Legislation Aims To Strengthen Patient Protection

June 26, 2016

The Bermuda Health Council announced the tabling of legislation by the Minister of Health and Seniors, which they said “seeks to strengthen patient protection by bringing into effect Section 13 of the Bermuda Health Council Act 2004, governing the regulation of healthcare businesses.”

“Section 13 of the Bermuda Health Council Act 2004 provides authority for the Council to license health service providers. It is being proposed to bring Section 13 into effect and create the required Regulations to control the entry of high risk health technology, and monitor financially-vested referrals [including self referrals],” the Council said.

“In Bermuda, there are approximately 334 health service providers and some 2,470 registered health professionals who will all be contacted by the Council to ensure that:

  • Health Service Providers and their equipment meet specific safety and operational standards
  • The people delivering healthcare services are registered and appropriately trained to perform the services they deliver
  • Any high risk health technology especially medical equipment is monitored and permission sought for its entry into the health system
  • There are appropriate controls for Health Service Providers who refer people to a service in which they have a financial interest

“The Council has been monitoring the performance of the island’s health professionals since 2013. The new legislation is a further step in its strategic plan to enhance quality care across the island. In the coming months the Council will ensure professional inspectors monitor facilities and recommend improvements as required.”

Chief Executive Officer of the Bermuda Health Council, Tawanna Wedderburn added: “By enhancing the quality of healthcare in Bermuda we are protecting the patient, and the reputation of health service providers.

“This legislation will support patients in making educated decisions about where they receive care. It will assist the Council with better health system planning by knowing what care is available and working well. It will also give us an opportunity to improve patient protection against avoidable harm by sharing better information about health services.”

Minister of Health and Seniors, Jeanne Atherden commented: “Based on our findings, we know that the majority of Bermuda’s healthcare facilities are run effectively and efficiently and that the services provided meet best practice standards.

“This new legislation which has been Tabled in the House of Assembly, will further protect patient safety and ensure that there is a consistent, high quality experience for patients island-wide.”

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  1. I would see insurance for legal representation for consumers advocacy…and liability compensation for malpractice , Also…general public have family doctors with knowledge of theirs patient medical history and or pre existing conditions.
    For the interest of the patients’ expeditious correct treatment and recovery…family practitioners…must be able to practice at “our” hospital!