Rick Olson Apologizes For ‘Insensitive Post’

April 13, 2017

After a comment and link he posted drew outrage on social media, businessman Rick Olson apologized to “all Bermudians for the insensitive post,” saying “this situation will not reoccur.”‘

The original comment he posted appeared to link to a Wikipedia page titled “Hanged, drawn and quartered,” with the photo from the Wikipedia page also showing on his post, with Mr Olson captioning it: “This might be a deterrent for blocking Parliament?”.

The comment was deleted by the administrator of the group where it was originally posted, however screenshots were reposted on social media and the matter also made the rounds on WhatsApp, with Mr Olson’s comment being heavily criticized by many people.

In a post last night, also on social media, Mr Olson said, “I would like to sincerely apologize to all Bermudians for the insensitive post in this page yesterday. I certainly meant no harm and feel especially bad for my staff, family and business partners who are all exceptional individuals.

“I fully understand the social /political precarious situation and now realize my sarcastic personality is not welcome. This situation will not reoccur, lesson learned, and again sorry for my insulting post, it certainly wasn’t intended that way.”

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  1. San George says:

    No worries Olson, we don’t have racist anymore, but somehow we still have racist attitudes that reinforce institutional and economic racism. The people in court were charged on Monday for exercising their right to assemble and bring you their money on Tuesday. It’s the money that matters, Right! Atta boy Rick.

    • Yup yup says:

      Pretty sure they’re not in court for ‘exercising their right to assemble’. They’re in court for attempting to subvert democracy by trying to block the operation of one of the pillars of democracy, parliament, for their own political purposes.

      The right to protest in a peaceful, law abiding manner is clear and important. As is the importance of not obstructing the process of democracy. Both are critically important to the operation of a free and fair democracy.

  2. #NotBuyingIt says:

    Mr. Olson I do not except your lame apology. What you had previously posted is what you truly feel. Too much of people in your position (business owners) who feel the can say what they will then offer an apology without explaining why such disgust rest in your hearts and minds.

    Also this is the man the OBA tendered one of our most popular beaches because he…….. for the way they want to go. Rescind his contract and give it to someone more opened-minded!!!

    Shameful, hateful and unworthy of one penny of my hard earned money. Reconsider where you spend your money folks!!!

    • Noise says:


      • FoolsDie4LackofWisdom says:

        Who cares at least you knew what was meant!!!

    • Johnny Cakes says:

      Rick clearly posted an insensitive picture and has apologized. He has also said it will never happen again. What would it take to satisfy you? This is a genuine question. Will you be holding this grudge forever or just a week? Will you be boycotting his Businesses? The only people this will hurt are the 100% Bermudian staff he employs.

      Many people don’t apologize at all. At least Rick did.

      • Laugh says:

        He does not have 100% Bermudian staff!!

        This isnt the first time he’s posted insensitve stuff on social media!!

      • Linds says:

        Accepting an apology doesn’t mean you should forget the bad behaviour. Mr.Olson before apologizing today doubled down saying it’s “just social media”.

        Why is apologizing now? Because he is sincerely sorry or because he is worried about his bottom line?

      • OBA supporter not sure If I'm voting says:

        He was pressured what choice did he have. I will never eat their again. I refuse to support a man who thinks like this about people of any race. We have so many other places to eat in this beautiful city and Island to satisfy my taste buds. This is the thinking of many people in both parties and it needs serious attention if we are going to work together.

      • FoolsDie4LackofWisdom says:

        Get Real!!!

        Mr Olson’s disrespectful comment was what was SINCERE!!!!

    • bdaboy says:

      “Mr. Olson I do not except your lame apology. ”

      At least he has the balls to apologise….when have the BIU/PLP ever apologised for their willful destruction of the island?

  3. Jr Smith says:

    #boycott their businesses

  4. sweet black says:

    Mr. Olson I can not speak for the rest of my island but I DO NOT in any form except your apology. What u posted and your comments after the post was very insensitive and disrespectful to all people. I personally was not out there on Dec 2 but I had some family members out there and they did not deserve to see this hateful and hurtful picture u posted about the situation on that day. I suggest u really sit and think about your comments u made because the very same people u have disrespected with this hateful post and comments are the very same people that put money in your pocket by coming to your establishments. I don’t think your picture was in any way funny. how would like it if someone puts u up there and do the very same thing to u on the picture u posted.

  5. Bermuda Boy says:

    Rick, I am sure you are now sorry for your comments, your MEA CULPA is now coming from a place of pain (your family, your friends, staff and Business Partners are now all being personally affected by your comments. I believe this is a teachable moment. You have learned that you cannot derive pleasure ( saying my comments were a joke) out of pain. The pain in these circumstances is years of inequitable treatment at the hands of the white oligarchy. You made light of the December 2nd protest that now sees several people facing charges in the Supreme Court that includes potential prison time. You did not consider the repercussions. You should have known that as a business owner, you have made a considerable fortune from the black working man and woman, who were at the epicenter of the December protest. Your comments evidenced your white privilege and arrogance. You are now being held accountable (boycotts and a besmirched reputation) for your actions. This is a lesson to us all. we must work to build bridges of harmony and balance. Your comments were polarizing. The community must now work towards true reconciliation. Rick- you have shown us that we must do better.

  6. Sickofantz says:

    What mr Olsen posted was deeply offensive and mind blowingly childish. The OBA need to stand up and tell Bermuda that they find this type of attitude and activity abhorrent and it does not reflect their beliefs. If this Olsen is a member of the OBA they would do well to expel him immediately.

    • Nanny Pat says:

      And if he’s a member of the PLP?

      • JAWS says:

        For your information he is or was on the IMMIGRATION BOARD. I wonder if they had him vetted. Which Minister in the OBA selected Mr. Olsen as a member?

        He’s not a member of the PLP so don’t try all the BS you write.

      • bdaboy says:

        “And if he’s a member of the PLP?”

        They’ll knight him

  7. FoolsDie4LackofWisdom says:

    Nanny Pat, the Doc called today your mess are ready for pick up girl

  8. Oh,I see now says:

    “I fully understand the social /political precarious situation and now realize my sarcastic personality is not welcome. This situation will not reoccur, lesson learned, and again sorry for my insulting post, it certainly wasn’t intended that way.”
    Rick Olson…

    If you fully understood before hand then why do it,the only thing you’re actually sorry for is being called on it.Even if ,”it certainly wasn’t intended that way” it was done in incredibly bad taste.Ive said it a hundred times now I’ll make it a hundred and one,still waters run deep in this little paradise.