Catherine Zeta-Jones Recommends Bermuda

February 17, 2016

Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones recently enjoyed time at Elbow Beach and the Hamilton Princess, sharing photos of Bermuda on on social media, attracting thousands of “likes” and “shares”.

A post by Ms. Zeta-Jones on Facebook recommending Bermuda earned thousands of ‘likes’ in less than 24 hours, while posts on Instagram highlighted Elbow Beach, the Hamilton Princess, and Bermuda’s waters – as well as Mr. Douglas.

In one social media post, Ms. Zeta-Jones says, “Elbow Beach Bermuda. When the chill comes to NY, I recommend a long weekend in Bermuda!”

Within the first 20 hours, the actress’ Facebook recommendation was liked more than 6,280 times by her fans and followers on Facebook.

Ms. Zeta-Jones is a former resident of Bermuda and a frequent visitor to the island along with her husband Michael Douglas, who has family roots in Bermuda.


Ms Zeta-Jones posted the photo below on Instagram with the caption, “Elbow Beach Bermuda. When the chill comes to NY, I recommend a long weekend in Bermuda!!”

And Ms Zeta-Jones also posted a photo of her husband on Instagram with the caption, “Happy to see me or the Bermudian bay?!!!! Don’t know!!!! But love him all the same. Happy Valentine’s Day Michael!”

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  1. hmmm says:

    …..and I recommend Catherine Zeta-Jones!!!

  2. Are they aware that this current government cares NOTHING about its own people?Wonder if they would like it so much if they knew the TRUTH!!!!

    • blowmyfish says:

      …it’s not about what the government can do for you, it’s about what you can do for the government!! :D

      • Whistling Frog says:

        We are doing for the government, its call pay your taxes but the government is giving your hard earned tax dollars away to those that don’t need it. Taking from the poor to cater to the rich. The true robbers of the hood.

        • hmmm says:

          Partially true…the Govt is taking in taxes and paying interest on debt to the rich overseas investors that PLP effectively sold Bermudians futures to.

          Don’t believe the PLP hype…believe reality.

    • THE OBVIOUS: The truth was spoken. Unbelievable.The DISLIKES prove that!!!! The truth is a true smasher.
      Give me their email address…….

  3. Daylilly says:

    Welcome home!

  4. Seriola says:

    We need more positive people like this in Bermuda. Always welcome

  5. Trisha says:

    I like people like her, she is just showing positive about Bermuda, I wish all the haters who are posting aufull comments about Bermudians would just be like us.
    Bermudians are said to be polite and friendly according to tourists but everyone posting here who are desperated to get their papers show dislike towards us. How do you wish to become one of us when you can’t say one positive thing about us. You are just haters.