Crown & Anchor Lessons At Harbour Nights

July 27, 2016

With the Cup Match holiday festivities commencing tomorrow, Harbour Nights is doing its part to educate tourists and residents on how to play the popular game of Crown and Anchor.

This evening, Destination Bermuda will be stationed in front of Butterfield Bank on Front Street and using “Monopoly-style” money will demonstrate the ins and outs of the traditional Cup Match board game.

“Crown and Anchor is a dice game which originated in the 18th century and was traditionally played by sailors in the Royal Navy, British Merchants and fishing fleets,” a spokesperson said.

“The annual Cup Match cricket game, which is held on Emancipation Day and Somers’ Day, is the most popular venue for the game to be played in Bermuda.

“The Chamber has also invited past Cup Match players from both Somerset and St. George’s to make an appearance at Harbour Nights in full regalia. Locals and visitors can meet with their favourite Cup Match Hero, take photos, or just chat about the game and its importance to Bermuda’s History and Culture.”

Kendaree Burgess, Executive Director of Bermuda Chamber of Commerce said, “This game of Crown and Anchor is as much a part of Cup Match as cricket, and knowing the rules of play will put you in better standing.

“Every year the Chamber looks to improve on the entertainment and this is just another activity we feel will engage both locals and tourists. Having past players in attendance is our way of making the visible connection.”

“Be sure to come out to Harbour Nights this week to learn all you can about how to play the game, so you can better you chances at the real thing this holiday!”


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  1. Imagine that says:

    That’s why the games not in Vegas. Worst odds ever. Wonder which PRO will be teaching people how to lose there money in this so called recesition.