Court: 29-Year-Old Sentenced To Time Served

February 13, 2016

In Plea Court last month, Tracyston Mallory admitted robbing a business in the Washington Mall, prowling about a dwelling house, and having a screwdriver. He had failed to make bail and had therefore been in custody since January 2016.

In Plea Court on Friday morning, the 29-year-old was sentenced to time served. However, before he was sentenced, he asked Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo to order him into MAWI and make arrangements for him to have treatment for his mental condition.

Mr Mallory said that if he were let out of prison, and because of his condition, he would revert to drug use.

Mr Mallory also told the Magistrate that he lived at any one of six addresses; staying with relatives and friends who offered him accommodation.

In sentencing him to time served, the Magistrate told him to go to MAWI on his own and get the help that he needed.

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