Quinton Sherlock: ‘Excellence & Leadership’

April 26, 2018

In celebration of the school’s 120th anniversary, the Berkeley Institute Anniversary Celebration Committee is shining a spotlight on its alumni, with the fourteenth profile highlighting Quinton Sherlock, Class of 1996, Gold House.


What does it mean to you to be a Berkeleyite?

It means to be a part of a legacy of excellence and leadership in Bermuda.

What was your fondest memory of your time at The Berkeley Institute?

My fondest memory at The Berkeley was being a part of “The Oz” performance. I was the Tin Man. We sold out every night.

What made The Berkeley special to you?

What made The Berkeley special to me was its reputation as a school of excellence. Wearing the uniform came with certain expectations. In addition, my sisters attended so getting to continue a family tradition meant a lot to me.

How have you applied the motto “Respice Finem” to your life?

This motto “Respice Finem” meaning to “keep the end in view” has helped me through good and bad times. Reflecting on it helps me to stay grounded and focused, on the good days and on the tough days.

How did your time at Berkeley aid in your decision for your career path?

During my time at Berkeley I find we were groomed to be leaders and to take action. Critical thinking was encouraged and service was honoured. I have chosen a path of service, which I attribute in part to my time at The Berkeley.

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What advice would you give to current Berkeley students and other young people?

I would advise them to put their best foot forward in all they do. Today, they lay the foundation on which they will stand tomorrow, so they should make it solid.

What do you do for a living? How did The Berkeley prepare you for this?

I am co-founder and Executive Director for an NGO in Ghana. The Berkeley prepared me by helping to nurture my leadership and critical thinking skills.

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

My favorite teacher was Mr. Robert Edwards. He related to us and inspired us. He was the type of teacher who would have fun with you but also hold you to a level of accountability when the situation called for it.

How have/in what ways have Berkeley alumni helped to shape Bermuda?

I think that if you look around in Government, the Civil Service, the private sector, the clergy etc. you will find Berkeley alumni.


“From the onset Berkeley has been a beacon for the minds of tomorrow,” Berkeley’s 120th Anniversary Celebration Committee noted.

“The green and gold family is steeped in tradition and culture in academic excellence, Berkeleyites have made and continue to make profound and valuable contributions to Bermuda and the world.

“The Berkeley Institute wants to recognize the exciting and innovative things our alumni are doing, here in Bermuda and around the globe.

“Berkeleyites compromise all walks of life and careers from academia and athletes, to banker and business owners, educators and engineers, politicians and preachers, dancers and doctors to homemakers and hoteliers.

“We are recreational athletes to athletes on the world stage. Classroom debaters to barristers, boardroom strategies to Cabinet Ministers.”

And as part of the celebration of Berkeley’s 120th anniversary, alumni of the school are being featured on Bernews, and you can read a profile on the Wade Family here, Chris Famous here, Margaret Edwena Smith here, Dominique Richardson here, Patricia Gordon-Pamplin here, Juan Philip Wolffe here, Florenz Webbe Maxwell here, Garon Wilkinson here, Candace Furbert here, Shernette Wolffe here, Scott Wade here, Mustafa Manders Ingham here, and Kristin White here.

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  1. Awesome
    A young Bermudian who has utilized his
    talents on a Global level.
    Roots and Culture
    Bless up.

  2. SMH says:

    Thank you OBA for producing this bright young bermudian.

    Too bad OJ would never say this….being such a disgusting … he is, while on the plp pay role. LOL@OJ