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December 7, 2016

Berkeley Institute recently held its Special Cups and Awards Prizegiving Ceremony, with a long list of students being highlighted for their achievements in categories including Academic and Character.

In the Academic category, winners included:

Most Outstanding Student

  • S1 – Jordyn Richardson
  • S2 – Jay-Quan Dill
  • S3 –Lauren Genevieve

Zeita Renee Matthew Memorial Plaque [Mathematics]

  • S1 – Jordyn Richardson

IGCSE Mathematics Award

  • Jordyn Richardson – B
  • Jalen Wales – B

IGCSE Cambridge English Literature Award

  • George Frost – A
  • Kaila Harvey – A
  • Candace’ Paynter – A
  • Judea Tucker – A

Edexcel International GCSE English Literature Award

  • Hydia Scott-Riley – B

IGCSE English Award Language

  • Sierra Brangman – A
  • Isaiah Camara – A
  • Jay-Quan Dill – A
  • Kalae Fox – A
  • Andreia Goncalves – A
  • Kyesja Jones – A
  • Zahkari Minors – A
  • Daniel Payne – A
  • Busayo Salawu – A
  • Jeremiah Samuels – A
  • D’Hstiny Seaman – A
  • Jyotsna Sureshkumar – A
  • Alexis Tessitore – A*
  • Sophia Tessitore – A
  • Dejae’ Trott – A
  • Amirh Wade – A

GCSE Art & Design Award

  • Samai Seon – B

GCSE Dance

  • J’auna James – B

GCSE Music

  • Tionae Bean – A
  • Gia Brooks – A

Senior Year Music Award

  • S3 – Leslie Tucker


  • S2 – Alia Pavy

GCSE Physical Education Award

  • Jay-Quan Dill – B
  • Sakari Famous – B
  • Zahra Wilson – B

IGCSE Biology Award

  • Jay-Quan Dill – A

IGCSE Chemistry Award

  • Jay-Quan Dill – A*

IGCSE Physics Award

  • Khaleel Daley – A
  • Keirra Winn – A

IGCSE – ICT Award [Information & Communications Technology]

  • Kaila Harvey – B
  • Casey Hardtman- B

IGCSE – Business & Economics Award

  • Asia Atienza – B
  • Jordan Carlington – B

GCSE Spanish Award

  • Jay-Quan Dill – A*
  • Emilia Stowe – A*
  • Razario Zavaletta Abanto – A*
  • Gabriel Curiel-Jaquez – A
  • Nicole Dominguez – A

GCSE French Award

  • Taj Donville-Outerbridge – B

Edexcel International GCSE Geography Award

  • Jay-Quan Dill – A

AP – French Language and Culture

  • Lauren Genevieve – 4
  • Stephane Nkeuleu – 4

AP – Calculus

  • Jaelyn Lee – 3
  • Jay-Quan Dill – 4

AP– English Language and Composition

  • Enaharo Holdipp – 3

AP – English Literature and Composition

  • Lauren Genevieve – 5

AS Art & Design Award

  • Jean Pierre Lucas – C

Functional Academic Award – English

  • Keziah Bean-Fostin

Functional Academic Award – Mathematics

  • Henry Bovell

Dr. Clifford Maxwell Award for Excellence in Mathematics

“Dr. Clifford Maxwell became Mathematics Master of The Berkeley Institute in 1968. As he progressed through the ranks as Deputy Principal and then Principal from 1972-1991, he retained his passion for the subject and continued to teach and tutor students. The Clifford Maxwell award recognizes the senior student who excels in Advanced Level Mathematics Courses, and who demonstrates the passion and flair for the subject that Dr. Maxwell held so dear.”

  • S2 – Jay-Quan Dill

In the Citizenship category, winners included:

Citizenship Award [donated by Joshua Richardson]

“Awarded to a student who participates in school and/or community service; shows a positive attitude toward classmates, school, and community; displays an understanding and appreciation of civic responsibility; possesses strength of character and the courage to do what is right; and promotes citizenship with their school or community through other activities.”

  • S1 – Dennikia Lambert
  • S2 – Yasser Baia
  • S3 – Larussy Romero

Kathleen Faries Award for Community Service [Donated by Kathleen Faries]

  • S1 – Sancho Jackson for completing 540 hours of selfless service to the community during the 2015-16 Academic Year. A donation of $500 in the name of this award will be made to The Bermuda Cricket Board of Control.

Faculty Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Classroom

  • S1 – Jordyn Richardson, Seon Tatem
  • S2 –Tae-Eja Bean, Taj Donville-Outerbridge
  • S3 – Jenna Carlington, Jecoa Thomas

School Spirit Award

“Awarded to individuals who enthusiastically and positively demonstrates and participates in promoting school spirit; attends, participates, and is involved in various extracurricular and school wide events; honours our Code of Conduct through his/her actions.”

  • S1 – Rakeysha Robinson
  • S2 – Mical Hardtman
  • S3 – Stephan Dill

Nurse Rachael Andrade Award for School Spirit

“Rachel Andrade, known affectionately by all as Nurse Rachel, was assigned as our school nurse in 2006 and she served here until her untimely death in 2012. Her compassion, kindness, humour and her warmth endeared her to both students and faculty. This award, named in her honour, recognizes the student who embodies the kindness, caring, thoughtfulness and school spirit of Nurse Rachel. The recipient of this award is:

  • S4 – Tiara DeRosa

In the Character category, winners included:

Award for Deportment

“Awarded to a student who is polite, helpful, friendly and immaculately dressed in school uniform.”

  • S1 – Neshae Scott, Cairi Albuoy
  • S2 – Isaiah Camara, Sakari Famous
  • S3 – Andira Crichlow , Marley Saggar

Award for Personal Achievement

  • S1 – Keziah Bean-Fostin
  • S2 – Kuiana Daniels
  • S3 – Stephan Dill

Award for Leadership

  • S1 – Dennikia Lambert, Zeico Swan
  • S2 – Tea-Eja Bean, Yasser Baia
  • S3 – Sage Jackson, Vance Wall-Brown

Award for Marked Improvement

“Awarded to a student who has made a significant personal improvement in his/her academic school record
and/or; showed excellent progress in his/her social behavior, ie. cooperation with teachers and students, completion of homework, general attitude, etc.”

  • S1 – Tiara Fisher, Dimitrius Richardson
  • S2 – Shequilla Young, Ade Butterfield
  • S3 – Jada Samuels, Asante Darrell

Grace Joell Memorial Trophy for Deportment

“This award is presented to the S1 female student who has represented herself well both in deportment and in her interactions within the school community. She epitomises the ideal Berkeley Institute female student, is poised, courteous, helpful and a true ambassador of the school.”

  • S1- Jordyn Richardson

Dr. Earl Seaton Memorial Award – “Gentleman and a Scholar Award”

“This award is presented to the S1 male student who most demonstrates the characteristics of a gentleman and a scholar.”

  • S1 – Jeremiah Samuels

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