Wakely Wins Wildlife Photographer Of Year Award

December 16, 2016

Warwick Academy student Zebedee Wakely has won the RSPCA Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award in the  12-15 year age group, with his impressive image of an Ornate Ghost Pipe fish garnering the prestigious award at a ceremony held today at the Tower of London in the UK.

Zebedee Wakely winning photo Bermuda Dec 16 2016

In describing the award winning photo, the RSPCA website said, “A fantastically ornate ghost pipefish on the island of Bohol, Philippines. These fish are rare, and they love to hide. This one only came into view as the surge swayed the white anemone that it was sheltering under.

“The contrast between the fish and the anemone is spectacular, yet despite this the fish is cleverly camouflaged, quietly pretending to be soft coral polyps, thereby protecting itself from predators.”

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  1. Family Man says:

    Amazing photo. How do you even see something like that?

  2. jiggs bda says:

    Well done Zebedee that’s a brilliant capture

  3. TimBuc says:

    Many thanks for my new screen saver :)

  4. Sage says:


  5. Cahow says:

    Amazing photograph! Well done

  6. Hope says:

    Amazing!!! Someone should hold a wildlife photography competition in Bermuda!