Bermudians To Swim The Channel For Charity

June 26, 2015

On July 4, a four-person relay team that includes Bermudians Jeff Conyers and John Tomlinson will be swimming the English Channel in order to raise money for four charities.

Peter Weedon and Chris Pitman will join the Bermudians to make up the “All in Your Mind” relay team, enduring cold waters while swimming across one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world from Dover to somewhere in France.

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A spokesperson said, “The team will make the crossing under the guidance of Captain Eddie Spelling in his boat Anastasia. The water temperature is expected to be around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Wet suits are not allowed and the swimmers must wear only short regulation bathing suits so hypothermia for the warm-blooded Bermudian swimmers is a potential problem.

“Part of the swim will be done in darkness and small flashlights are required to be worn by swimmers so they can be seen from the safety boat. Approximately 600 vessels move up and down this water way every day so there is a danger of being run over by other boats.

“The water is also cold, dark, and home to numerous large stinging jellyfish.”

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The charities that will benefit from the endeavor include Adara Development, Youthnet, SCARS, and KatKids. Donations toward the cause can be made online.

Speaking about the undertaking, Mr. Tomlinson said, “We are here to raise money for Bermuda charities and also two charities in Nepal. And that’s a very good reason why we are doing it, and hopefully that will inspire people to support the charities that we are endeavoring to promote.

“The swim is in the rather cold English Channel which is around 59 degrees we hope, and we’re doing in less than two weeks.

“The distance is variable because the currents are quite significant and it can go anywhere between 22 and 32 miles, depending on what sort of drift you get.

“Four of us are doing this in a relay, so we’ll swim an hour and then the rest of the team will do their hour, and the first person will go back in after three hours. I think it is likely that at least two or three of us will do four hours.”

Jeff Conyers & John Tomlinson on their upcoming swim:

“We were inspired to do it and I’m very grateful that Jeff reached out to me and asked me if he could join the team.”

Mr. Conyers said, “When the gravity of the situation came over me, that we are actually doing this, it seemed like we might as well make it a realistic purpose rather than just another middle age crisis, so we thought of the charities and I got two favorites: Adara and YouthNet. John got two: KatKids and SCARS.

“Two, Adara and KatKids, are Nepalese-based; given the earthquake and some of the issues going on there, we would like to support.

“YouthNet is a mentor-based reading program which I’m very near and dear to – I think reading is mission critical in terms of kids getting ahead. SCARS is basically a charity that’s focused on kids with difficult homes and abused and trying to raise money for that.

“Really good causes and we would like to see $5,000 or $6,000 for each charity if we can possibly do it. “

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  1. Kangoocar says:

    Are these bermudians nuts?? There is a lot of other ways to raise money for charity!! Hypothermia is a real concern, I visit Brighton UK often as I have a flat there, and always in amazement watch the Brits enjoying a nice swim in posted 52 to 60 degree water depending on what time of year it is and always scratch my head how they can stay in the water for so long without hypothermia taking hold of them?? I guess it is a question I will never know the answer too, because everytime I ask someone they don’t know either???

  2. Pleas consider wets suits and flippers as there are stinging jellyfish omni present depending on the time of year and floatation case you get a cramp…at very least utilise water resistant skin coating sun screen to prevent chaffing and preserve skin oil…

  3. Terry says:

    Go back elsewhere where you annoy people using different names.
    Hate your asinine comment.


  4. Flyer says:

    Good luck Guys!

  5. blessed says:

    lol they aint never seen jaws