‘Immigration Policies Must Reflect This Balance’

March 9, 2016

The goal of the PLP is to “ensure that the rights of Bermudians are advanced and protected, while recognising the need to support our economy with fair and balanced work permit policies” and “Bermuda’s immigration policies must reflect this balance,” said Shadow Home Affairs Minister Walter Roban.

Mr Roban said that following a story in the media today, he “would like to correct the record for the edification of the public” saying “we must note the following -

  • 1. PRC holders are able to purchase any property in Bermuda without restriction.
  • 2. There is no risk of PRC holders being dismissed from the island unless they violate any legal condition in place for holding a PRC.
  • 3. A PRC, who is the parent of a child with Bermudian status, or children who are deemed to belong and may be entitled to status, are protected under the Bermuda constitution. That parent would not be asked to leave.

Mr Roban said the “campaign of misinformation from the One Bermuda Alliance” is “unfortunate and performing a disservice to this community.”

“It is disingenuous and needs to be halted. It is extremely disconcerting that the OBA feels the need to misrepresent immigration situations for political purposes.

“Any change to immigration policies must take into account our size as a small ‎jurisdiction with limited land, limited ability to absorb population, and limited job opportunities. This requires immigration protections for the native population, making their rights a priority.

“The goal of the Progressive Labour Party is to ensure that the rights of Bermudians are advanced and protected, while recognising the need to support our economy with fair and balanced work permit policies. The starting point is a comprehensive and bi-partisan review of the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 1956.

“Under the Progressive Labour Party, this bi-partisan review will have as an essential component – an extensive public consultation.

“It will address the issue of Bermuda status grants – how they are to be granted going forward and what criteria needs to be met, and what number of PRCs should be issued on an annual basis.

“We will create a policy of equal political status for individuals in a family, rather than the current circumstance where one sibling could hold Bermuda status and the other have no rights at all to permanent residence.

“As the PLP recognises that our plans for diversification will require some new jobs to be filled by highly skilled international labour, balance is required. Bermuda’s immigration policies must reflect this balance.

“Contrary to the utterances of the One Bermuda Alliance, the PLP are not “anti-foreigner” or “xenophobic”, however, we will continue to stand up for the rights of Bermudians, who under the OBA government, are being increasingly marginalised.

“The blanket granting of status & PRC as proposed by the OBA, without the addressing of other systemic issues in our immigration regime, will only serve to further marginalise Bermudians in their own country,” concluded Mr Roban.

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  1. The PLP Did it!?!?! says:

    Make sense, why can’t the OBA realise that what they are doing isn’t in the best interest of those who voted for them.

    • Onion says:

      Because the OBA are operating in the real world where second class citizenship would lose in court.

      • hmmm says:

        and if that happened , the floodgates would open.

        The PLP are dangerous to Bermudians, they don’t understand the ramifications of their quest for power.

    • justkeepsgoing says:

      They are always saying the majority of Bermudians are protesting against pathways but thats a lie because I bet its only 10 % of the bermudian population. But these people cant get it in there small minds that the pathways is not only for whites but also many blacks, indians, philipinos, chinese and many more races. This small group of people are the ones being racists. They are so ignorant that they probably have family members who will benefit from pathways and dont even think about it.

  2. Ringmaster says:

    It was the UBP that had a quota for status and that did not work as it was too discretionary. It was stopped. The PLP created the PRC, but according to Walter Roban the PLP now want to reintroduce quotas for PRC with nothing said about status. Quotas didn’t work under the UBP and won’t work under the PLP proposal. Further he is ignoring the Law that the present system violates which is why the OBA is proposing the Pathway to Status. If Walter Roban disagrees with the PLP not being anti foreigner he needs to tell his colleagues because their “opinion” pieces do not portray that position.
    It is clear that the Immigration Reforms proposed by the PLP is to take as long as possible to talk about change with nothing happening for as long as possible.

    • @ Ringmaster I concur 100%…They, {the P.L.P.} had over a decade to change important Laws but they didn’t do “crap”! The irony is that they now claim to have all the right answers :{ Yeah, sure u’lot are right!

  3. Onion says:

    The OBA HAS addressed systematic issues in immigration. They went through a long consultation process years ago and have been tweaking since then.
    - Strengthened work permit enforcement
    - Ended recession inducing policies
    - Actually taken legal action against work permit violations
    - Actually implemented national training instead of empty talk

    The PLP were all talk while our cafes and construction sites filled up with foreign labour. Now the OBA is fixing it.

    • Silver says:

      Where can I find the data on your four points, especially the legal action on work permit violations?

      A shortage and intentional decrease in immigration manpower has almost halted the investigation into work permit abuses. There is actually a list of uninvestigated individuals and companies.

      Companies try to get around this with the FINGERPRINT advertising.

      Where are you getting that data from. I honestly want to know

      • Onion says:

        I can’t link it directly but if you search Bernews for “Fahy work permit penalties” you’ll see the articles.

  4. Shush says:

    “Limited job opportunities”. So, having left us in the mess of job losses, the PLP now conceed that if they ever returned to government, they have no plan to increase jobs.

    Great vote winner.

  5. Harry Tuttle says:

    PRCs can’t own just “any” property. They are still restricted by ARV and have to pay a license fee.

    Current PRC and LTR aren’t going to “automatically” get status under the proposed legislation. They will have to apply like everyone else.

    Bi-partisan, is it going to be any different this time than last? Is “everyone” going to be invited to the party and get a wristband this time?

    • Ian says:

      Do your homework. Fahy done away w ARV restrictions for PRCs. It’s amazing isn’t it. This guy does so much for the direct benefit of nonBermudians people actually loose track of it!

      • jt says:

        Actually I find that a benefit.

        • Ian says:

          To who? The Bermudian who now has to compete for a home with the guy who has been living here for 15 years on a housing allowance? Yeah sure.

          • Noncents says:


            Once again, you dont understand how an economy functions. These PRC’s on their housing allowance (by the way a small percentage of those impacted by these policies) are adding money into our economy. If they are allowed to purchase properties, the supply remains static while the demand increase- ultimately driving up real-estate values and benefitting the BERMUDIAN economy. Its Economics 101.

            A rising tide lifts all boats.. even the xenophobes amongst us.

            • jt says:

              Thank you.

            • Silver says:

              All that have applied so far have been granted. It seems whomever is in line gets a wristband. Lol what a joke we are..

            • Ian says:

              And that’s where you’re wrong. It’s become quite evident over the years that rising tides in actuallity have not been lifting all boats. Economist and academic activists in the U.S. In particularly would argue that rising tides have really only been lifting the largest 1% of boats floating around out there. And the too 10% of that 1% if you wanna really get some perspective on the skew. And while it may not be to the same extent Bermudas economic profile has mirrored this in many ways over the past decade. What has the OBA done for example about our unregulated banking sector and the trauma they’ve caused families through (daily) foreclosures? Nothing. And they’re perceived as being the party that wouldn’t. What have the done for foreigners who feel more entitled to more of everything from our housing markert, to business ownership, to the BERMUDIAN VOTE? The OBA has given it to them. And those will be the only boats rising going forward. Not those representing average real Bermudians who the oba do not fight for. You’re gonna have to get a bit more advanced than Econ 101 if you really want to dig deep into what’s this government is trying to do right now and who they really serve.

            • Silver says:

              Yes but what you don’t understand is the Mr. Fay is not a good man. He is as cunningly and systematically continues (because he’s not done yet) to make Bermuda a country of very poor and very wealthy people.

              How is he doing that, yes Economics 101. Land and home ownership, something that was out of the LTR & PRC’s hands so the only way to start with that obstacle was with Immigration, lots of loop holes. The 6 year rule with a Bermudian understudy, that joke of a law was done away with, allowing him to have the PRC & LTR.

              Then they decreased the property price at which the PRC & LTR can purchase properties.

              All the time the FINGERPRINT ADS are utting Bermudians in the non qualifying bracket. Oh and then came the redundancies and then the lowering of the age of retirement. When there are redundancies, Bermudians go home and PRC’S, new work permit holders remain in a job.

              Mortgages cannot be paid without a job, families can not be fed. Bermudians are angry and depressed. They become the poor

              Who do you think can now afford and own the most valuable thing, our real estate. The LTR’S, PRC’S, the NEW BERMUDIANS.

              Economics 101. Thank you Mr. Fahy. Premier Dunkley, uou look like the wimpy sellout uou actually are. At least Mr. Fahy is transparent, he looks as mean as he is.

              • smh says:

                Sorry but I completely disagree, I think Fahy is one of the BEST minister’s this country’s ever had. He’s done more to protect Bermudian jobs than anyone ever before him. We all know the real reason you don’t like him and sadly it has nothing to do with his policies. Shame on you

                • Ian says:

                  Oh yeah. Big shocker that’s how YOU feel about him.

          • Not exactly says:

            To the Bermudian who is under water on his mortgage (whether it be a too large first home or a speculative second home).There is not enough market for people to sell homes that they can’t afford and the banks are threatening take. Giving PRCs (who already live and work here!) the ability to purchase will make some movement in the housing market. Furthermore, as many PRCs own a home somewhere else as they have not been able to purchase here, they will most likely sell that home away to purchase one here causing an inward cash flow to Bermuda.

            So yes, there is a clear benefit to Bermudians.

            • George says:

              You’ve just won the Gold Medal for most ridiculous post of the day! Speculate much?!

              • Chateau le Roof says:

                Have you checked the real estate listings in the past year? There are Bermudians sitting with property that they can’t sell and have been forced to reduce the price, because Bermudians are the only potential market and they are not buying. If the bank takes the property over because a mortgage can’t be paid, how is that helping a Bermudian?

                And so what if there are PRC holders and Work Permit holders, that own property off island? What does that have to do with the situation here? These people are living here, paying taxes here and supporting the economy here every time they step out their front door.

                By the way, what about all the Bermudians who own property off shore? What’s the difference between them and the PRC/Work Permit holders who live here?

            • planeasday says:

              you mean “some Bermudians”…

      • No Brains says:

        we can see through you and we have informed our members

  6. mj says:

    I agree it makes sense, however it would appear according to another story that a lady felt that the issue was contentious so she is obviously not aware of what her status is regarding her situation. She should instead be out protesting the lack of information concerning her rights and she should want bi-partisan approach to reform immigration who have failed in ensuring that people understand our regulations, policies ect. Further more people with a piece of paper verifying they have permanent residency have been with security of a contract, which Bermudians do not enjoy and therefore have no security on their jobs. Bermudians are sometimes let go after a three month trial, but foreigners with papers seem to have guarentees under their contract, where is the equality for Bermudians, shouldn’t we have job security before anyone else? And if not why are foreigners given so much security in their positions more than the locals? doesn’t make sense to me.We are told a minimum wage would cause problems, however seems like not having a minimum wage has caused all the problems we have leading to an immigration fiasco! Bermudians need to know their rights and not be questioning, if oba were looking out for the best interest of the elect they would have seen the faux pas! The glaring inconsistency of wo has rights in Bermuda should be poking their eyes out at this point.. If you tell me you paid me and I do not see it does it mean it is there, or is it only conceiveable to ME when I receive it! Oba needs to not only listen to the people regardless of party affiliation, and adhere to their needs, after all they were not elected to take care of non-Bermudians! Understandably they must look out for the people in the islands however there was never a huge cry or stampeded for status, the PlP made the same mistake and I hope they listen to the people AND adhere to their needs also!

  7. PRC says:

    PRC’s CANNOT purchase ANY property in Bermuda without restrictions. PRC’S ARE restricted to specific properties. It is ironic that Mr. Roban accuses others of misinformation, whilst he, himself is misleading Bermuda…..hahahaha

    • Ian says:

      As I told the fellow above. Do your homework. Fahy done away w ARV restrictions for PRCs. You want clarity on why contempt for Fahy, foreigners and those who benefit from “privilege” is at an all time high? Start with listing EVERYTHING Fahy has done over the past 3 years to directly benefit nonBermudians and present it along side the list of things the OBA has done over the same period that directly benefits the average Bermudian.

      • jt says:

        Why shouldn’t PRC holders be able to purchase any property? Of course they should.

        • Ian says:

          Who said they shouldn’t be allowed to? They always have been. But don’t expect me to be thrilled as a born and bred bermudian at the prospect of having to compete for a home in MY COUNTRY with John and Jane (lots of) Doe when they had the luxury of thriving on the likes of housing and travel allowances for 15 years. You know, like all “second class citizens” do…

          • jt says:

            If they have as much money as you say they will be purchasing beyond the first time buyer market after 15 years.
            In the meantime there’s all that rent money so many “average” Bermudians have benefited from…even become wealthy from.
            Or we could give them status after 5 years and get them off those allowances sooner.

            • Ian says:

              Wow. You just say things with absolute certainty huh? ARV restrictions moved and they’ll just continue limiting their prospects to nothing but top tier. Yeah…. I guess I just don’t get how economics work… Lol

              • jt says:

                Well Ian, it seems we are both quite certain doesn’t it? But that just reflects a difference of opinion, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re one of the posters here who genuinely takes the time to think about what you write and base your opinions on something. Reality probably lays somewhere between us.

          • Bermudian says:

            Born and Bred Bermudian,, well I am too Ian! Sounds like to me you are affraid of compatition Ian. Not only that Ian ,you seem to be jealous! WtF does travel allowances have to do with anything? Get over yourself!

            • Ian says:

              Afraid of competition? You think it’s fair competition when a well educated local executive who, like most, has to pay rent for the roof over their head finds themself keen to purchase in a market where pricing is being driven by the foreigner (who say had the same job) that has a bank balance that reflects almost 20 years of having their a*ses covered for rent?! You’re and idiot if you believe that’s a level playing field. And it comes as no surprise “Bermudians” like you would come to the defense of the foreigner in those scenarios before realizing the injustice inflicted on the bermudian. You will see the response the OBA deserves.

              • Jus' Wonderin' says:

                Stop being jealous…that’s what you are bra! Get a better job then and if you can’t work your way up or go back to school to get a better degree…simple!

                • Ian says:

                  Jealousy?? Really. I’m speaking facts mate. It’s not emotionally charged. Can safe that for the folks you have to worry about after Friday. And I’m quite satisfied with my job dude. Trust me.

              • True Lies says:

                It is certainly fair. The Bermudian in your example had the same opportunity as the foreigner to negotiate benefits when he/she was hired.

                • Ian says:

                  You’re a delusional idiot if you believe that’s the truth and/or common practice. The ONLY “Bermudians” with those perks, typically, are the status holders that weren’t born here.

              • jt says:

                If they can’t buy they rent. Drives values up just the same.
                Even still, we managed a home. took 16 years of saving and hard work. And we’re quite middle class btw.

          • aceboy says:

            So when will all these Bermudians who don’t own a house now be buying one? Lots of places for sale these days.

          • hmmm says:

            You know that Bermudians get housing allowance as well don’t you….It is dependant on the job, and who you work for…is is not dependant on being foreign.

            • Ian says:

              Yeah THATS so common practice isn’t it. Keep defending the indefensible. You seem to get a thrill from playing dumb.What’s that about?

      • Jonathan says:

        You are not correct. PRC are restricted to owning a property with only one accessment number. This may seem trivial but it disqualifies a number of properties.

        They are allowed to own up to 2 properties but they can not own a home with 2 accessment numbers.

        • Ian says:

          Did you miss the part about ARV restrictions? You know, what’s actually being discussed…

          • Ringmaster says:

            It was Walter Roban who said there are no restrictions. Maybe you need to speak to him about his error.

      • Harry Buttle says:

        At present, PRC holders are eligible to purchase freehold property with an Annual Rental Value (ARV) of $63,600 and above.

        The new law reduces the ARV threshold to nil, and therefore PRC holders will be able purchase most freehold properties in Bermuda.

        PRC holders will also be able to rent out any property they own without requiring a permit to do so.

        The licence fee payable by a PRC holder is unchanged at 4 per cent of the value of the property, increasing to 6 per cent as of the October 1, 2015.

  8. Yahoo says:

    Any specifics Bud? No? Didn’t think so.

    • Crazy says:

      yup! all talk but where are the suggestions?

  9. Riley says:

    The OBA only reason they have given if they have worked here for 15yrs they get PRC 20 yrs Status.

    In todays we have the same residents who were mentioned last week. One gentleman has been here 23 yrs has 2 daughters who are Bermudian, why cannot he get status through “Qualifing Bermudian Connection” abviously there is some hickup. What has he contributed to Bermuda over 23yrs? We do know he golf is his favourite hobby and he will purchase a home if given status. Perhaps if he doesn’t get status he will leave and go to Canada with his wife but he won’t walk in there either because he is married to a Canadian. If he leaves it will perhaps open up a promotion for a Bermudian to go up the ladder If the OBA have their way there will be no advancement in any jobs, even in the insurance field, that are presently held by anyone who is 13 yrs and over in the position. If you have a person who is 44yrs in a senior position and your son/daughter is 33yrs old working under them for son /daughter to get that job it will take a good 15yrs if not longer. What job did all these people apply for when they came to Bermuda once they work permit comes up the requirement is X number years experience. The job should be advertised the same as what they applied for in the first place.

  10. Noncents says:

    While I applaud the PLP for finally adding something more constructive than the behaviour they have displayed over the past couple of weeks, I do take issue with the idea the OBA are the ones being disingenuous in this debate. The OBA have made every effort to inform the public about the wider ramifications about their proposal. Efforts that have ultimately been ignored by a rude, loud but ultimately small section of the electorate.

    Conversely, the PLP have consistently ignored the facts and encouraged the bad behavior that their supporters are all too willing to support. That bad behaviour has robbed the rest of us of actually having an informed discussion about the best way forward.

    It’s clearly an emotive issue- that is something I think we can all agree on. I just wish the PLP would be a bit more constructive in their approach. Their behaviour so far reminds me of children sticking fingers in their ears when they dont want to hear what you have to say.

    • Ian says:

      The OBA drafted their legislation BEFORE CONSULTANTING AND/INFORMING BERMUDIANS. How do you stil not recognize that’s where any merit you think they deserve goes right out the window. You people just simply and completely ignore the obvious things folks are taking issue with. ITS PLAIN AS DAY WHAT THE OBA IS DOING.

      • Noncents says:

        @ Ian

        WE voted the OBA in so that they govern. That’s why we have elections. While governing, they are expected to make decisions that they believe are in the best interest of the country. After 5 years we get to review their policy decisions and decide whether they, or another party, are best fit to continue making those decisions.

        I am sorry your beloved team were voted out when the country decided that a different approach was required. As the elected government we expect them to get on with running the country and there is no expectation that they need to poll the electorate for every decision they make.

        If you are unhappy with their approach, take it up at the next election. I will certainly be there casting my ballot.

      • No Brains says:

        ignorant people

      • Ed Case says:

        Just like the Pathetic Lying Party did many times right Ian? When your lot was in, they didn’t care what we thought. My lot is in, same thing about you – sorry! Wake up and stop moaning – it makes you pathetic.

        • Ian says:

          Love how that’s still the pathetic response you find yourselves have to resort to. You proclaim to loath the PLP for the alleged x, y and z yet are perfectly content watching your party ACTUALLY do x, y and z. Still don’t see the irony in that? And you think your ridiculous views on this will stop people from reacting the way to do after the OBA forces someone bs down our throats on Friday?

          • Noncents says:

            @ Ian

            Those that criticize the PLP have been much more specific than “X, Y Z”. PLP policies and decisions during their 14 years in office have left us in the precarious position we find ourselves. Do you need us to list all the byproducts of those 14 years of incompetence?

            The OBA are in the unenviable position of correcting the PLP’s missteps.

            • Ringmaster says:

              @ Ian. The OBA drafted their proposals then attempted to have public meetings to explain them and obtain feedback. This feedback was prevented by vocal and unlawful actions of a few. The proposals were drafted so people can see them. On the other hand the PLP never consulted during their time in Government and rammed through defective and discriminatory laws such as restrictions placed on Bermudians married to non Bermudians buying property. Back to the present, perhaps you can list the PLP proposals for comprehensive immigration reform they keep demanding. You can’t because the PLP have none. Where is the leadership?

              • Ian says:

                The OBA can do no wrong as far as you’re concerned. I already know this. But do realize you’re only validating the fact that you recognize the things they do aren’t completely above board when you feel compelled to reference the PLP whilst make your case. And that’s obvious btw. We are NOT taking about the PLP.

                • Ringmaster says:

                  Wrong. I am not an OBA voter and in my opinion the OBA have failed in a number of areas. You must have misread what I said. I said at least the OBA has meetings in public to obtain feedback, except they are disrupted. List the changes the PLP made with prior input from the public – you can’t because they didn’t. BTW if “we” are not talking about the PLP then you haven’t read that this article is written by Walter Roban on behalf of the PLP.

      • aceboy says:

        Ian, So, I guess you conveniently forget how the former Government “consulted” with the people and with other interested parties.

        Perhaps you should read this and be reminded:


        It was plain as day what the PLP was doing but it took a long time for people to come to their senses.

        • Ian says:

          Lol!! THATS your smoking gun for making the case that the PLP is not interested in collaboration. Pretty desperate.

  11. Tom Cooke says:

    This is the first response we have heard from the shadow minister… after all the name calling of the past few days… now …

    • aceboy says:

      The Bipolar Party.

      • smh says:

        Best comment of the week….We want “Bi-Polar” Comprehensive Reform! Ha…let’s get that to stick

        • Ian says:


          • smh says:

            Ian, Bi-Polar Comprehensive Reform is nothing to yawn about and I for am very upset and indignant that you did that! We Bi-Polar’s have rights too

            • Ian says:

              We’ll see how much you’re joking around in the weeks and months ahead.

              • smh says:

                Bring it on. Shut da whole place dawn. Let me know how that works out for you. Look up Pyrrhic victory

              • Ringmaster says:

                Be careful, very careful, what you wish for. I know of at least one large IB company who are watching current events very closely.

  12. Pete says:

    No no no no No no ……….

    • Ian says:


      • Ringmaster says:

        Too many No for you? That was the chant at the public meeting where the OBA wanted to discuss their proposals but weren’t allowed to. “No” has changed to “Bipartisan Reform” but still the PLP hasn’t said what they want. Walter Roban in his message above merely put the ball back to the public to decide without any leadership. Maybe you can set out the PLP’s agenda for them as someone has to.

      • Ed Case says:


  13. Take it up with the Supreme Court says:

    I believe the Supreme Court if Bermuda has passed a judgement which has made the government have to put a framework in place.

    The PLP seem very comfortable accusing the Government of obfuscation but what would the PLP be doing if in power with the Supreme Court ruling that has been laid.

    It’s sad thatthe opposition has politicized this issue. What would you do?

    For those folks impacted by this there are many Bermudians from all walks of life that support you and the pathways approach

    Shame On the PLP for behaving so badly on this. True colors are showing and the moderate voting base are not blind nor stupid.

  14. The Original Truth™ says:

    PLP is still blind sighted by focusing on the PRC part of the amendments. The P in PRC is for permanent so leave them alone. They already are here for the long haul. It’s not the present PRCs who have hindered Bermudians it’s the permit workers who will become PRCs that have hindered Bermudians. The blue collar ones who were allowed to stay while PLP pushed IB workers out. The ones they let stay so their supporters could have cheap labor over Bermudian labor. PLP SELL OUTS the whole lot of them. Admit it PLP you let blue collar permit workers stay longer than they should have.

  15. No Longer A Memeber says:

    I am third generation Bermudian and my daughter are fourth. But my great grand parents came from somewhere to work hard and build Bermuda. Now there is a FAMOUS one who is first generation and he hates the idea of giving people exactly what he has been rewarded. It almost makes me puke?????? As the bible says, “The love of the greater number will cool off.” Do what is right, and do what the law requires, give these people their rights and it will benefit all Bermuda. Love and piece!!!

  16. LOL (Original TM) says:

    The Bermudian middle class is being crushed right now and Bermudians are leaving this country by the hundreds year after year thus the tax base will continue to shrink till the only one who can take advantage of this economy is the PRC or foreign worker. Rich people just want a deal and poor people don’t spend so I think things are going to get a whole lot worse.

  17. Build a Better Bermuda says:

    Those who are eligible under the new pathways for status, in my opinion are Bermudian; they have been our friends, neighbors, contributed to the well being of our country, contribute to our charities, contribute to our culture and I welcome them. They have been doing all this longer than most first time voters and have a right to say in what transpires in their home here as much as anyone else. What is the PLP’s true message to PRC’s, we welcome your contributions, we welcome your tax revenues, but we don’t welcome your opinions.

  18. Okay, here’s spots available for good! My wife and I along with our 2 Chocolate Labradors have retired to the Philippines…

  19. Concerned Young Bermudian says:

    First of all I must say it is completely unprofessional that every time the public begins to protest or disagrees with any of O.B.A.’s policies P.L.P. are the first ones to back protesters and and fuel the fire of unrest. Any political party that has to do stoop to such low levels in order to gain the upper hand should not represent Bermuda on the world stage. Secondly, people are being ignorant to the fact that there are laws in place that state that if there is a qualified Bermudian capable of doing the required job the must be hired and or assessed before companies can even apply for immigrant workers. These laws give Bermudians every possibility of getting a job they just simply have to work hard and prove they are better than the competition which is something that happens all over the world in many different ways. People also, fail to realise that making immigration laws any stricter could cause foreign businesses to leave Bermuda after O.B.A. has already fought hard to bring a good amount of them back so Bermuda can begin to make money and reduce this large debt the country is already in Thirdly, everyone has seem to have forgotten that P.L.P. are the ones that put Bermuda in this position and O.B.A. are simply doing their best to try and dig us out of the massive hole caused by P.L.P. I am by no means an O.B.A. supporter but I do not want to see my country run by a pot head to be frank and neither do i want to see the people that caused this problem to be running the country without giving a proper chance to those who are trying to fix it. As I am a young Bermudian I fear what may be become of my country if the so called people’s party where to win next years election because if the government chooses to listen to these older Bermudian who still continue to make the politics in Bermuda all about race and ethnicity it will only potential reap short term benefits and in the long term cause real harm to Bermuda’s economical structure.

  20. the truth will set you free says:

    USA’s version of the UBP (now known as the OBA)

    “The state legislature is dominated by a white Republican supermajority.”

    Some of the most strategic initiatives being pursued by the Republican legislature this session aim at weakening the Black political and economic power vested in Mississippi’s capital and largest city, Jackson. Jackson became a majority Black city in the 1980’s.

    The Trojan Horse: the Capitol Complex Improvement District

    An initiative just as threatening to Black political power in Jackson as the seizure of its airports is the Capitol Complex Improvement District Bill, docketed as Senate Bill 2525 (and its House companion, House Bill 1564)[13]. Senator John Horhn, a Black Democrat who represents a part of Jackson located in the 26th Senate District, allegedly introduced this bill according to many local political lobbyists and insiders as a sacrificial trade to the Republicans to save the city’s airports. The logic behind such a tactic is that because the Republicans possess a supermajority in both houses, and can basically legislate what they want, the Black legislative delegation and the Democratic party overall must play ball with them and surrender various concessions to the Republicans in order to defend old gains and some fundamental rights, like the right to vote.

    It must be said that not only is this logic extremely faulty, it is premised on the internalization of white supremacy. This logic accepts the notion that Black people cannot “develop” their own communities, that they must rely on white people and resources controlled by white people to improve the conditions in their communities and their lives. Regardless of the logic, what this initiative will effectively do is surrender more territory and control over to the Governor, the Republican party, white economic forces, and ultra-conservative social forces who will try to legislatively enforce their morals onto the predominantly Black working class residents of Jackson.

  21. the truth will set you free says:

    USA’s version of the UBP (now known as the OBA)

    Because of how stealthily this Bill was introduced, with little to no fanfare and initial opposition, and how it innocently appears to be offering to improve conditions in Jackson, it is a real Trojan Horse. If it is not defeated this Bill will basically hand over all the “keys to the kingdom”, that are the fundamental drivers of Jackson’s economy – the medical, administrative, and educational industries that are situated in this improvement district. Further, most of this new “Republican Zone” will not be taxable by the City of Jackson, which will only exasperate the financial crisis of the city, which has been struggling with a declining tax base for decades.