Video: Somerset Wins 2015 Cup Match Classic

July 31, 2015

[Updated with video] Following two days of play, the defending champions Somerset Cricket Club have defeated St George’s Cricket Club to retain the Cup Match trophy for another year.

The west end team claimed the Cup while playing in the east — something which has not occurred since 1981 — and the win prompted jubilant Somerset fans to run onto the field to begin their celebrations as the game came to a close at around 4.15pm today.

somerset wins 2

Somerset’s Cup Match team included Captain Jekon Edness, Malachi Jones, Terryn Fray, Tre Manders, Janeiro Tucker, Chris Douglas, Jordan DeSilva, Greg Maybury, Derek Brangman, Jacobi Robinson and Stephen Outerbridge, and the reserves were Justin Corday, Justin Donawa and Pierre Smith.

St. George’s Cup Match team included Captain OJ Pitcher, George O’Brien, Fiqre Crockwell, Jason Anderson, Onias Bascome, Christian Burgess, Treadwell Gibbons, Damali Bell, Stefan Kelly, Macai Simmons and Kyle Hodsoll, and the reserves were Jahron Dickinson, Okera Bascome and Nzari Paynter.

We will update with the full scorecard as able, and in the meantime you can follow the action on our live blog, and you can see all our Cup Match coverage here.

Update 7.17pm: Photos of the trophy presentation added below

Somerset Win Cup Match Bermuda, July 31 2015-2

Somerset Win Cup Match Bermuda, July 31 2015-3

Somerset Win Cup Match Bermuda, July 31 2015-4

Somerset Win Cup Match Bermuda, July 31 2015-5

Somerset Win Cup Match Bermuda, July 31 2015-6

Somerset Win Cup Match Bermuda, July 31 2015-1


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  1. Dockyard Lackey says:

    Thanks for the updates Bernews, and well done Somerset.

  2. Jus' Askin' says:


  3. St. Georges and Somerset…thank you for the game…it was fun to watch…now you can all put de lime in de coconut!

  4. Somerset says:

    Well done Somerset!!! Whoop Whoop

  5. Dennika says:

    Well Done SOMERSET!!!!!!!!

  6. ImJustSayin says:

    I’m a St. George’s supporter and that was a terrible display of batting and bowling by St. George’s. Well done Somerset for playing together as a solid unit and having a good plan and having more desire to win. Those players that were selected for St. George’s should not be selected again. TERRIBLE!!

    • Don says:

      I don’t know if the unit was very solid; they weren’t good either but St. George’s team was really bad. I’m a St. George’s supporter but I cant figure that one out. Ahhhhhhh you gotta get it together or things will really get bad, if they haven’t already. Sorry!

  7. Terry says:

    Bout thyme we had a winner.
    Good job wast anderz.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


    Bee haive arryone.

  8. Raymond Ray says:

    Like I’d, said, BIG trouble! St. George’s got some licks! Beaten by 8 wickets! :-( Sad yes, but true…

  9. who cares most says:

    The player of de match for St Geo should be the colt.
    He played his heart out and hopefully his Club notices this.
    All the other players are seasoned and to me showed no real class by throwing their wickets away so cheaply especially when the team was in trouble. This brings into question what instructions the manager, coach and captain gave to them. They have a year to try correct this terrible display and make Somerset work for the trophy

  10. Barbara Cooper says:

    Well done SOMERSET !

  11. Don says:

    Best cricket ever …………. Lol………not! Bermuda cricketers need lots n lots of training. Sheesh! Funny!

  12. nomoremoney says:

    yahooooo…..just sayn!!!!

  13. Jahjah says:

    Well done Sommerset,, and thanks to bernews

  14. swing voter says:

    Graham Maule on the Trombone made it special….best battle bugler on island….go Somerset!!!!!!

  15. Dread says:

    I said before the game that St.George’s had a week team!

  16. “Congratulations Somerset” Hip! Hip!. St.George’s you win next year get your cricket dress code together.

  17. I have to say…astonishing….I probably have to watch that game again…to understand it… is like Somerset is a world class team …but people…all out for eighty?…..

  18. Concerned says:

    I am so glad the game was won on the field – support is always appreciated rather than be negative reachout to the St George’s players and give them encouragement. No matter instructions given by the coaches the bowling by Somerset was on the mark and Kudo’s to them. GJ’s job was to get JT and I am excited that he was able to do that AGAIN for a low score. 2016 Cup comes East.