Photos: Boat Resting Against Causeway Wall

February 16, 2015

Morning commuters in the East End are being greeted with an unusual sight this morning [Feb 16], as the heavy winds have resulted in a vessel resting against the Causeway, with cones placed in the road to alert drivers, as part of the boat is hanging over the Causeway.

The Bermuda Weather Service has had Gale Warnings in effect for most the weekend, with high winds impacting the island over the weekend, resulting in scattered power outages in some areas.

The Gale Warning continues today, with the BWS forecast today saying that “occasional early morning gales will soon decrease while showers persist into the afternoon.”

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blown up (7)

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  1. aceboy says:

    Someone is having a BAD day. That’s a nice boat.

  2. sml says:

    Has the owner been notified?

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    25+ year old boat, engines underwater, water damage inside cabin, who knows what damage to running gear & hull, topside damage.

    Write off.

    • general mechanic says:

      engines aint a write off if they 25 + years old all they need is a good flushing out now if the new and electronically controlled than they just got real expensive

  4. Oh no says:

    oh no such a nice boat. Hope they can still recover it and get it fixed up.

  5. uh huh says:

    Three words: annual mooring checks

  6. Silver Lining says:

    Well if its insured this could be a blessing in disguise.

  7. Frog says:

    Insurance will only pay out if mooring has been inspected and is up to date

  8. But I was just taking a nap :(

  9. Eye Sore says:

    I hope this one does not sit there as long as we have had to put up with all the other wrecks left over from the Hurricanes. When are we going to clean up this mess. Beautiful Mangrove Bay looks disgraceful . Let’s get these wrecks cleaned up and send the owners the bill !

  10. John Young says:

    Owners of their boats need to be held responsible. Sunken Sail boats in Mangrove Bay, one on the rocks…why are owners not held responsible. There’s a boat in the Scaur (Fox Fire or Fire Fox…my dyslexia has kicked in)…been sitting for years and never moved…just deteriorates each year. It finally sank in December…just raised last week and put back on it’s mooring!!! SMH

  11. Jackie says: