Premier & Roban: Crime, Politics, Responsibility

September 25, 2015

“In the face of a recent upsurge in crime under the OBA, Premier Dunkley has gone into hiding,” MP Walter Roban said, which the Premier’s spokesperson dismissed as a “classic example of the Opposition misinforming, misrepresenting and misleading the public.”

Walter Roban’s Comments

Shadow Public Safety Minister Walter Roban said, “In the face of a recent upsurge in crime under the OBA, Premier Dunkley has gone into hiding, when he should be standing up, taking responsibility and taking action.

“The Premier has yet to speak about the disgusting Cup Match incident that spread across social media, where the perpetrator has neither been apprehended nor identified.

“The Premier has yet to speak about recent murders and armed robberies, that have outraged our community.

“In Opposition, the OBA portrayed everything that was wrong in Bermuda as being the fault of the PLP. On the issue of law and order the OBA claimed to have all the answers.

“Today, under the leadership of Premier Dunkley, the Tourism Minister isn’t taking responsibility for the 48 year low in tourist arrivals, the Minister of Finance isn’t taking responsibility for doubling the island’s debt and the Premier & Minister of National Security isn’t speaking to the public about the recent upsurge of criminal activity.

“In fact, when it comes to law and order, Premier Dunkley has gone from the ‘photo op Premier’ to the ‘Phantom Premier.’

“Bermuda deserves leadership that recognizes that governing Bermudia isn’t just about posing for the camera. It is about protecting the lives and interests of Bermudians,” concluded Mr Roban.

Premier’s Office Responds

In response, the Premier’s spokesperson said, ”Mr. Walter Roban’s statement today on public safety is a classic example of the Opposition misinforming, misrepresenting and misleading the public on an issue of genuine public concern.

“Neither crime figures nor community polling support Mr. Roban’s claims about the public safety situation.

“Mr. Roban claims the Premier has ‘gone into hiding’ instead of ‘taking action’ in the wake of two robberies in the past week. It’s Opposition nonsense!

“First, when incidents happen the Premier, in his capacity as National Security Minister, is notified and briefed, usually by the Police Commissioner, with follow-on briefings taking place as developments occur.

“Second, the Premier reaches out to people and families affected by violent crime – as he did on the weekend at the Maxi Mart and The Money Shop. These visits are private, for obvious reasons.

“Third, the Premier meets every Monday with the Commissioner of Police to review the Island’s public safety situation, with follow-on conversations through the week as needed. He does not get involved in investigations, as Mr. Roban suggests he should.

“Maintaining separate lines of responsibility between the work of the Police and political authorities underpins the rule of law and Mr. Roban should know this as Shadow Minister of National Security. Let the Police do their work.

“Mr. Roban’s statement should be seen as nothing more than a cheap political attack that does nothing to better public life. The people of Bermuda deserve better. The Premier and his colleagues are working hard to make Bermuda better for all Bermudians. That is the focus.”

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  1. Sara says:

    Seriously, when you guys weren’t the opposition YOUR PREMIER DID THE SAME THING!

    • Terry says:

      Good point.
      Plus they had a few “YOUR PREMIER” over those down the toilet years.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      They did worse, they interfered with the police… remember when they used the police to spend hundreds of thousands trying to silence the media through the courts over the BHC scandal

  2. inna says:

    Silly Friday it looks like. Zane you next?

  3. hmmm says:

    Roban pathetic equals

    Rearrange those three words

  4. Indeed, “let the Police do their work!!!!”
    “Mr Roban’s statement should be seen as nothing more than a cheap political attack that does nothing to better public life. The people of Bermuda deserve better. The Premier and his colleagues are working hard to make Bermuda better for all Bermudians. That is the focus.”
    Thank you for placing the cards face up. Now, as far as doubling the National debt, it’s (possibly) the only way to pay off the debt created by the former Government the Progressive Labour Party. :-(

  5. kangoocar says:

    Once again??? The OBA has to point out the fact that, the plp are misinforming, miss representing and miss leading the public!!!! When will the plp nonsense ever end????

    • Terry says:

      OBA only pointing out lies and deceit.

      If not; the PLP will get a few more sheep… Bah Bah Bah

      • kangoocar says:

        Unfortantly Terry, there is 48% of our population that are what one can only consider uneducated plp sheep, to close for comfort my friend!!!

  6. Balanced Facts says:

    Roban or Dunkley heading up National Security….hhmmmmm…be honest!

  7. Unbelievable says:

    Not a week goes by nowadays that the OBA has to correct the PLP. Come on, PLP. Stop the nonsense.

    • Earth watch police says:

      Mr Roban if that’s all you got its time to leave politics Bermuda deserves better.

    • Barbara Cooper says:

      the PLp don’t have ANYTHING to contribute to Bermuda — other than NEGATIVITY !

  8. Build a Better Bermuda says:

    This latest attempt to devalue government in the oppositions ongoing electioneering campaign highlights one of the fundemental issue with the way the PLP think the country should be governed. With this latest statement, Mr. Robain shows that the PLP still believe that government should be running the police service, while the OBA believes that the police should run the police. That isn’t to say without oversight, but in police matters, politics should never be involved. Mr. Robain’s complaints that the Premier hasn’t said anything about what is going on is negate by the fact that the police have been, because that is part of their job. It is the responsibility of the minister to update us on legislative initiatives, because that is his job. As minister for national security, I remember the Premier making a statement condemning the 2 armed robberies when they happened, anything further past that about police operations, is responsibility of the police, who incidentally have been actively addressing the public on the issue. If he actually cares about these police issues, perhaps Mr. Robin should spend less time critizing the minister for not interfering in. Police matters and more time critizing the people who know and aren’t coming forward, more time encouraging them to do so.

  9. Tired of this nonsense says:

    Sorry Mr. Roban I have to disagree with you on this one.

    In no circumstance would I want politicians to dictate to our police on how, what, who and where to conduct their investigations.

    In no way should our independent law enforcement be infiltrated by self serving politicians. That goes for any politician of any party.

    That would be akin to the fox protecting the hen house.

  10. inconvenient truth says:

    Shadow Public Safety Minister Walter Roban said, “In the face of a recent upsurge in crime under the OBA …. You mean like when the PLP oversaw a massive way of gang-related murders….?

    • Toleratate says:

      Stop it “inconvenient truth”(sarcasm)… You know full well that it took YEARS before the Government of the day would even accept the idea that “GANGS” actually DID exist in Bermuda.
      Carry on Mr. Roban…

  11. Yahoo says:

    Thanks for the Friday Funnies Bud Roban! Once again, you show you have no clue and no limit to how low you’ll try to go.

  12. jt says:


  13. Truth and Nothing but the Truth says:

    There has to be a huge split in the PLP, there can be no way the whole of the PLP agree to what is said in the media by PLP . It is total untruths and unhelpful propaganda and grossly unprofessional…!

  14. know dat says:

    Truthfully hes right.

    The premier did not condem the cupmach sex act nor did he apeak out public about the armed robbies and murders.

    He should have.

    He should have said “This bull**** needs to stop like now bedore I put my foor in someones a**” not like thay but alonf those lines.

    The debt has doubled. Thats a fact. I dont see where the misinformation is coming from. Rabain neber said that he isnt doing anything about it je said hes being a phantom premier ie being silent. No matter what you OBAers say those are all facts.

    • serengeti says:

      Why should the Premier get involved at all in the Cup Match act? It was hardly the Crime of the Century. And yet Roban has, several times in the media, tried to make an issue of it. He wants an APB put out, and “facial recognition software” used. He watches too many FBI movies, obviously.

      The debt has not doubled. That’s a fact. However, it did increase by 10 times during the last 6 years of the PLP. That is a fact as well.

      So stick that in with your pretend “concerns about misinformation”.

      • As far as the “sex act” at Cup Match, hasn’t anyone considered it had been a foreigner / visitor who’d committed it? For real, if that had that been a local bie’ don’t you think someone should / would know him?

    • jt says:

      Truthfully he’s reaching again and being exposed as ignorant on the matters.

  15. It's about time! says:

    I’m sorry…..but Walter Roban… just got bowled for a DUCK!!!! ROTFLOFL!!!!

  16. Coffee says:

    You know it’s terrible , I do agree . Many storefront windows boarded up all over Front Street . St.Georges still a ghost town . Weeds , grass all along the roadsides , branches from private yards and estates encroaching the road breaking bus windscreens . Murders , robberies , home invasions , sex in the public , policeman engaging in sex crimes. .

    Airlines cutting runs , busses cutting runs , under employment , low employment , no employment . Economic refugees running to England , house roof tops grey and black , paint peeling from government buildings , roads in disrepair , big blue GP cars with private license plates all over the place twenty four seven .

    The big airport giveaway , two hundred and forty year leases , house for sale signs everywhere .

    Who is running this Island ?

    • Zevon says:

      what you’re describing is what it was like during the Cox/ Brown nightmare.

    • kangoocar says:

      You know what coffee?? You would be taken more serious if you actually for once said something that was truthful?? Being I know you are incapable of that, I will help you, you should have said, ” thanks to MY plp, our island is in a deplorable state, and we now have to hope the OBA can repair the damage we caused “” You do everyday what your plp does?? you mislead, misinform and miss represent the truth everyday to the public, and for that I have to ask! Do you have any shame???”

      • Coffee says:

        So after almost three years what have you improved ! Nothing .. Oh well we can at least look forward to the Americas Cup ! I just hope that you could get Front Street looking presentable .

        • kangoocar says:

          Good grief!!! Can you ever tell the truth?? 3 yrs??? It has been 2 yrs and 9 months, also if you think the carnage your incompetent plp caused could be repaired in less than 10 yrs you are delusional!!! Please for once do the rest of Bermuda a favour, just say nothing if you are not able to apologize!!!

          • Coffee says:

            Now we are getting somewhere Mr.Kangoocar . Your party borrowed $800 million and eff it up in less then three years , also scandal after scandal . Please give us one honest answer . Why did Craig Cannonier resign ? Remember now , he was your party leader and also the premier of Bermuda . Briefly explain , you don’t have to go into details , just let us know what you know .

            • kangoocar says:

              Glad I am getting under your skin!!! Unfortantley not enough bermudians did until it was to late for the Bermuda economy, at this point we just have to be grateful that Dec, 17, 2012 happened!!! let me explain were the $800 million that the OBA borrowed went, it went to pay for all the incompetent things you and your plp put us the tax payers on the hook for!!! You know simple things like you guys hiring 1000++ CS employees we didn’t need, also a grandios hospital we didn’t need yet at the astronomical cost of over $300 million, you do realize that we actually had to pay for this stuff didn’t you?? For the record, if I actually was a parliamentary member of the OBA, I would have made it clear from the beginning when the OBA was elected that we should scrap immediately all the stuff we cannot afford, and that would have meant getting rid of every CS worker we did not need!!! I have explained to you were the $800 million borrowed by the OBA went to pay for your incompetence!!!! The least you can do is explain were the UNACCOUNTED for $$800 MILLION went under your watch of the public tax money!!!! After you furnish us all with that info, I will be more than happy to discuss things further with you!!!!

              • kangoocar says:

                Forgot to mention that $400 million of the borrowed money the OBA was forced to get, actually went toward the $400 million deficit you incompetents managed to achieve on your last fiscal budget!!! Have you forgotten that as well???

                • Coffee says:

                  Why did Craig Cannonier resign ?

                  • Zevon says:

                    Why did Roban resign?
                    Why didn’t Zane and Furbert resign at the same time?

                  • kangoocar says:

                    Because he did the honorable thing after being caught doing silly naive things!!! If only the plp leaders had been as honorable?? The plp leaders should have resigned for MANY things, Berkely, Heritage Warf, TCD, Dame Lois building, Warwick Condos and the missing $800 million of OUR money to name but a few of the reasons the entire plp should have resigned over??? But nope, holding power was more important to you guys than even what was good for your supporters, speaking of your supporters, look at the mess you left them in??? They suffered the most because of your plp ways and you know it!!!!

                    • Coffee says:

                      There was nothing honorable whatsoever done by the actions of the OBA when considering this matter . If revealed the silly naive things done by the disgraced OBA leader and ex- premier would have sullied Bermudas sterling reputation for years to come . Saying that , it doesn’t negate the fact that the people of Bermuda have the right to know exactly what that man and others were up to that caused the chairman of the OBA Thad Hollis , a lawyer to resign and wash his hands entirely off of the OBA .

                  • Truth and Nothing but the Truth says:

                    Your inability to understand logic and business and common sense is staggering ! You are the consummate puppet!

                  • Coffee says:

                    That’s the $800 million question right there !,! Bermuda Premier resigns in disgrace . Craig Cannonier , Premier of Bermuda and leader of that countries ruling OBA party resigns for unspecified but suspect reasons .

                    The new Premier Dunkeley refuses to face the nation and tell them why . Was there a scandal ? Is there a cover up ?

                    Unfortunately the people of Bermudas democratic right to know has been stifled from the very echelons of power in the country . It’s a slippery slope , as the people can no longer trust the people who is supposed to be running that country .

                  • Trash Talk says:

                    answer the question asked by Kangocar instead of duck and spin.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      To answer your final question coffee…you would know if you stopped ostrisizing the puppet then follow the strings all the way to the puppet master…This is why bermudians are thought of as being Dumb!
      You’re barking up the wrong tree mate.

      • Coffee says:

        He can’t help himself , he still believes that the democrats closed the US bases in Bermuda . He won’t accept the inconvenient truth . But don’t tell him any different , let’s keep playing him for a fool .

    • The Truth and Nothing but the Truth says:

      Pat yourself on the back, all that is on you and yours !! Put some MILK in your coffee !

    • aceboy says:

      The better question is “who caused it?” and the blame falls squarely on the PLP.

    • Earth watch police says:

      And you caused it all .

  17. Oh,I see now says:

    The OBA in five words…The end justifies the means.

    But does it really.

  18. steve says:

    Mr roban- was it time to say something to the press? even if its total B%LL Sh** ? When shootings were more regular (pre 2012), i didn’t blame the plp and still don’t as they were as upset as everyone else. Please raise your game a notch (if you can)

  19. Roger says:

    These political clowns are driving Bermuda to the gutter folks leaving in droves and loads of crappy houses for sale
    Wake up.

  20. Legalise it….you will be building hotels within six months!
    There areareprescription drugs that we are encouraged to purchase….that are advertised….with warnings of…growing man breasts…to thoughts of suicide….right the hell onto death…yup death….if you should suddenly die consult your family doctor immediately….but this is perfectly and utterly legal…on one hand you do not have freedom of choice….but you may purchase (and are encouraged),to purchase and swallow something that may or may not kill you,……..but marijuanna is illegal?…… my estimation …this is a wrong that needs to be made right!!!!!!

  21. In every place it has been….the economy went through the roof!

  22. In Babylon says:

    Please Rayban, crime flourished under the PLP as murders and gang violence all started.

    • impressive. says:

      very very very naive statement,, Either you are under 18 or you just moved to Bermuda.

  23. Brian says:

    Plp and the Oba both sound like little kids fighting over a toy thinking it belongs to one of them when it belongs to everybody. Both parties should grow up accept that there will be one party in power and support them for Bermudas benifit.