Photos: Hayward’s Liquor Now Open In Warwick

July 11, 2016

The Phoenix Stores has added Hayward’s Liquor Store to its group, saying that “when the opportunity presented itself, we immediately jumped at the prospect of investing in this location.”

Located in the Hayward’s Building at 49 Middle Road in Warwick, Hayward’s Liquor Store has reclaimed its name, undergone extensive renovations and now offers top selling brands of beer, wine and spirits.

Hayward’s Liquor Store officially opened on Friday and will celebrate its grand opening on July 15th, with special deals just in time for Cup Match festivities. Operating hours are 9am – 9pm, Monday – Saturday and 9am – 6pm on Sundays.

George Grundmuller, President and CEO of The Phoenix Stores, says; “When the opportunity presented itself, we immediately jumped at the prospect of investing in this location.


“Our experience in retail and established relationships with vendors on and off island has allowed us to quickly transform the site and create a stronger and more capable retail operation offering the most sought-after brands in market.

“In addition to creating employment opportunities for a fantastic team of locals, we’ve devoted a considerable amount of resources to ensure the safety of employees and consumers in the area and pride ourselves in presenting Bermuda’s newest discount liquor store with the best pricing on-island.”

General Manager of Hayward’s Liquor Store Steven Perry commented; “Hayward’s Liquor Store has full-time security staff and a TIPS certified sales team.

“We have received a warm welcome from patrons thus far, are well aware of our accountability as good citizens of the community and look forward to meeting consumer expectations.”

The telephone number for Hayward’s Liquor Store has not changed – 236-8610. For further details pertaining to special offers, follow Hayward’s Liquor Store on Facebook or @haywards_bda on Instagram and Twitter.

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  1. Hurricane says:

    This is great; just what we need there, a place to pick up our alcohol supplies and cigarettes

    • Looks more like an upscale wine cellar. I guess selling fire water is more important and profitable then having a pharmacy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Justice says:

    There is a Liquor store on the premises already. Why take away from the small business man. They could have opened a bigger Pharmacy and closed down the one in Paget. SMH

    • Happy says:

      Look at the pictures, that is the same liquor store.

      • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

        People are just dopey…same liquor store…just finally up scaled. ..and the pharmacy is opening next door…I hate the fact that once again big corporate has aquired a small man’s business but hey…when you have the capital at your fingertips…what can I say…The small man fell down.

        • Curious says:

          And when the small man is continually pushed out of business you end up with no choice, so you pay whatever they say you pay.. Part of the plan to keep us intoxicated and poor. Take money from kids mouths and increase the alcoholism rate. These men need jobs and skills training not more alcohol. 5 alcohol stores stores within a mile and not one construction company hiring my brothas

    • ron,b says:

      didn’t you know that in mostly black areas, they put the most liquor stores, that should be common knowledge by now

  3. Let's be real says:

    The Phoenix group must not know how hard it is to live in warwick or Southampton or Sandys and have to travel sooo far for a pharmacy.. But liquor stores are everywhere in those parishes

    • Rose says:

      I thought the pharmacy part was going in the grocery part but it was still to open. Then that keeps the booze part separate so they can stay open a bit longer.

    • FYI says:

      There is a pharmacy at Lindo’s in Warwick

    • Enforcer says:

      Pharmacy is coming in next phase.

    • whatwillittake says:

      There are more Liquor stores in predominately black neighborhoods than in others. The world’s worst and most deadly LEGAL drug. SMH

    • There is a pharmacy at the Lindo’s grocery in Warwick, having a pharmacy at this location or the old White’s Supermart (Price Right),near Riddles Bay would have been ideal for all who live in the west end.

      In as much that they have put another Liquor store, I will just say that I am glad that they kept the name Hayward’s, as it is very meaningful to so many who lived through that era, and it keep’s alive the living memory of those whom we loved and lost and those among us that are still alive to remember exactly what I am saying.

      Mr. Roger Redman, Bernie, Mr. Hayward and the list goes on but I single these three, because they have such fond memories in the heart of those of us who really come from Warwick and the surrounding area’s.

      Hayward’s was always a place that was known for a family variety and connected to the community in ways that many of Today just won’t understand, hopefully by the Phoenix stores keeping the name and legacy alive, the success will be that the community will gain from their success in other areas throughout the community as a whole.

      • Hurricane says:

        Sounds like this guy would have been ok with a brothel there as long as they called it’ Hayward’s…….SMH

  4. M says:

    Could someone explain… thee was a small liquor store next to that location… Is that still there?

    • ? says:

      The new shop appears to be in the old shop’s location judging by the picture

      • Rose says:

        Correct it’s the same location but a different owner.

    • I heart 441 says:

      It closed down 4 years ago.

      • Family Man says:

        And the amount of litter across the street has decreased substantially in that time. Coincidence?

      • Rose says:

        Was just a couple of months ago.

      • Bee says:

        Haywards liquor store closed 4yrs ago but the last store was under Hunts

  5. Gids says:

    Hope they will not be selling singles as this was the cause of all those wineo loitering and harrassing customers.

    • Guy Smiley says:

      Fat chance. Grocery stores can’t sell singles. Liquor stores can. This is a liquor store.
      Side note: I agree with you.

    • Rose says:

      There is security at this new location.

  6. Rosie says:

    Curious as to the comments in regards to the Pharmacy…..Was that just a rumor(because we know how they can be) or was it a DEFINITE that there would be a Pharmacy there and the deal fell through…..

  7. Wow says:

    Whew good thing because I was starting to wonder where all the local alcoholics were going to get their fix! Just what we needed, another liquor store. They should also sell bandages, coffins and life insurance too. Save time.

  8. Country says:

    One thing they always know where to stick a liquor store. I give it 2 weeks before the usual suspects sit out there all day long. Being a perfect darn nuisance.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      Well apparently you ain’t from country…that liquor store been there probably longer than you have been alive…

  9. Serp Perp says:

    ok for those that may not know …..there IS a pharmacy in Warwick lol it’s located at LINDOS

  10. Are you kidding me? says:

    Congratulations to you all and all the very best..
    I truly think it is a good location and a ,good choice of business ..just hope the price for the beer will remain the same as it was or is at the PHOENIX IN TOWN..

  11. John R says:

    The liquor store is located in the same area that Hunts was operating their liquor business. They closed earlier this year if I recall, both the liquor store and supermarket/ food court. And for all those diehard complainers about retail business in the area, I was told that Phoenix is building the largest Pharmacy,and food court in Bermuda in the Supermarket space next door. Why not look at how many BermudIans will be hired for these three new retail operations under one roof.

  12. Common cent$ says:

    Was nice not having to dodge the boozers going to work pass this place. Now we gotta watch out again. Was also nice not getting solicitated for cash while getting gas across the street.