Demonstrators With Signs At Shelly Bay Beach

February 1, 2016

Representatives of the community stood outside of Shelly Bay Beach this morning [Feb 1] holding signs demonstrating their displeasure with the development plans for the area.

“Shelly Bay Beach + Park, Hamilton Parish families say no to T. Steinhoff,” said one sign, with another sign saying, “More than 1000 objections sent to the Planning Dept. against Shelly Bay Beach House Parking Plan. Good for us!”

“Shelly Bay Beach is the only public beach on the North Shore in Bermuda,” said area resident Cheryl-Ann Griffin this morning. “Many families enjoy its natural environment year round.

“We are not in agreement with any cultural and community appropriation, commercialization for private enterprise, exclusivity, privatization or loss of our freedom or safety.”

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  1. San George says:

    Can’t stop the airport. Can’t stop this! OBA rules. We are king makers.
    Quo Fata Ferunt

    • That same mindset is why Indigenous people around the world were exterminated and their land stolen.
      Same S!@# different day.

  2. Kings Point says:

    Shelly Bay Beach is NOT the only public beach on North Hore…what about Admiralty House beach?

    • Edwin says:

      Take your little ones up there and swim along with another hundred people and see how you would like it.

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        If anything there’s more people at Shelly Bay Beach on a nice day/weekend than Admiralty House!

  3. North Shore says:

    I want to thank Ms. Griffin for clarifying for all Bermudians that Shelly Bay Beach is the only public beach on North shore. That must mean that Spanish Point beach and Tobacco Bay are neither public, nor on the North shore!
    For clarity, I am not a fan of the proposed parking lot but merely a fan of FACTS.

    • I Believe in Miracles says:

      It’s the only beach on the North Shore on a dedicated regular bus route, with easy access to the public without having to walk down the mountain to a beach. That’s a fact.

      • hmmm says:

        Hill, no mountains in Bermuda, except for the ones made out of mole hills !

    • Say Whaat? says:

      Tobacco Bay ISN’T on North Shore, it’s in St. George’s. Pontoons doesn’t have a playground.

  4. GTA says:

    Whilst I agree they should revise the current proposal to remove the parking at the lower area, near the playground and picnic areas, I would not object to a revised proposal to relocate the playground area further north west, and perhaps allow a smaller roadside parking area for handicap parking and a loading zone for the restaurant. This can be accomplished with creating a retaining wall structure and increase the existing parking area immediately adjacent to the road side. Also Admiralty House/Clarence Cove beach is a public beach along North Shore, so that sign is a little misleading. It is also interesting to see that this playground/picnic area was in fact a parking lot for the beach back in the 1970′s seen here:

    • Cheryl-Ann Griffin says:

      A meeting was held on Friday where alternate proposals were presented. Yours was one of them. Handicapped parking can be on the west side…another suggestion that has been forwarded. there were two or three other suggestions including using a golf cart,umbrellas and valet on rainy days. We even suggested the closest possible area next to the ramp. Mr. Steinhoff ignored them all and proceeded to set up a Facebook page to encourage more support for his proposal.
      Yes people did park and play down there in the 70s but we, due to an unfortunate situation, became more aware of the need to protect our children while they play and the parking was moved to the upper level.
      Sorry if so many people just got tied up with arguing about North Shore. We apologize. We ran out of space for the word ROAD.

      • Cow Polly says:

        Golf cart? Valet? Or how about a monorail while you’re busy spending Mr Steinhoff’s dollars.

        • Cheryl-Ann Griffin says:

          Oh, sorry. It was just a suggestion from a community member who is trying to help keep Mr. Steinhoff’s patrons dry and not too tired from the walk. Didnt mean to make you mad.

          • Zevon says:

            So if it’s not developed, presumably you will organise a petition whenever people want to park on the grass, right?

            • Kangoocar says:

              @zevon, of course she will, except the petition will clearly state, ” exceptions include, any weekend in the summer months, and certainly any public holidays” These types make make me sick, they are hiding behind safety and environment issues, but it has been proven that safety goes out the window when there are holidays and weekends in the summer, and that includes environment issues as well, because we al, know darn well were these beach users are relieving themselves while camping there an weekends, don’t we???

          • Bill says:

            Not too tired from the walk????

            You cannot be serious!

      • Why... says:

        Sorry Ms Griffin but since you brought it up..

        (To me) the sign reads “The” North Shore as in the actual shore. That’s not really an implication of a shortage of sign space for the word “Road”. It would require a change in sentence structure.

        Valet Parking on Rainy Days?? Sorry, that’s kind of ridiculous. No wonder he ignored your suggestions.

  5. hmmm says:

    Shelly Bay is NOT the ONLY public beach on the North Shore.

    I don’t agree with the size or placement of the parking lot, but come on people stop with the disinformation.

    • Family Man says:

      If it’s not full of disinformation how else are you going to be able to tell it’s a plp sponsored affair?

    • watching says:

      Its the only one on North Shore Road.
      Admiralty House, and Spanish Point Park are both located off Spanish Point Road.

      • hmmm says:

        Only one public South Shore road beach then too ….

        SMH at your dumbsh!ttery

      • LOLOLOLOLOLOL says:

        Not what the sign says though. It says only one on North Shore, not road.

    • BLOW IN says:

      it is perfect the way it is , does not require fixing

  6. Real says:

    While I totally agree with no parking lot being put near the playground or messing up the picnic area, I just have to wonder where these people and their signs have been for the last five years while beach goers have had to deal with broken and pissy bathrooms at Shelly Bay. Also it would probably be helpful to your cause if you could say what will happen to the area if Mr. Steinhoff doesn’t get approval.

  7. Serz says:

    Whats the big deal? You people park all over the grass anyhow!

    • Izzypop says:

      Don’t do as I do. Do as I say. Funny how they forget.

      • Coffee says:

        Explain to all who you really mean by “you people and “they?”

        • Zevon says:

          I think he means the people who think a snack restaurant should have parking valets.
          Who fo you think he means?

  8. Edwin says:

    Mr. Steinhoff, said himself that NO greenery will be taken away,heard him on the Sherry J show, what’s he planning to do put the parking lot up on stilts.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      No, had you been listening to what he said rather than what you wanted to believe that you heard, you would have quite clearly say that the plan was to use pavers with holes so that grass would grow.

      An example of what he was suggesting can be found at a house driveway just west of Mermaid. No need for drainage. Rain soaks right through.

      But lets not facts get in the way of some good emptional pot stirring.

  9. Vulcan Trash Cleaner says:

    there are many PUBLIC beaches on North Shore!

  10. Happy Onion says:

    Reduce the parking lot by half & only allow the disabled to park there!

  11. Hamilton Parish Resident says:

    I am a Hamilton Parish Resident that does use Shelly Bay facilities. I personally disagree with those that are resisting change. I think Mr. Steinhoff’s Plans will be a boost for the Parish. I have looked at the plans and feel they are not as offensive as the numbers of “street” parkers that are there during family picnic and cup match. At least there would be a place to park.
    I am all about environmental protection, but honestly I think that by opposing this it is just hindering an area that could be a boost for Hamilton Parish’s micro economy.
    Perhaps those opposed can come up with some viable solutions instead of trying to be bullies. Sit down with Mr. Steinhoff and see if there could be a compromise. You might be surprised – he is a business man that is reasonable.

    • Cheryl-Ann Griffin says:

      We sat down with Mr. Steinhoff on Friday. He gave one reason why he wanted parking there…in case it rains, his patrons wont get wet – 9am until midnight are his proposed operating hours. He also wants it exclusive for his patrons. We presented several solutions and alternatives for parking for his restaurant. He seemed to listen and seemed amenable, but then he went and set up a Facebook page to garner support for his parking plan as published.

      Please share with us how this venture could be a boost for Hamilton Parish micro-economy…just asking.

  12. swing voter says:

    why not develop the rocky shore line running along shelly bay? Now pay me for my brilliance!

  13. Matthew Sousa says:

    How about they knock down the old building and erect another one above the car park kind of like the super market in Hamilton. This way you could park and be sheltered and not have to walk far to get there. You won’t touch the green and you wouldn’t have to worry about public using the car park because there would still be an existing one.

    • cole00cash says:

      Who would you like to pay for the demolition and construction costs? It’s public property so I suppose the Hamilton parish taxpayers should bear the burden of your proposal?

  14. San George says:

    Democracy must co-exist with capitalism. You will be getting casinos as well regardless of the will of the people. Lots of other vices will be coming. The kings you have created have deemed it to be so. Last time water; next time fire.
    Quo Fata Ferunt

  15. Honesty says:

    Classic Bermudians, always against change.

    • Izzypop says:

      Then grumble cause there are no jobs

    • Concerned Neighbour says:

      I’m actually an expat who lives in the area, and I totally do not like the parking lot plan. I think it’s a terrible idea. I’m all for the restaurant, but I think the parking lot is unnecessary… they can walk from the existing parking lot. It will look awful like that, and also be unsafe for kids next to the playground. It’s not his beach… it’s public and should stay that way. It’s not just “Classic Bermudians” resisting change… it doesn’t sound to me like he’s willing to listen to alternative suggestions, because it’s not his first choice.

      • confused says:

        it’s not his first choice which proves he is willing to work with parks and the community….

        there is a fb page that outlines the details and responses to petition concerns (which are mostly untrue)…

        the safety concern is a non-issue. people already park there with no organization and the parking lot would be separated and fenced in. ie it would be safer than the current usage of the space.

        • question says:

          Confused- i cannot find this FB page, can you confirm the full name of the page? Thansk in advance!

  16. Truth is killin' me... says:


  17. mmm says:

    I believe that Government should make Shelly Bay Beach/ restaur ant and playing fields a business enterprise and learning curve for bermuda college students, with over-sight by the professionals.

  18. clearasmud says:

    The people appear to be against the parking proposal NOT the development of the business. As a Non Hamilton Parish resident that uses this beach I have not heard a valid argument from the developer or any of his supporters on why this parking lot is necessary at that spot!

  19. grandparent says:

    I would like for the Shelly Bay Beach to remain the way that it is

    It is one of the nicest beaches on the island.

    It is safe and pleasant for children.

    Please!Please! rethink about your plans.

    • Zevon says:

      And if it were developed it would still be a nice beach, and it would still be safe for children.

      The differences you might notice are that the toilets would not be disgusting, which they are now. The building would be maintained, which it is not now. There would be a place to get something to eat or drink. And a few of your fellow Bermudians would have jobs.

  20. wahoo says:

    Okay done deal. The building will lay empty and rot, the toilets will be a mess – everything an eyesore really. No employment opportunity and we will still complain that there is nothing for the tourists to do…..Just the way we want it.

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      It’s the parking lot location that is getting the objections, not the business plan all in itself. But hey nice try there.

      • Zevon says:

        Except that mrs griffin has said she has her own alternative plans. Which is what this is about, really.

  21. Head Case says:

    Go Mr Steihoff build it. It is just such a lovely derelict unused building/site now. move the and they all moan anyway., even if your plans were for a postage stamp sized location. you can’t even sneeze on this ROCK without someone bitching

  22. Kevin says:

    what a shame but it is classic people moan nothing happens and then when a Bermudian comes up with a plan and will totally upgrade the facility and our visitors will enjoy the experience we complain …..Bermudians (not all of us)are happy with keeping things as they are …….Really ?? time for action and i applaud Mr Steinhoff for risking his money to enhance the facility and yes hopefully make some money in the future …but its his gamble not the taxpayer

    • Concerned Neighbour says:

      The parking lot has nothing to do with visitors.

  23. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    Why can’t the playground be moved and improved…There is a good piece of land to the west of the parking lot….let him have parking there were the existing playground is just for patrons of the restaurant.

  24. Dr. The Hon Edward N. T. Case. ABF BMF hons. says:

    Hopefully these malcontents won’t kill the whole thing. Nobody wants even the slightest inconvenience. Entitled effing Bermudians at their worst.

  25. Widget says:

    It’s unfortunate the Mr. stienhoff is spending all this money on a building project no one has bothered with for years and all he gets is greif. If I were him I’d pack up my tent and give you back the dump of a property and let it rot for another twenty years. Honestly folks of Hamilton Parish. Move the playground to the upper lever of which will open up the picnic area and have Mr. Stienhoff beautify the area of which look like hell.

    • Concerned Neighbour says:

      People are happy that the restaurant will open and do appreciate his investment… the real issue is with the parking lot. I don’t see why he just can’t compromise on that – it’s obviously a real sore point. (and I’m an expat who does use this beach)

      • Hoolieh says:

        You’ve obviously not owned a business. Why don’t you put your money up!
        Bermudians are funny people.
        Like …everybody has an opinion how to spend everyone’s else money.
        There was a parking lot there originally!
        Stop the nonsense!

      • What?? says:

        What makes you think he isn’t willing to compromise on this issue. The problem is that this isn’t about the parking lot at all. It’s about who has the concession. Ms. Griffin’s comments has made it clear that they have further objections that they will bring up in due time and she made it clear that they have an alternative when the current concession holder gives up. So even if Mr Stienhof compromises on this issue it won’t be the end of the protests.

  26. Coffee says:

    Pull that rotten building down , start with a clean slte , clean slate that accommodates everyone’s interest .

    • Zevon says:

      New buildings, parking valets on golf carts, where does all this money come from?
      Mrs Grifgin has plans to develop it but she says she “don’t got a million dollars”. So she wants the concession, but she wants to leavevit lokking like a dump.

    • Sunfish says:

      @COFFEE,,,Your real good at spending other peoples money ! SMDH

  27. Oh The Pain says:

    I can’t wait to see the complaints about Horseshoe Beach.

    • Sage says:

      Leave it as a Third World wreck site which Hamilton Parish seems so proud of.

  28. Sunfish says:

    This is much to do about NOTHING! Object through proper channels you idiots!!

  29. Ask more questions!! says:

    I wasn’t at the town hall meeting, so maybe someone can clarify for me.
    What about the environmental aspects?
    Noise pollution from raging parties and live bands. time constraints?
    Excessive trash from extra beach goers. Are they going to be responsible for cleaning the beach and park area regularly? not just putting out trash cans.
    Water sports. paddle boards, kayaks, jet skis, snorkeling… Fisheries has designated this area as a no netting zone because its a fish aggregation area for fry, jacks and turtles. oh and there are large patches of sea grass that turtles eat.
    I’m not against development or progression I just want to see it done in the right way. Too many times the environment suffers for the sake of advancement of humans.

    • cole00cash says:

      They’re trying to setup a family restaurant, not a night club so the noise pollution shouldn’t be any greater than already exists from the many events that take place down at the field, or are provided by the regular picnickers and busy road.

      There are no plans to have jet skis at the location and kayaking and paddle boarding are no more intrusive than swimming and snorkeling, which already happens at the beach.

      I’m sure that the staff will do their best to clean up in the areas that they can but they shouldn’t be responsible for the whole beach. Would you expect them to clean up all of the trash left by people who attend a cricket game on the field too? I feel like you’re looking for reasons to disapprove of a venture that should be largely positive for the location and the neighbourhood.

    • What?? says:

      What raging parties. The place will close at 10pm? Why wouldn’t a restaurant on the beach not keep the area clean. They are trying to attract customers. No jet skis are proposed. Please explain how kayaks, paddle boards or snorkelers are bad for the environment?

  30. Ormaybethere says:

    I was away the other weekend. Did anyone see many of the multitude of vocal Shelly Bay Beach leave-it-as-it-is supporters listed above at the KBB cleanup that Saturday? Just asking.
    I understand that there were dozens of trash bags left for collection afterwards, filled with what had been found in the bushes presumably by the many who use the beach and playground and picnic area.

    Although a few say that it’s just the parking they are upset about we know that most people just don’t want to see any development of the site. Sorry people, no job vacancies for Bermudians there. Best ask the parish MPs if they can help you.

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