7th Annual Earth Hour Celebration In Bermuda

March 20, 2015

On March 28, Greenrock will partner with Waterfront Properties and a number of other organisations to host the seventh annual celebration of Earth Hour in Bermuda.

The environmentally conscious date is also serving to promote change to the island’s energy policies, with Minister of Economic Development Dr. Grant Gibbons saying that “government is pursuing new policies and legislation to guide the regulation of Bermuda’s electricity sector.”

A government spokesperson said, “Dr. Grant Gibbons, Minister of Economic Development, said today [Mar 20] that congratulations are in order for Greenrock and the Earth Hour Council for ensuring Bermuda is part of the Global Earth Hour initiative again this year. He also said that The Waterfront Properties should be recognized for hosting this community gathering.

“Earth Hour’s mission is to bring people together through a symbolic global, large-scale turning off of non-essential lighting. Beyond the Hour, the mission is to galvanize people into taking action, and create an interconnected global community sharing the mutual goal of creating a sustainable future for the planet.”

The Minister said, “The Government understands the challenges we face with energy security in our almost single reliance on fossil fuels. We are also acutely aware of the costs of oil, not just the economic costs but the environmental and social costs as well.

“While there has been an increase in the adoption of renewable energy technologies on the island, we recognize that the most cost-effective way to increase our energy independence is to first learn to use energy wisely.

“Toward this end, the Government is pursuing new policies and legislation to guide the regulation of Bermuda’s electricity sector, by developing them in consultation with key stakeholders. These will include policies relating to energy conservation and efficiency.

“We realize that change needs to happen within Government as well. In that regard we continue to make progress through the Government Sustainable Energy Committee [GSEC]. The Committee consists of various government departments charged with conservation and energy efficiency in Government owned facilities.

“The Committee will also address practices for the purchasing and procurement of new equipment to incorporate energy efficiency standards.

“As the Minister responsible for the Department of Energy, I encourage all residents of Bermuda to join millions of people across the globe to switch your lights off for an hour – to raise awareness. I encourage you to extend this awareness to your everyday activities.

“Make a commitment to reduce your energy consumption by turning off lights, unplugging unused electronics & appliances and adjusting the settings on your water heaters and air conditioners.

“Together we can make a difference in our own neighborhoods, in our country and across the globe,” added Dr Gibbons.

Also involved in Earth Hour in Bermuda are the Departments of Energy and Sustainable Development, together with the Corporation of Hamilton, BELCO, Appleby, ACE, Axis, BTC, Bermuda Commercial Bank, Butterfield and Vallis, International Planning and the XL Group.

For more information on Earth Hour in Bermuda, visit the website.

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