‘Hospitality Month’ To Conclude With Celebration

April 26, 2016

Hospitality Month‘ in Bermuda is set to conclude with a celebration, with a number of businesses and people to take part and the public at large invited to do the same.

The celebration aims to take note of the island’s “interconnection, including family, neighbours, fellow employees, international business and visitors.”

Glenn Fubler from Imagine Bermuda said, “”As we conclude ‘Hospitality Month,’ we are tempted to think only in terms of our Visitor Industry. However, upon reflection, it is evident that ‘hospitality’ is key for sustainable human civilization, strengthening connections across communities. Abraham’s iconic role in the 3 major Faiths began with extending hospitality to strangers – confirming connection.

“Growing up in North Village in the 1950’s, I experienced a sense of connection, when neighbours who didn’t have much, readily shared with each other – borrowing cups of sugar even when no one was at home.

“That spirit of hospitality obviously empowered neighbourhood entrepreneur, Olive Trott; whose small wooden restaurant, over the years, hosted a number of noted international personalities, including Muhammad Ali.

“We are concluding Hospitality Month by celebrating this interconnection, including family, neighbours, fellow employees, international business and visitors. This observance addresses the universal context that hospitality has in society; nurturing connections, strengthening our community’s fabric. In light of this we are encouraging residents to reach out during this week and mindfully connect with at least one other person.

“Options for those joining the celebration, or variations on this theme, include reaching out to extended family members who you haven’t seen for a while and invite them for a meal; doing a brown-bag in the park with someone from your job, who you don’t know that well; inviting a neighbour to your home for supper; approaching a person who comes from a background that is different from yours, to dialogue over coffee, tea or soft drink; plan to have a meal with someone with whom you have some disagreement. The goal is not to address the disagreement, but to get to know each other better.

“While these opportunities could be taken anytime this coming week; we have stakeholders collaborating by providing free soft drinks with the meal for you and your ‘guest’ on Thoughtful Thursday -28/4/16- between noon and 2 pm.

“These include the restaurants Chopsticks, Flanigan’s, L’Oriental, Outback Sports Bar, Port of Call, Robin Hood Pub, Rosa’s and the Spot. Let your waiter know that you are celebrating Hospitality.

“The Chewstick Foundation is also collaborating by offering their new location at 81 Front Street to you and your guest, for some space and a free soft beverage for that same period on Thursday.

“As we build momentum for this Celebration, there are people already committed to the spirit of the campaign: The list includes, amongst others, Tina Duke – Principal of Dellwood joining Ted Staunton – Principal of Saltus – for lunch; Mayor Gosling hosting a student from the Adult Education School; Stephen Coddington – President of North Village C.C. will lunch with Miguel Pereria – President of Vasco Club; Chairman of the PLP – Maynard Dill will lunch with Chairperson of the OBA – Lynne Woolridge; and Minister of Education Wayne Scott will lunch with the President of the BUT – Shannon James.”

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