Delta Flight Cancels Emergency Landing

June 19, 2015

Delta flight #499 with 86 persons on board requested an emergency landing in Bermuda early this morning [June 19] after experiencing a failure with the aircraft’s hydraulics.

While on route to the island the crew were able to correct the hydraulics problem and decided they would divert to Atlanta instead. Local emergency services had been activated when the flight out of New York’s JFK Airport on its way to the Dominican Republic cancelled the emergency landing.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre spokesperson said, “On Friday 19th June 3:08am RCC Bermuda received a call from New York Air Traffic Control [NYATC] reporting a boeing 737 diverting to Bermuda with an in-flight emergency.

“This aircraft had failed hydraulics and was requesting an emergency landing at Bermuda at 3:47am with 86 persons onboard. RCC Bermuda initiated an emergency response to the event with pages to appropriate airport services and shortly afterwards received another notice from NYATC that the aircraft had in fact corrected the hydraulics problem and would now divert to Atlanta and not land in Bermuda. RCC Bermuda cancelled the emergency response.”

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