Horseshoe Bay Work Project Is 21% Complete

February 20, 2017

The work taking place at Horseshoe Bay is 21% complete as of February 15th, Public Works Minister Craig Cannonier said, with the Minister replying to Parliamentary Questions from Shadow Minister of Public Works Dennis Lister

The work at Horseshoe Bay Beach is scheduled to include the construction of a new timber pedestrian boardwalk; the repositioning of existing asphalt roadway; new bus, shuttle/mini-bus & taxi drop-off zones and car & bike parking; the removal of invasive species of plants & trees and more.

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The Parliamentary Question said, “Would the Honourable Minister please update this Honourable House as to the progress of the development work that is taking place at Horseshoe Bay?”

The Minister’s reply said, “As of Thursday February 15th, the project is 21% complete and ahead of schedule – noting the following tasks that have been completed:

  • Gate, Fencing and construction signs erected. MPW has placed detour signs, public notices were sent out to the Public, and BTA via Newspaper & Government portal website
  • The existing plants between the existing two parking lots have been relocated to a storage facility to be cared for until replanting
  • 5 feet of the rock cliff along the northern side of roadway has been excavated to adjust the roadway
  • The existing asphalt and sidewalk have been removed from the bottom parking area and the lower excavation is near completion.
  • All the new precast kerbs have been placed along the new southern side of the roadway
  • The construction of the seating wall next to the pedestrian beach access has commenced, and all blockwork has been completed
  • Locations for view corridor have been reviewed and adjusted. Upper viewing station will become the larger of the two. Vegetation has been cleared to provide astonishing beach views.
  • Design for adding a potable water line from South Road all the way down to the beach building tank has been approved and incorporated into the construction schedule

“Tasks scheduled for this week are:

  • Site is currently being regraded to raise lower parking lot area, and lower upper parking lot area to the elevation at the hotel gate driveway
  • Swales along southern side roadway are being constructed
  • Completing the construction of the seat wall
  • Start construction on Catch basins

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Comments (24)

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  1. Ya and T.N.Tatem was supposed to be ready 2 weeks ago.

  2. Comfortably nub says:

    Why, oh why, was this not subcontracted out to a private firm so there would be a faint chance of completion before the cruise ships arrive? Works and Engineering are right up there with the Census people and the Post Office when it comes to getting anything done in a reasonable time frame. Could have used the guys who opened up Devon Springs Road in record time.

    • SO Far SO good says:

      I understand that SOMERS Construction is handling.. along with A1 Fencing and likely others when it comes to final landscape.

    • Funny how after working 400 years with no pay we are now considered useless.

      • Point boy says:

        Onion Juice. Your talking out of both sides again.

        Unionized workers here have more benefits than anywhere else.

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    Gotta ask, who is doing the work?

    • Somers Construction is doing de work, does that change your trend of thought.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Would have fallen out of my chair if it was W&E & they were anywhere near ontime. This yet another example of why the work of the Dept of W&E should be privatised.

  4. Gant Chart says:

    Show me the Gant Chart or are these alternative facts?

  5. Terry says:

    The more things change; the more they stay the same.

    60 years ago it was the same except when certain people did certain jobs.

    It still takes 8 guys and a concrete mixer and 7 shovels and a hoe to lean on and finish a 3′ section of wall in 8 hours.

    It still take two others to cut and trim and cleanup 1/4 mile of bushes……………………………….

    The more…………………………..

    • Like it took our Sports Minister to spend over $40,000 to see de Olympics, and it wasnt even Carnival time yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Earth watch police says:

        Juice way cheaper than the 1 million that we gave to beyonce for a half an hour show .

  6. Say Whaat? says:

    Where are ….. all of the trees gone? Our poor beach.

    • Terry says:

      Yoo goin Horesshoo Bay or Barnard Pahark dood………………………………
      F(*&*^% complaine…..

  7. Point boy says:

    Just get it done.

    If it’s Somers.. I have no doubt, that the job Will be done on time. They don’t play.

    I wouldn’t work for them either. Lol

  8. Onionlife says:

    It is good that a detailed update was given so we can follow the progress. Look forward with my family to the end result. Then I will do my share in spreading news of the good beach experience at Horseshoe Bay when I visit other countries.

  9. Comfortably numb says:

    I retract my statement if Somers are on the job: however, anyone who watched the excruciatingly slow pace of work on the Great Wall of Warwick or the one opposite Waterlot will be glad W&E are not on this time sensitive job.

  10. just wondering says:

    I understand this is supposed to be completed by the 1st May – there is still a deafening silence (unless I missed it) on why this project was not started in November of last year – as it is cruise ship passengers arriving in april are going to be disappointed

  11. Rasta says:

    You sure it is 21% completed and not 22% completed?