Video: Dr. Neil Burnie Tribute Music Concert

November 25, 2014

A host of local entertainers took to the stage on Saturday evening [Nov 22] in order to honour the life of the late Dr. Neil Burnie, with the concert taking place at Pier 6 and proceeds from the event going to the Neil Burnie Foundation.

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The well-known veterinarian died following a marine accident on November 11, and was buried at sea last week Sunday. In addition to his work with animals and ocean advocacy, Dr. Burnie was also involved in the music world, and played the saxophone.

The MC for the night was Uzimon, who dressed for the event in flippers and a snorkel mask, while performers included BONES, Duty Free, Homegrown, Life Sentence, The Big Days, Kennel Boys, Gavin Djata Smith from Chewstick, Tony Brannon, Graffiti Park and more.

The pre-event notice said, “Our good friend Dr. Neil Burnie was all about giving. He freely shared his passion for the natural world as well as his music with anyone who would listen. So now we want to pay tribute to this adventurer, veterinarian, teacher, friend, companion, and musician.”

You can view a photo gallery of the event here.

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  1. positivity says:

    This was completely amazing!!! Big recognition to the organizers, bands and volunteers.