Walter Roban: “An Intolerable Act Of Violence”

December 29, 2015

“Once again the peace of Bermuda’s holiday period has been shattered by an intolerable act of violence. The PLP is angered and ‎saddened by what is the latest in what appears to be an escalation of violent criminal activity. Our prayers go out for the victim, their friends, family and loved ones,”  Shadow Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban said.

Mr Roban was speaking after last night’s [Dec 28] shooting in the St Monica’s Road area, in which a 34 year-old Pembroke man was shot and injured.

Police At Shooting Scene

Mr Roban continued, “As the Member of Parliament for the area that includes St Monica’s, I know the sensitivity and tragic history of gun violence in our community.

“Time after time, we have seen our neighbors, our friends and our family members wounded or murdered in gun violence. Too many of our families have been devastated and we must find solutions to make our streets safer, our families stronger and our communities less divided.

“The PLP’s position is that we must:

  • 1] Continue to support programmes such as Mirrors that have been effective in providing our youth with alternatives to gangs and violence
  • 2] Revisit proposed PLP programmes such as Job Corps to provide our youth with job training and the soft skills needed to compete for employment and opportunities in their own country
  • 3] Ensure that our Bermuda Police Service has the manpower and resources to effectively disrupt gang activity, seize weapons and conduct effective investigations that lead to convictions.
  • 4] Review and where necessary, update current gang legislation to ensure that it is keeping pace with changes in criminal activity and continues to be relevant to today’s Bermuda
  • 5] Ensure that CCTV cameras in areas such as St. Monica’s are fully operational, with effective procedures for monitoring the cameras and reviewing the footage.

“We further believe that now is an appropriate time for the government to provide an update on anti-gang initiatives such as ‘Operation Street Smart’ to determine if the programme is working and if it is providing value for dollar.

“The PLP urges members of the public that have information on this incident to come forward, speak out and assist the authorities,” concluded Mr Roban.

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  1. Truth is killin' me... says:

    That last statement speaks volumes. Never happens though!

    • Grain of Salt says:

      Many people are speaking up now. That is why we have had arrests and convictions.

  2. hmmm says:

    Feels dirty , him using this for politicking.

    • Coffee says:

      Oh , but he has no power to stop it . The feelings of filth you must have for the elected officials that do !

  3. mr speaker says:

    We need to beef up our laws. These guys just dont care

  4. Really says:

    Whether you change the laws or not these idiots will still find a way to shoot someone. People need to start snitching!!! There are folks who know who has guns. They need to start dropping dimes I say. Use the 1-800 hotline drop a dime.

  5. Mirrors Coach says:

    I am a coach in the Mirrors program and I am aware that government has made budget cuts in various areas of this program. Mirrors has and continues to change peoples lives for the better. We need to INCREASE awareness and support for these types of programs in order for them to have a significant effect on our community.

  6. John Silvester says:

    Why is it that Mirrors is continually heralded as the do all end all? All adolescents are at risk. However, the Mirrors participation is voluntary. Those doing the shooting and many victims will never participate in it because they don’t have to. If they do show up and a choice is given or they are told they don’t have to be there, many get up and walk out. With that said it doesn’t mean that some will not benefit from this programme. We need to stop trying to trick the public into thinking that this programme is the answer for all. It isn’t! Just as no one solution fixes all.

  7. WhatEva says:

    Until they make an example (hang or put to death) on of the murderers it will not stop!
    We can suggest all we want but until something very aggressive and public is done it will continue.

    Sounds harsh but that is our reality….

  8. WhatEva says:

    I support the programs but in the event that they are pulled because of budget cuts there has to be some kind of deterrent.