Gunshots Fired On Ingham Vale Road Again

June 21, 2015

Gunshots were fired in the Ingham Vale Road area in Pembroke at around 12.50am this morning [June 21], however it does not appear that anyone was injured.

This is the second time this week shots have been fired on Ingham Vale Road, following after the incident on June 17th.

A police spokesperson said, “At 12″50am [Sunday] police responded to reports of gun shots being fired in the Ingham Vale Pembroke area. Upon police arrival it was forensically determined that shots were discharged.

“At this juncture it does not appear that anyone was injured. Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone who may have any information in relation to this incident to please contact police on 2950011 or call the confidential crimestoppers hotline number on 800 8477.”

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  1. Zevon says:

    I sometimes wonder whether these littles punks know how much the rest of us hate their guts.

    • Varied says:

      Sadly, they don’t care one bit. Which puts the rest of us in jeopardy.

    • Jack straw says:

      Hate is a strong word my friend. We already have enough hate going around as it is. This individual might be letting off shots for fun. Not that I condone these actions but beware of the direction by which you send your hate or the nozzle might be pointed at you. @ Zavon

  2. NO MORE WAR says:

    Oh no. Praying that there isn’t a third shooting at this same place. Please be safe and this judicial system needs to take violence in this country more serious.

    • Zevon says:

      Yep. And what happens when you try to modernise some laws to even things up? The bleeding hearts come out because they don’t want things to get too difficult in court for defendants.

  3. nok says:

    It appears they know who want.Stop chasing guys n enjoy the girls n get a dem life is 25 years before parole cool.If the gun mon is reading this ya not all that cool dude.

  4. nok says:

    It appears they know who they want.

  5. Terry says:

    Good point Zevon.

    Truth is they don’t care what you and others think.

    • Zen says:

      Treat them like you do the pit bull kill them off

    • jt says:

      There was a point when they may have. That’s worth remembering.

      • Terry says:

        Please expand ‘jt’.
        Really. Do.

        • jt says:

          Social culture is learned…somewhere….from someone.
          Don’t mistake this as my defending anyone. I’m not. Merely pointing out an opportunity.

    • James Rego says:

      Terry, where have we heard that statement before: “we don’t care what you think”!

      • Verly says:

        What does that have to do with this? Your comment is unhelpful and serves no purpose.

  6. Evidently they aren’t paying attention to the pleas being made by the vast majority of Bermuda’s public, the police nor O.B.A. Government so, just maybe the Progressive Labour Party members can become positive influence on them?

  7. Verly says:

    I hope all of the fathers of Bermuda are safe on their special day. Father’s Day means lots of men out socializing, and we know how these punks love to be disruptive whenever festivities are going on.

  8. just the beginning. says:

    They need to implement that law that is used in the United states. The law says a person who “willfully promotes, furthers, assists, or benefits” from a gang crime can be charged with conspiracy. Then round them all up..guaranteed if some of them know something they gonna start squealing like pigs..

  9. Insanity says:

    Whoever you are, you need to stop.Enough is enough.Whatever the situation is,get over it,stop and think is it really worth it!!!!!

  10. Triangle Drifter says:

    Success! We are now like the inner city of any major metropolis. As long as the courts are soft on crime the crime will continue. The thugs don’t care. The politicians tiptoe through the issue for fear of losing votes, mostly from people who won’t vote for them no matter what they do.

  11. Micro says:

    hope the police are squeezing their informants, not long until the headlines read someone’s been killed.

  12. Spectator says:

    just d beginning

  13. Oh,I see now says:

    .Might I add that these same cats that profess to have your back will do you if you cleaned up your act thought for your self and flew straight.As long as you are the misery to their company they love you like life.I also know half of you are afraid of the same guys you hang with and wouldn’t let your boys date your sister.In your world fear has replaced respect and paranoia has replaced friendship.You have created something that has taken on a life of its own and most of you today don’t even know how it all started our even care.

    Just a bunch of uneducated followers