Women in Hedge Funds Reach Bermuda Target

April 22, 2015

Efforts by a group of Bermuda business women to achieve a critical launch milestone of members for an island location of 100 Women in Hedge Funds [100WHF] have been successful, according to the Bermuda Business Development Association [BDA].

A spokesperson said, “A 100-member minimum is required to officially launch a regional location of the respected global organisation, which links more than 13,000 professional women in the alternative investment, asset management, investor and broader financial services industry.

“The group offers networking, educational and philanthropic opportunities in more than 19 locations across three continents.”

“We are delighted to hear that 100WHF has reached its initial target membership and can now officially establish in Bermuda,” said BDA Chair Caroline Foulger.

“The fact this took just three months to achieve is a remarkable statement about the energy and motivation of Bermuda’s business women to be part of this powerful leadership association.

“100WHF will be a phenomenal way for local women to join a dynamic global network,” Foulger added. “And it provides a new avenue for the Bermuda message, which will add an additional pillar to our international business communications strategy.”

“The catalyst for the initiative was a Bermuda visit last December by the New York-based group’s Chief Executive Officer, Amanda Pullinger, who met with Premier Michael Dunkley and members of the BDA.

“The plan for 100WHF Bermuda was decided after a group of senior professional women on the Island organised a dinner to drive forward the establishment of an Island location of the non-profit society.”

“We are proud of this milestone, and we thank Bermuda women for their support, but it’s just the beginning,” said Alison Morrison, Managing Director of Oyster Consulting and a member of the BDA’s Asset Management Industry Focus Group, who has led the push to set up a Bermuda location for 100WHF. “We’ve met the 100-women mark—now the real work begins.”

“Morrison said the group would move ahead with plans to create committees, attract more members, and hold an official launch event this June.”

Sarah Demerling, of Appleby, Alison Morrison of Oyster Consulting, and Elizabeth Denman of Conyers, Dill & Pearman:


“Formed in 2001, 100WHF has hosted close to 500 industry education events globally, connected more than 250 senior women through peer advisory groups and small dinners, and raised over $36 million for philanthropic causes in the areas of women’s health, education and mentoring.

“The association welcomes all professionals who have an interest in the mission of the organisation to join.

“It’s a great opportunity to mentor young Bermudian women who are coming up in the business world but may not have a lot of female role models,” said Elizabeth Denman, Partner, Conyers, Dill & Pearman, and also a member of the BDA industry group.

“We are very proud to be a part of the changing landscape in the asset management industry in Bermuda,” said Sarah Demerling, Partner, Appleby, another member of the BDA committee. “Launching 100WHF Bermuda is another step towards supporting future women leaders in our industry and community.”

“100WHF’s mandate is to advance the role of women in the alternative hedge funds investment industry and also make a difference in the lives of women globally.

“With education, leverage and philanthropy as its core principles, the association offers members opportunities to attend educational sessions, participate in peer-mentoring, and support fundraising initiatives that benefit women and families, thereby helping women advance their careers while raising millions of dollars for those in need.”

Local women interested in becoming a member of 100WHF can register online.

“The annual fee is $75 and includes priority registration status for education sessions across the globe; access to 100WHF’s online business network, 100WHF Connect, including exclusive webcasts from 100WHF education events globally; access to 100WHF’s database for Corporate Board opportunities and Not For Profit Board opportunities; invitations to networking events, and small group functions; access to the 100WHF Job Board; regular email communications; volunteer opportunities.

For more information about 100WHF in Bermuda, please contact Alison Morrison at 505-5036 or alison.morrison@oysterllc.com, or visit online.

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