Police Continue Investigation Into Armed Robbery

April 29, 2016

The police continue to investigate the armed robbery that took place yesterday at the Gem Cellar in Hamilton, and have appealed for anyone with any information about the crime to please contact the police or Crimestoppers.

A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service has commenced and active investigation into the armed robbery that took place yesterday [Thursday] at the Gem Cellar at approximately 11:25am.

“The BPS released a CCTV image of two males, between 5’11 and 6’2 both individuals are of a slim to medium build, with one of the suspects wearing a red jacket “Slam” Jacket with dark coloured pants and white sneakers.

CCTV image of the suspects released by the police:


“The other suspect was wearing dark clothing and black sneakers. Police are interested in speaking with anyone who may have seen these 2 males on a motorcycle after the armed robbery in the area of Rosemont Avenue and Serpentine Road in Pembroke at around 11:30-11:40am.

“We are also interested in communicating with anyone who may have any knowledge of the planning, execution and the activities after the robbery was concluded.

“Someone in our community has information, and that information can make a difference no matter how insignificant that information may seem to you.

“We need for people to be bold and make contact with Sergeant Renay Rock at 247 1383 or Inspector Colin King 717-2273 or alternatively you can call the independent and confidential Crimestoppers hotline at 800-8477.”

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  1. Legalgal says:

    So they know what items of jewelry were stolen. Should be easy to pick up on unless it’s shipped overseas fro resale.

    These criminals did not just steal jewelry they are stealing Bermuda reputation as a safe place. In Noard daylight. For the tourists to see.

    Let’s shop them before the shop us.

    • As posted below by “$$$$$$$” where he/she stated, “Post a $10,000:00″ I believe even a decent reward and someone who can prove beyond a shadow of doubt who the two are will turn them in…

  2. franklin says:

    smdh was probably heading to mount hill area… maybe they should put out a clip or something.. people might be able to identify the person/persons way that they walk

  3. serioulsy..... says:

    someone knows who these two are, someone purchased whatever they stole.
    Those people are half of the problem.

  4. $$$$$$$ says:

    I bet you if the Government post a $10,000+ reward someone would turn them in. Dam they might even snitch on each other.

  5. Gem says:

    Same build and same cloths as the guy who ran away from the accident in Dockyard on Wednesday outside of Oleander rentals. Red jacket black pants. Same build. Could just be coincidence. Dockyard hit and run 12.30pm Wednesday

  6. Y-Gurl says:

    Check cash for gold before they fedex it off the island!

  7. RealDeal says:

    ohk here is what i am confused about. if there is so call CCTV in town. why is it that the police can’t look at all the CCTV cameras in town. obviously they had to ride through town at some point. so my advice would be look out for someone in a ride jacket on a bike towing the person thats in the black jacket. im pretty sure they will find something. at least the bike or even the license plate. so does CCTV even work in hamilton or is it just another scam to make people think it is.there is no way they can ride through town and avoid all the cameras.