Skymatics Operates Drones In Canada

February 14, 2015

A company with operations in Bermuda recently completed the city of Edmonton’s first-ever sanctioned commercial drone operation, with Bermuda’s Connor Burns traveling to Canada in order to undertake the flight.

Skymatics, which operates on the island as award-winning company Bermuda Aerial Media, sent Mr. Burns to the northern city to complete the flight, with the operation marking “the first time a Special Flight Operations Certificate [SFOC] has been issued to a drone company by Transport Canada to conduct operations in Edmonton.”

A Canadian media report said, “Using a DJI S1000 drone, Connor Burns from the Calgary-based company, Skymatics, along with two other crew members, were capturing video footage of two large city construction projects.”

“We need to make sure we always have radio contact and video contact, especially with our camera so we can see what we’re shooting,” said Mr. Burns, who flew up to Edmonton from Bermuda where the company has been conducting drone flights for the past year and a half.

“In Bermuda, Skymatics specializes in the media and entertainment industry, while in Alberta they’re using drones for jobs in the oil and gas, agriculture and mining industries. And business is booming.”

A recent Facebook post by the company highlights Bermuda Aerial Media’s involvement in shooting footage for the recent National Geographic special titled ‘Drain the Bermuda Triangle.’

The Skymatics website says, “At Skymatics we carry out many different aerial services including aerial inspections and surveys using our state of the art Unmanned Aerial Vehicles [UAV] or ‘Drones’.

“We currently cater to various industries ranging from the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Utility Industry to the tourism and film industry. We are currently active in Canada, Bermuda and the United States.”

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