White Hill Field Community Clean Up On Feb 6

February 5, 2016

There will be a community cleanup at White Hill Field on Saturday, February 6 from 10.00am to 2.00pm, with area MP Jamahl Simmons urging the public to support work in “very important part of our area.”

MP Simmons said, “This is a non-political event; this is a community event, driven by the community, that we in the Progressive Labour Party South Branch are throwing our support behind 100 percent.

White Hill Field Community Clean Up Bermuda Feb 4 2016 2

“The White Hill Field and the White Hill Community is a very, very important part of our area. It is a piece of our history with very strong ties to our people, and we very much value the work that’s being done to bring it up to a very high standard of level.”

Audio of MP Jamahl Simmons speaking about the cleanup effort:

“We look forward to everyone coming out and supporting this event.”

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  1. Public says:

    Please take some weed killer to spray on all the wall flowers that sit out there drinking their rum every day. That should help clean that place up.

    • Just J says:

      Lol i like that one…. Are you going to be in attendance to help clean up?

    • I heart 441 says:

      Most of them hardly bother anyone, however yes then can socialize somewhere not visible to the public, but its been a hang out spot for years. Since white hills club has been knocked down, anti-social behavior in that area has decreased by 75%. With this cleanup, it will beautify the area.