12 Videos: MPs On Referendum, Crime & More

February 18, 2016

A number of local politicians recently touched on an array of issues facing Bermuda, with Bernews catching up with Premier Michael Dunkley, MP Sylvan Richards, MP Walter Roban, Minister Craig Cannonier, MP Dennis Lister, MP Wayne Furbert, MP Jamahl Simmons, MP Walton Brown, and MP David Burt at the House of Assembly.

The topics discussed outside the House of Assembly on Friday included same sex marriage, crime statistics, Black Watch Pass, Spanish Point boat slip access, the SCORE report, immigration, visitor arrivals, and airport development finances.

MP Sylvan Richards On Same Sex Marriage

Premier On MP Sylvan Richards Private Bill

Premier Michael Dunkley On Crime Statistics

MP Walter Roban On Crime Statistics

Minister Cannonier On Black Watch Pass

MP Lister On Black Watch Pass

Education Minister Wayne Scott On SCORE Report

Minister Cannonier On Spanish Point Boat Slip

MP Furbert On Human Rights Amendment

MP Simmons On Visitor Arrivals

MP Walton Brown On Immigration

MP David Burt On Airport Development Finances

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  1. Trisha says:

    If expats are needed to be brought to create jobs for Bermudians, OBA tell us what are those work permit positions. What type of jobs Bermudians will be giving. We don’ t just say this will happen, we need to be especific so the public get to understand your ideas.

    • Daylilly says:

      It would be great to see the specifics and research for many of the decisions from both parties. People really, really want a government willing to put democracy to work, let the people’s concerns be heard and respected. People have felt patronized and disenfranchised.

  2. Daylilly says:

    Please truly consider the rights of your youngest, yet voiceless constituents; the children who will inherit the Bermuda we leave behind. Will they be too undereducated and unqualified to live in the Bermuda you wish to create. We have imported a work force for many, many years, it would be great to know the positions that are least often filled by Bermudians so that we can at least try to groom our students to meet those needs.

    Will Bermuda’s history and traditional values matter or will money and political correctness rob Bermuda of her greatest strength of being another world. We can only be Bermuda, why be a cheap imitation of anyplace else in the world.

    See “what gay marriage did to Massachusetts” on you tube. http://youtu.be/EZX55HUPFSU I could barely watch it without crying.

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