Scaur Hill Community Donate $540 To Charity

June 17, 2016

Earlier this year, the Scaur Hill Community held its 15th annual Scaur Charity Soup Tasting Party, with the $540 raised by the event for Age Concern delivered on Thursday, June 9.

A spokesperson said, “During this very social event the 42 socializers from Dockyard to St. George’s ate a variety of soups, desserts, and beverages from around Bermuda and the world.

“While the social was going on, the socializers and later other donors generously dipped into their pockets and gave donations to the charity Age Concern that amounted to $540. This was given to them on Thursday, June 9 at Age Concern’s office on Point Finger Road.”

Scaur Hill Community Hosts Soup Tasting Party

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  1. PBanks says:

    Brilliant. Well done Scaur Hill!

    • ROGER LAMBERT says:

      THANK YOU PBANKS. I hope this community way of “Getting Together & Giving” spreads even more than it has.

  2. ROGER LAMBERT says: