Police Respond To Altercation Involving Students

March 7, 2016

[Updated] Police can be seen in the Devonshire area this afternoon [March 7], responding to what they said was a “large group of students fighting” using “helmets, sticks and rocks.”


Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said, “A few mins after 3.30pm, police responded to reports of a disturbance that took place in the area of Palmetto Road and Dock Hill.

“Early reports suggest that an altercation took place between students from two different schools. Upon police arrival, most the students dispersed in the area and police are now liasing with the relevant school authorities to address the situation.”

Update 5.21pm: The police said, “At 3:49pm on Monday March 7th police received a report of a large group of students fighting in the area of the round-a-bout of Palmetto Rd and Dock Hill Devonshire. The fight involved combatants using helmets, sticks and rocks.

“Upon police arrival the students dispersed in the area and the identity of those involved are unknown at this point. Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone with any information to contact police on 2950011.

Update 10.09pm: As is becoming a somewhat regular occurrence, a video showing the altercation is now making the rounds. The video shows a large group of students fighting, as well as some watching.

There is some profanity, and at some point they are standing in the road by the round-a-bout at the top of Dock Hill where they appear to be impeding traffic, with some commuters apparently honking their horns at them.

A couple of them are using some form of stick to hit someone else, and at least one bystander can be seen laughing, and some of the students do appear to be trying to walk away from the fight.

We asked the police for comment on the video, and Mr Caines said, “The images of school children fighting in the street today can only be described as very disturbing footage.

“Both schools are aware of the incident, and teachers and faculty members immediately took action to deal with the situation. Over the next few days, school officials and the Bermuda Police Service will be working in tandem to deal with the situation.

“As per usual, we are requesting that right minded individuals do not pass on the footage,” added Mr Caines.

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  1. Awake says:

    When will we see updated reports from the BPS where the PARENTS are forced to get involved, especially when the little trouble-makers are caught? I guess it’s only a dream…..

    • parent says:

      Parents are at work at 330 in the afternoon… And I am sick of the first thing people want to say is where are the parents… I have seen come from good homes with parents that correct them and they still have these issues… So go kick rocks

      • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

        Instead of kicking rocks what about kicking these punks azzez!
        If they come from good homes it’s all the more reason to reprimand them…

        • KarmaGotEm says:

          I predicted about 25 years ago when all of the bright highly educated numbnuts started returning home with their pieces of papers in hand known as Masters Degrees in Psychology, that our island was going to go to he** in a basket just like America. All this foolishness saying giving your kids some good old fashioned seat warming makes them murders, thieves and drug addicts! Please give me a major break. I am not talking abuse, I’m talking warm your seat good! Children live what they learn. If they learn as early as a toddler that I am in charge because no one can show me there is unpleasant punishment when I choose to misbehave an act like a wild animal in the woods. Then I will take charge from as early as a toddler acting the fool. For the one millionth time, yes I said one millionth if children are not taught to respect their parents and know there will be he** to pay if they don’t, how in heaven do you expect them to go out into the big wide public and respect strangers? The sad part is most of the people who were snatching kids from parents when parents were doling out good old fashioned punishment, have now been made redundant from those highly paid positions or have thrown most of those unruly kids back at feet of the same parents because Govt can no longer afford to clean up the mess they helped to create. I am a parent and a grandparent and my kids know, the suffering I have done financially I don’t care how old you are, up until today if you act ignorant, I’ll show you real ignorance. A female coworker of my son said to me last week, your son is so pleasant, respectful and well mannered. I said to her with my son standing there, he is my only son and he knows if he isn’t I’ll put his lights out myself. Then I turned to him and said isn’t that right. He said yes momma. I said right! And my son is in his 30s. People we get what we give, we have chosen to give our children free reign because of text book psycho babble. The good old book tells us spare the rod spoil the child! And as Malcolm said the chickens have come home to roost! So who do we blame? We can’t blame the children and in most instances we can’t blame the parents who are knocking their own heads up against the wall. So I say this to the Govt and the bright educated people with the letters behind their names. It’s all yours you earned it now fix it!

      • Verly says:

        Parent, you are 100% spot on. Why are people so quick to blame the parents? I suppose this comes from people with no children, or the fools that believe their children act like perfect angels when out of their sight. Most parents do the right thing when notified that their children did wrong.

        • AbbyG says:

          “Most” parents. This is a serious issue in Bermuda and happens often (when the masses of school children are in Town after school). I have seen them running people out of stores, fighting, knocking people down, clogging up the side walk not letting people pass, being generally loud and obnoxious, rude. People blame the parents because these children have no discipline! Dicipline is learned firstly at home, then school or extra activities. What is wrong with them that they are beating someone with sticks? These kids run their houses with no respect OR consequence for their actions.

          But they will continue to be menaces to society because they feel consequences do not apply to them. “I’m Special”

          • LOLOLOLOLOLOL says:

            To be honest, no matter what form of discipline a parent or teacher instill on any child, at the end of the day they will do whatever it is they choose to. No amount of discipline can change that.

            However, the light at the end of the tunnel suggests that these children and some adults are having their feelings and overall life performance affected and adjusted by the media. More specifically, television and radio are the major developers of a lot of peoples actions these days. Ranging from bad language to treatment of others to disorderly conduct. Imagine this scenario as an example (one of many I’m afraid), you have a 3 year old who just happens to mock the movements and sing the latest lyrics to your latest trap music song or even Rihanna or Beyoncé music. Some of the lyrics and movements are provocative. What do most mothers and fathers inclusive of their friends (this relates to teachers and even those on government) say once seeing such a sight???? Oh how cute they look or that’s hilarious or even he/she nailed it! This is proven through the videos these people record with their phones of the incidents. Do you see the problem??

            Our community no longer cares and no longer wants to take responsibility for raising any and all children. I am a firm believer that it takes a village to raise a child and unfortunately we as Bermuda are failing our children collectively. From the antics and display that our government officials (both parties) show us openly and publically to the rude and disrespectful neighbor/cashier/bus driver/teacher/parent and just plain old regular person on the side of the street.

            Yes discipline is learned at home first, but once out those house doors, the WOLRD has a the majority of the influence on how that child is raised externally. And that is something we ALL must share in. Final point, this fight is a result of what we all are allowing the children of this country to experience on a day to day basis; even if you have no children and think this doesn’t apply to you, it does so think about the next time your blasting that explicit music from your car or cursing like a sailor in public or even being rude to someone for whatever reason.

            Just think!!

            • AbbyG says:

              Oh please. I grew up with the phones and the media and the rap songs! But my parents actually mentored me, cared. Unlike so so so many parents here. Discipline was the leather belt(Dad) or a wooden spoon(Mom) and let me tell you Mom was the way to go! Even my mother saying “Wait till dad gets home” was enough to straighten my self and my two siblings out. Because at the end of the day it was not worth it. Parental house arrest, electronics being taking, car/bike being taken. Or best yet is re police/legal trouble “You’ve got more time than I got money”.

              THIS is how your children LEARN to be responsible and that their are consequences for their actions. Now I am not saying you need to beat your kids, but parent your &^%$ing children! You child is not your friend and it is your responsibility as a parent to raise that tiny person to be a productive member of society.

              OR just use birth control!

    • Nana Gordon says:

      Ok, let’s blame the parents for everything that their children do wrong. Let us start by blaming the parents of those two and their sexcapade at Cupmatch!

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    And the point of all of this was????

  3. DJ says:

    When someone says ‘where are the parents’ they may mean ‘are the parents involved in these kids lives’. Far too often I see kids around their parents one way and then out and about another way. Most people say ‘oh no…no my kid’ or I will bust my kids @$$’ when crap like this happens. The truth is, the ones that say not my kid are the ones who MAY not be involved as much in their kids lives as they should. And the ones who say they will bust their kids a$$ are the ones who MAY not be setting a good example for their kids. I’m not saying everyone is like this, but honestly…where are the parents? These kids go to 1 of 2 high schools and they can’t get along, they can’t walk away, or better yet, they can’t choose a different way to go about it? Yes, you can teach your kid the right way, and they may still Make bad decisions, but they should be finding ways to correct those bad decisions…make things right. The person that they fight today, maybe the person interviewing them for a job tomorrow.

    • Jody says:

      Parents busted my a$$ and I turned out alright! Never been in a fight in my entire life.

      • DJ says:

        I understand what ur saying…I got lots of lix, with belts, switches, shoes….when I say bust @$$ I actually meant punches, kicks. For me there is a difference. Ijs

  4. mmm says:

    Yes parents are at work at 3:30. This not the first time that students from different schools have engaged in fighting, taking pictures on their cell-phones of fights and sent it viral. There is a growing trend for more and more violence among people, and its across all age groups. I recall when the police where attending school after school disturbance, Warwick Sec.,Berkely, Cedarbridge, Whitney, city bus terminal, Queen St..and was constant. Moving away from the violence..when are the leaders going to ens-ure a higher presence of uniformed police on foot on our streets, and I really mean on foot. Can the police walk from the Rubber Tree to the PHC gas along foot paths toward Cedar Hill and Purvis School, other areas like Central School up towards 42nd thru Robert,s Avenue, other areas can be Flatt,s Village—Crawl—Devil,s Hole, Pink Beach –Collector,s Hill Gas Station to North Rock. Sell some of those GP vehicles and use the money to fund community policing. Open our schools evenings in various communities for health clinics, legal clinics, job counselling…and of course seminars for our children.

    • Davie Kerr says:

      I agree with you in theory, but, with the Government cutting back on the Police budget (again!), and the Commissioner having to reduce numbers (which automatically means less Police on the streets), I don’t really think that one can blame the Police here: I think ultimately it does come down to parenting. Let’s face it, SOMEbody has to shout the first insult, or swing the first punch, or throw the first rock, or whatever, so that would indicate to me that SOMEbody’s parents (or, in all too many instances, parent) aren’t doing a good enough job of bringing up his/her/their child in an acceptable manner.

  5. 270 says:

    Gang violence is taking ova it’s d life we living in

    • DJ says:

      As well as territorial bullying. Bermda does have a problem…how can people not see that. Fights used to happen in town 25 odd years ago, we had police presence….the difference is, back then everyone was pretty much cool afterwards. Now days it seems like revenge has the best of kids…and social media I’d the fuel.

    • Tiger Lily says:

      Simple to the point and the truth – these children grew up in the height of the early days of our established gangs as we know of them today. Some of them aspired to be greater than the gang leaders of the past who have been shot dead, injured for life, imprisoned or relocated outside of Bermuda. Thanks for the best comment that I read so far.

  6. whatwillittake says:

    I n the age of worldstar and tmz what do you expect?

  7. lj says:

    There was no st Georges bus to pick up cedarbridge students today.They all had to walk over to north Shore to catch bus. This might have caused the problem.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      So, they had to walk a short distance to get a bus.

      How could that possibly be a reason for a brawl?

      • Verly says:

        Triangle Drifter, you are so removed from reality it isn’t even funny. There are certain groups within the high schools that clash. If the Cedarbridge students didn’t get on the bus and walked to the north shore, then obviously they crossed paths with students from the other school. While normally they might have avoided each other, being thrown together sparked something. Maybe this is humorous to you, or you’re just playing dull, but this shows we have some serious social issues going on if kids can’t just pass each other peacefully.

      • IJS says:

        Because the boys wait for them to walk off the hill when they know it’s no bus….it’s been going on for sometime. I know the
        whole story.

    • Discern says:

      These children are engaging in these activities everyday. Fighting, smoking illegal substances and even drinking alcohol, before and after school. Their language is out of control. Cursing and bullying each other around. They walk thru private property and destroy people’s belonings and feel no way about it. Lots of parents don’t know how their children act out side of their homes and when you tell them about it, they are in disbelief. Not my child!

      • Unreal says:

        Because the parents do not care. For whatever reason, a child to a lot of people in Bermuda is an accessory (like a new bag) eventually they don’t care any more and children trying to beat each other with sticks is the result.

        Parent your children or DO NOT HAVE ANY. Birth control is cheap!

      • DJ says:

        Exactly…. I’ve experienced first hand… Again, they say…not my child.

  8. What a shame!! Which of those kids will become a lawyer, doctor, dentist, teacher or a leader of this country and which ones will go through revolving doors at westgate, the prison farm and at the coed? At one time it took a village to raise a child but now it takes a bunch of rude disrespectful unruly children to make u not want to be a part of the village to raise the child. Many faces were clearly seen in the various clips. The police, trachers n orincipals should go look for them n take their butss to nonsuch island! Tjis fighting has gone on far far far to long. Its now male and female and they are younger n younger. Just a matter of time before the tiny tots start grabbing at each other because they see their bigger brother n sister doing it. Its going to ne the norm in the household. Thos3 unruly children would be graduating from high school soon, someone will r3cognise their names on scholarshop forms,someone will recognise the fsces when they go for job interviews and some will be noticed sitting on a wall begging….its all about choices u make. Young people i implore you to walk away from trouble, its the worst kind of entertainment you can get involved in or watch. Remember by beholding you become changed! Sear God olease have mercy on our young people and save them from self inflicted destruction!

  9. Star says:

    It’s sad to see the younger generation taking after the older generation with all this violence. You can’t always blame the parents, yes some parents bring their children up right, and some don’t, but I truly feel this is on the child now. A lot of teens feel the need to follow others or join a “clique” to feel protected. All the violence in Bermuda started from high school. From fights, to weapons, and now, sadly to say, gun violence. I hope something can be done about the situation. In the meantime I’ll be praying real hard for my island.

    • ? says:

      Why don’t you starting mentoring some of these children? Instead of you know …. praying. Be active!

  10. Oh,I see now says:

    Some of these kids are the result of children having children and it continues just look at the faces of today’s pregnant moms.

  11. Dread says:

    Island is f@#%!d

  12. their parents are responsible for their actions till eighteen…or issit twenty one?

    arrest their parents…these are the ones ultimitly responsible for this behavior….

    see if this doesn’t correct the issue!

    • Jr. says:

      Legal adult at 18.

    • Ash says:

      Pretty sure you’re responsible for you’re own actions by the time you’re 13 at least.

  13. Light em up says:

    Yup as usual calls for where are the Police. Had the Police shown up and tasered some of these children acting like animals, the same people would be complaining about the Police. I can say after watching the video of this incident, if I were a Police Officer confronted by this scene I would have been lighting them up.

    • Jr. says:

      The mere presence of police does not deter this type of behavior.

  14. MyOpinion says:

    Okay let’s be real! When people are asking “Where’s the parents?” You know full well it’s a question of are they in their lives, disciplining them! For the most part, most parents are or should be at work when these occurrences happen! And also, we need to stop saying THE PARENTS all the time! They play a factor but kids still are pressured or wanna follow their friends! I was raised in a home with both of my parents, Christians, and didn’t condoned fighting yet I still went to school, did my work, and fought! I didn’t fight because of gang related issues or anything, I fought to protect myself and stand up for myself! That may not be the intention of these kids fighting but it’s not always solely the background of kids having their parents and discipline!

  15. Educated says:

    The teachers can identify these students. Arrest them with handcuffs, charge them with public indecency/assault/fighting/obstructing traffic…..SOMETHING!!(yes these may sound quasi ridiculous, but they must be taught that their actions have reactions and they can’t just do what they want and think it is okay) Have them spend the night in prison, make them do xhours of community service; clean up these roads, volunteer at some of these charities like Meals on Wheels. We have to DO SOMETHING to help these kids realize that they have potential to be productive citizens that can make a difference. Policing should not be limited to finding criminals and catching speeders, it takes a village. We all have to play our part in ensuring this younger generation exudes the basic fundamentals of coexisting: respect, compassion and empathy!

  16. jai says:

    2 way gang

  17. Lynn says:

    They should’ve lefted all the Secondary Schools. It would’nt be like this today if we still had them.

  18. Kai says:

    If you didn’t know it is all gang related. So oviously the fact that the east bus didn’t come for them, they had to walk off the hill. Now they are in another gangs territory so if that gang spots them its oviously a problem. They are all beefing so you can’t really say it’s always the parents. Some times they don’t even know what their children are in now days. A lot of them fighting, where brought up right, they just choose to follow the wrong company. It is not always the parents because I guarantee you some got cut a***** when they got home. STOP TRYING TO BLAME THE PARENTS. Not all could handle their children. But most can!

  19. Jus' Askin' says:

    ” How the Seniors are Treated and the Youth Behave” :-(

  20. Mike says:

    Their parents were too busy marching.

  21. FYI says:

    Show me your child and I’ll tell you who YOU(parent)are, how they’re raised and your expectations of them. Kids learn by the examples their parents and close relatives set before them. LEARNED BEHAVIOR FOR MANY OF THE UNRULY STUDENTS.

    It would be interesting to know how these kids are performing in school?

  22. stop trying…to blame the parents???????

    they…the parents…are legally responsible for their actions till eighteen!!!!!!!!

    charge the parents with the child’s crime…..it is clearly collusion at this point!!!!!!!

    this is a crime…and it has to stop….this is clear and UN refuttable law!!!!!!

  23. discression is a lack of evidence….or was CCTV availed…if not OK… but do press charges if film is eviditiary.

  24. lol ..are you brain damaged?

    a child does not choose what to do without consequence to him or herself …and their respective parents….their scools should expel them as well..