Court: Motorcyclist Was “Airborne” During Chase

March 14, 2017

Appearing in Magistrates Court, a 39-year-old man was fined $3,450 for a slew of charges that resulted from him leading police on a chase while riding a motorcycle, with the Court hearing he was “airborne” during the chase.

Damonte DaCosta pleaded guilty to multiple charges and pleaded not guilty to one. The Crown’s evidence was that DaCosta, riding a motorcycle, led police on a chase, with the road chase beginning on Luke’s Pond Road on March 4th.

With their body cameras and sirens switched on, police chased DaCosta onto Middle Road, up to Evans Bay Road, over Somerset Bridge where the Court heard he went “airborne”, with the chase continuing on, and the Court hearing that DaCosta caused several other vehicles to swerve in order to avoid collision.

The vehicle chase ended, however then DaCosta attempted to run away on foot, but was caught by police. On the police questioning DaCosta, his only reply was “Lawyer.”

Given the opportunity to explain his actions in Court today, DaCosta told Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo that, for him, the night had been an unusual night, and would not be repeated.

The Magistrate fined DaCosta a total of $3,450 for the offences which included driving dangerously; failing to stop for police; failing to give his name; having no driver’s license; riding an unlicensed cycle; having no third party insurance; and refusing to take a breath test.

DaCosta was also given an eighteen month and twelve month disqualification from all vehicles. The Magistrate ordered that these were to run concurrently.

DaCosta pleaded not guilty to having a prohibited weapon in his possession, and was given a trial date in April for this charge.

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