nonsense of dogs being banned from all our beaches for much of the year [on a leash or not!!] is unfair to both dogs/horses and their owners – instead why can’t one beach [Warwick Long Bay] be allocated year round for dogs and horses to use free of leash laws etc??

“Doggie poop bags can be at the beach [like they are at other parks] and stringent fines for those that dont “pick up” after their animals – its absurd that we can’t have one area on this entire island to let out dogs run free year round.”

Started by Mark Diel, the e-petition has 14 signatures listed as of this writing.

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  1. Family Man says:

    Why should Grape Bay be the only beach with turds?

    Lets take our dogs to to Warwick Long Bay and leave a ‘little something’ for everyone.

  2. Believe says:

    While I agree that the restrictions are currently excessive – at least allow certain hours where the animals can be on the beach eg Early mornings and evenings, it should be noted that the horse owners do not currently clean up after their animals on Warwick long bay or the trails and they should be taken to task for it!

  3. crystal says:

    Good idea!

  4. Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

    The petition wants to turn Warwick Long Bay as a designated year round dog park? Warwick Long Bay? Really? One of the most gorgeous, popular beaches on the island? You might as well have asked for Horseshoe Bay.

    I wouldn’t have a problem with dogs on leash or horses ridden or on lead year round, so long as the users were monitored (right and who’s going to pay for a monitor?) on their clean up habits. But definitely not a no leash location.

    • No dogs nor horses should be permitted on either of them beaches period! I own dogs and will when allowed take them swimming but I do not leave any dog crap on our beaches or parks as I often do see being left behind by others :-(
      As nice as it is to ride a horse along the trails I disagree with people being allowed to do so, leaving horse poo and urine in piles and puddles. It’s definitely a no-no! Therefore, I will vote no.

  5. Dog person says:

    I NEVER let my dog of his leash. I understand and respect that not all people feel safe round them. I have had dogs all my life and I am over 50. Let your dog have the run of your YARD.

  6. Hope Springs says:

    Dogs off leash make me nervous. Wouldn’t want my 2 small dogs to encounter an off-leash, larger dog that considers my guys to be appetizers. I don’t trust owners to know whether their dogs should be off lead. This would need careful planning.

  7. Creamy says:

    Selfish idea.

  8. lifetime says:

    What happened to the dog parks idea?

  9. Puma says:


  10. Puma says:

    provisional doggy parks are done very well in Dr.Phillips,Orlando florida and are s part of the parks system, as animals are part of the family unit,laws need to be reasonably costrude to be pertinent to them…if a working dog has designation as function and is considered as an officer in police work and soldier in military.They are and should be family.

  11. Raw Onion says:

    I can guarantee you that someone will spoil it on the first day if dogs are allowed on the beaches (or select beaches). I don’t hate dogs, just owners who smile at me when their dog runs up to me ‘to play’ and the owner doesn’t immediately call the dog back. The dog jumps up on me and I push it away and the owner looks at my as though I just pushed to the ground their 90yr old grandmother.

    Sorry, if you want your dog to run free, let it run in your yard.

  12. sebring says:

    The amount of so called illegal or dangerous breed dogs in Warwick is beyond belief i had to build up around my house to deter other dogs from attacking mine when leashed out side my front door. walking around my neighbourhood a bulldog mixed type dog jumped out a window on a near by house and chumped on my small dog i was walking on the Street. so if this is to be done first enforce the law ! and or amend it and restric the types or weights of dogs that are allowed to be leash free ! how ever all dogs regardless of type ilegal or not should be able to run free at some point or another !this petition would be best served if those doing it took responsability and sugested using one of many school grounds that are enclosed to let the dogs run free on weekends with a fee of two or so dollars per dog up to fifteen minutes to pay for the Young man or woman to scoop the poop ! and keep the área clean for all to use ! this above how ever is more of a ploy to allow horses on the beach and in order to gain support the are using the dog owners to push their purpose ! i have travelled and riding on the beach in puerto Vallarta is my favorite Bermuda should allow for a beach for horses it is one of those experiences one never forgets lets give that segment of tourism more bang for their dollars but do keep the dogs separate from horses that is just ill planed and a disater waiting to happen.,