Spirit Of Bermuda Recovers Abandoned Dinghy

August 16, 2015

A drifting 12 foot dinghy with no occupants was recovered on Wednesday [Aug 12] by Spirit of Bermuda volunteers after crew from the St. George’s ferry Millennium reported seeing the drifting dinghy on the edge of the Narrows Channel.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations spokesperson said, “On Wednesday 12 August 10:45am, a VHF radio call was received from the Dockyard/St. George’s ferry Millennium reporting a drifting 12 foot dinghy with no obvious occupants, presently on the edge of the Narrows Channel [southeast of Fort St. Catherine] near Buoy #9.

“Bermuda Radio undertakes marine VHF radio callouts requesting vessels transiting the area to assist with recovery. The Spirit of Bermuda volunteers to respond from St. George’s Harbour using her dinghy and successfully recovers the drifting dinghy back to shore a short while later.”

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