12 Students To Head Overseas For Internships

July 1, 2015

This Saturday [July 4] twelve Bermudian undergraduates will be flying off to Atlanta, Chicago or London to start their 2 week BFIS ‘Intro-to-insurance’ summer intern programmes. Each team of four students will be learning in depth about all aspects of the insurance business.

Over 30 companies and organizations will be hosting the students for meetings, presentations and workshadowing. In addition to the intensive schedule, each group is also required to make the most of their free time by enjoying what each jurisdiction has to offer in terms of history and visitor experiences.

[Left to right- front row:] Jane Bielby [BFIS Administrator], Emilie Bacon, Denzel Simons, Tare Brangman, Terry Pimentel [BFIS Trustee]. [middle row] Kishana Thomas-Quallo [advisor], Tom Svensen, Laura Burns, Arthur Begeman, James Gregory. [back row] Juliette Ferrari-McComb and Taliah Shakir [advisors] Jesse Marshall, Connor Elliott. [Missing as overseas: Courtney Fisher, James Gilmour and William MacKenzie].

BFIS Interns 2015

Cathy Lapsley, BFIS Executive Director said, “We are delighted to be able to offer these students the opportunity to learn all they can about the insurance business which is often a life-changing experience for them and helps them immeasurably in managing their careers.

“It takes a lot of organization and planning to coordinate these programmes and BFIS appreciates the help we get from the Katie School of Insurance and Finance alumni with the Chicago programme, and in Atlanta from former BFIS President, Mark Lima and Barry Woods of Georgia State University, as well of course from all the companies, many of whom have hosted our interns every year since the overseas programmes started in 2006.”

BFIS Trustee Terry Pimentel met with the interns at their briefing lunch and emphasized the need to research both the companies and the people they would be meeting, and three of the 2014 interns, Juliette Ferrari-McComb [London], Kishana Thomas-Quallo [Chicago] and Taliah Shakir [Atlanta] were also on hand to answer questions about what to expect and how to make the most of this opportunity.

A presentation by all the 2015 intern groups will take place at lunchtime on July 24 at KPMG. Please contact BFIS if you are interested in attending.

Atlanta Interns: Tare Brangman [risk mgmt. and insurance / Georgia State], Connor Elliott [science/Waterloo], Courtney Fisher [accounting/Guelph], Arthur Begeman [environmental science/Queen’s]

Chicago Interns: Emilie Bacon [business/Roger Williams], Laura Burns [business/Warwick], Jesse Marshall [oceanography/Southampton], Denzel Simons [economics/Florida International]

London Interns: James Gilmour [chemistry/Sussex], James Gregory [business/Babson], William MacKenzie [Economics/Bristol], Tom Svensen [engineering/Dundee]

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  1. Tough Love says:

    Congrats to each of these young people! Make the best of it! Learn all you can. Well done!