Video: Car Gets Stuck On Severely Flooded Road

June 15, 2012

[Updated] Coworkers Adam and Thomas decided to have some fun this morning [June 15] and attempted to drive a car through the flooded Bakery Lane area in Pembroke.

It appears they outfitted the soon-to-be trashed car with rubber hoses on the muffler and coming out of the engine compartment. The attempt looked like it was doomed when the car floated, and although the engine was running, the wheels lost traction.

As one drove, the other jumped on the bonnett to try and weigh the car down to gain wheel traction. It was too late. The car stopped mid-water less than 50 feet from the end. The friends came prepared with a boat bumper just in case it was needed.

Heavy “tank rain” fell over the island, causing flooding in many locations including Dundonald Street, Woodlawn Rd, Palmetto Road, Roberts Avenue, Bakery Lane, Bernards Parks and more.

Earlier in the morning, locals had taken to another method of transportation on this same road, with two people seen paddling a boat along a Bakery Road [photos supplied, view video of the rowboat action here].

The Bermuda Weather Service issued a Thunderstorm Advisory for this morning, with their forecast saying today will be “rather unsettled” with plenty of cloud and patchy rain or showers. Some of the showers are likely to be heavy with the risk of thunder and gusty winds, they said.

Update 12.08pm: Bermuda Weather Service meteorologist Michelle T. Pitcher said, “Since about 4 am when this area of continuous rain has started until about 12 noon, we have received 2.49″ of precipitation. This is not an unusual amount when you consider the weather features that have and are currently passing through the area.

“There is a surface low pressure center that is slowly moving from our near west to our near south. The proximity of the low has placed our area under a triple point, which is the point that a cold front, warm front, and occluded front meet.

“Doing a quick look back in the climatology, the last time we had over 2″ of precipitation in one day was October 4th, 2011 and that was 2.05″. As far as comparing this year’s rainfall over other years, you can look on our climatology page and compare this year’s total rain fall with the normal year to date’s rainfall for that answer.

“Remember that Bermuda is relatively small compared to the weather systems that move through the North Atlantic. The heaviest rain and most unsettled conditions do not always pass directly over the Island or through our marine area. Today we just happen to be in the right location for the heaviest rain to pass over us while the active thunderstorms remained about 75 miles to our south.”

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  1. Lets Hope says:

    Well they will be paying a lot of money for a little fun!

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Nah, hey used your car!!

    • Judgement says:

      Did you just look at the pictures and not read or can you read?

  2. WinterSun says:

    BERNEWS, please send this video to AFV (America’s Funniest Videos)! We are falling off laughing! The best!

  3. Baileys bay says:

    wonder what their insurer will think of this?

    • KMFL says:

      It appears they outfitted the SOON – TO – BE – TRASHED car

    • Judgement says:

      Did you just look at the pictures and not read ar can you read at all?

  4. Not Again! says:

    OMG I love it……about time something in the news made me laugh!!! Well done guys.

  5. SMDH!!!!!!!!!!!! says:


    • Family Man says:

      Argus motor claims dept. is not going to be happy

      • Judgement says:

        Did you read the story? Or can you read?


      ^? smdh at you…weird person…maybe they wanted to have fun? obviously the car isn’t of any worry.

  6. Guy Carri says:

    LOL! Funny stuff! Good job. Wish I could have been in the car.
    Should make it a big event. Have cars at the ready for heavy rainfall days. See who can make it across.

    The car is already cut in half heading to the dump. Good way to say goodbye to the car.

  7. GolfNutz says:

    This is funny. Im mad the guy whipped out the boat bumper like his tying up out paradise lakes.

  8. Warwick says:

    Hilarious! At least SOMEONE is having fun in all this rain!

  9. Man in the Mirror says:

    If you look closely the roof of the car has been cut in half, meaning this car was destined for the dump.

  10. terry says:

    Now thats some funny sheet.
    I think these guys need a medal for bringing laughter to s sombre Bermuda>

  11. Alpha says:

    Well Done Tank!

  12. Fun says:

    If you look closely the roof has been cut…therefore, it is going to the dump. So no insurance worries or car worries – all in good fun!!!!

  13. smh says:

    Common sense is not always so common!

  14. Flower86 says:

    Oh come on. These are professional mechanics just having some fun. Wish I was one of them, beats looking at these 4 walls.

  15. jusayin says:

    this is hilarious! i needed this laugh! good job guys!

  16. mangrove tree says:

    and the engine oil, fuel,antifreeze , battery acid ect is going to go where?

    • knowing says:

      In your yard where your kids play. Hope you’ve taught them to play well in the mud and dirt and give that immune system all the practice that God gave it to fend off such things! Antibodies are a wonderful thing if used from childhood! Nice fun guys!

  17. Observer says:

    can people not read – “they outfitted the soon-to-be trashed car” ????????????????

    It was getting dumped anyway people!!!!

    • Judgement says:

      Exactly! They either can’t read or are just one of the many who are quick to talk and comment

  18. shade tree mechenic says:

    mangrove tree……..and any environmentalists …. Engine oil , fuel , antifreeze , battery acid are still in the car . we too car about the enviroment . hope you caught some tank rain . relax

  19. confused says:

    Love It! Some harmless fun, really made my day. Next raft up out the lakes, keep ya eyes open for a corolla station wagon. Those guys know how to have fun. Good on ya Tank!

    • J Ewart says:

      As Ads mum just back in uk from visit to BDA I had to laugh at their antics. Great to make people smile and brighten the day. Glad we missed the floods though get plenty of them here in sunny UK!!! Keep those tanks filled up and enjoy the next downpour with perhaps a raft race? Mumx

  20. Look at the roof says:

    It is a cut car people, look at the roof. It was going to the dump any way, it is going to go there sooner lol.