Photo Set #2: “Hostages” Walk The Spirit’s Plank

March 2, 2015

Around 53 “hostages” took part in yesterday’s Pirates of Bermuda event, with large crowds watching the fun in Hamilton Harbour.

The hostage taking was all in the name of a good cause, with the hostages either saved by the paying of charitable ransom, or people could also donate to see them walk the plank, with donations for both goals going to support the Bermuda Sloop Foundation’s Spirit of Bermuda youth sailing programme.

Bermuda Regiment CO Lt Col Michael Foster-Brown was one of those who joined in yesterday, walking the plank aboard the sail-training sloop Spirit of Bermuda with a host of other prominent figures to raise funds for the Bermuda Sloop Foundation.

Col Foster-Brown, who raised around $500, said: “I was very happy to take part and support a Bermuda charity. Many of the aims of the Foundation – like teamwork, self-discipline and self-respect – are similar to the Regiment.”

He added: “The Regiment supports charities on a regular basis, often by lending manpower and kit and during the hurricanes we had soldiers based at seniors’ homes.”

He was speaking after he and others walked the plank in Hamilton Harbour to raise around $150,000 for the Foundation’s sail-training programmes for the young.


Diana Martin, CEO of the Foundation, said: “The Foundation, crew and staff want to thank the hostages all those who have contributed. They’re doing it for the kids and that’s really heartwarming.”

She added around 53 hostages had taken part in this year’s event, with large crowds watching the fun from the Hamilton dockside.

Ms Martin said: “We rely entirely on donations so this is a very important part of our fund-raising efforts.”

She said the $150,000 would pay for around four of the 20-plus five-day voyages for schools planned this year.

Ms Martin added: “It’s tougher to raise funds in the current climate, but we’re fortunate because people realise we serve so many children – it’s almost become a rite of passage for these young people.

“It teaches teamwork, responsibility and integrity and learning their true value – if everybody pulls together, everybody’s contribution is valuable.”

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