Big Chill Band Won’t Perform At Olson Business

May 3, 2017

[Written by Don Burgess]

Due to the offensive comments written by business owner Rick Olson on social media, the Big Chill band has decided to pull out of its contract.

The band — whose members include Kassie Caines, Tony Brannon, and Felix Tod — cancelled a regular Thursday night gig at Mr. Olson’s new business, the Rum Bum Beach Bar at Horseshoe Bay.

Big Chill 1

Mr. Olson sparked outrage when he made a Facebook post that linked to a Wikipedia page titled ‘Hanged, drawn and quartered’ with the photo from the Wikipedia page also showing on his post, with Mr. Olson captioning it: “This might be a deterrent for blocking Parliament?” Most of the protestors at the December 2 event were black.

The post was quickly taken down by the administrator for the page, but not before screenshots were taken and reposted elsewhere on Facebook and on WhatsApp, with Mr. Olson’s comment being heavily criticized by people.

So much so, a Facebook page was established titled ‘Boycott Establishments Associated with Rick Olson,‘ which now has nearly 1,700 members.

Both Premier Michael Dunkley and the Opposition Party PLP roundly criticised Mr. Olson.

Mr. Olson apologized to “all Bermudians for the insensitive post saying ‘this situation will not reoccur.”

Mr. Olson told Bernews he was “very disappointed for my staff and customers” that the Big Chill will not be performing throughout the summer, adding “we, however, are moving forward in an effort to showcase our tourism product.”

Ms. Caines, the band’s lead singer, said this was a unanimous decision by the band.

“We really didn’t want our brand to be associated with the post that Rick made. Personally, as both a millennial and a young black woman, it was jarring to see the post and read the reactions.

She added people are now appreciating how social media is being used as a tool to share thoughts, feelings and experiences.

“As a millennial, when I read your post, I interpret that as your worldview so when I saw what Rick Olson posted it revealed a lot to me as to where his thought process is. I couldn’t be associated with someone who had that kind of values. It was really offensive.”

Ms. Caines’ family heritage includes PLP stalwart Dame Lois Browne-Evans, who championed black rights in Bermuda, and she said,“The freedoms that the December 2nd protesters were trying to exercise and that he says they should be hung, drawn and basically mutilated…was too revealing to me. I don’t know if he wants to admit race was behind it, but I feel race was behind it.”

She said the Big Chill is the only job she has but Ms. Caines would rather stand on principle and lose an every Thursday night gig than work for Mr. Olson or to help promote his business.

“To me this is a no-brainer and it’s not worth it,” Ms. Caines added.

Mr. Brannon said he has been in Mr. Olson’s shoes and made a remark that he, to this day, regrets.

“But this was the right decision for the band to pull out,” he said. “As Tony Brannon, a person who stands for marriage equality and equal rights, to go ahead and play for somebody who said something like that, I couldn’t do it. We all need to be racially sensitive.”

“I just couldn’t go down and play for Rick. I don’t want to put more nails in Rick’s hands but there are consequences for what he said.”

He said that will cost them a night’s worth all summer long but the principle of pulling out is greater. Mr. Brannon said “Principle over profit” is now his guiding motto. “It’s a tough decision because it’s costing the whole band work but his comments really, really bugged me.”

Mr. Tod said: “I was disappointed by the comments and saddened by them.”

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  1. JAMES says:


    • Time Shall Tell says:

      Yes, really.

      • A lesson to all you racist who own a buisness, keep your thoughts in your circles and to yourself.

        • Passa Doe Bley? says:

          Onion Juice, I agree. However, many of us have problem with this one sided fight against Racism. Many people on the other side have openly made some very vile and hate filled statements against women, homosexuals, and anyone that “didn’t look like them”! THey have made some racist comments as well, but you look the other way. There were pictures taken at one of the PEOPLES CAMPAIGN marches and posted on various news and social media outlets of a woman standing next to PLP ministers, Rev Tweed, Chris Furbert and others, while holding a sign with a very offensive message about “the white disease”. These sop called leaders and fighters against racism ALL pretended not to have seen it and ignored it. Mr. Magoo could have seen her placard! We are not stupid and we know that these so called leaders aren’t either. But instead of doing the right thing, they looked away. I guess they wouldn’t want to offend a supporter.

          I have to problem with people picketing and boycotting, as long as we all play by the same rules.

          Where were the calls for a boycott, for her to be fired.

          • Joe Bloggs says:

            “this one sided fight against Racism”

            Which “one side” do you mean? What “other side” do you mean?

            I accept that there are still people in Bermuda who are racist, and that occurs in the black community, the white community, the Portuguese community, the local community and the ex pat community.

            There should only be one side in the fight against racism. Us, you and me and all other like minded people.

        • Brain Brain says:

          you are a moron, nothing but a moron. that man is not a racist and his comment was not racist, his comment said nothing about skin colour, so grow some brain cells first BUDDY

    • ella says:

      YES – REALLY!!!!

  2. Warlord says:

    They are overrated anyway.Rick will find someone better.

    • Dreamcatcher says:

      You’re part of the problem. Claim your privilege.

    • Uptop says:

      Lol – overrated by who!?

    • But the Government STILL would not revoke his contract at Horseshoe Bay, speaks volume.

      • Hmmm says:

        you can’t just “revoke” a contract without some payout.. My guess is that Government would have to pay for all of the upgrades made to the property.. plus any other costs for early termination.

        what gets me about this is that some years ago a PLP supporter posted a similar cartoon with OBA ministers as the “subjects” and everyone who is up-in-arms now took that as a joke. Double standards???

      • Onion says:

        It’s very different for a band to refuse to play vs. pulling out of a legal contract involving large sums of money and investment.

        • Point boy says:

          The club had a contract, so this play should be interesting to watch.

          @the Big Chill. I can definitely understand your standards. But if there can be a (peace-resolution)!

          Your a great dj and I enjoy your slots. Saying that, I think by boycotting the Rum Bar at Horseshoe Bay will have an negative effect on the thousands of people looking for fun.

          You are very versatile. I’m hoping that with a discussion and a path forward. We can move on, onwards and upwards!

      • Point boy says:

        He keeps it, because he knows how to entertain! Not to mention Cater to the masses off the ships.

        The Big Chill is good. No doubt. But he isn’t the only D’j out there.

    • Navin Johnson says:

      Good for them..Olson has not properly made amends for his comments and he should pay the price until he does….Flanagan’s is a much better option

    • Rhonda says:

      Give Trump back his handle..

    • rock says:

      i totally agree. Rick will find someone better to play. hope all other businesses do not hire them either. stand unemployed. keep with your morals. this good excuse to brink in a foreign

    • eyeswideshut says:

      I see you missed the point and I don’t think you will ever get it at least they have the balls to stand up for whats right and fight races people like yourself.

  3. Jrsmith says:

    I have never seen the Big Chill perform , but this summer I will be going out of my way to watch them perform.

    • tired of this crap says:

      Well done Big chill, I’ll see you somewhere ELSE this summer!

      • Whimsical says:

        YUP!!!!!….Something bigger AND better will fall in their lap….

    • Know it All says:

      Good for you. Are you also aware that Mr Brannon has said disparaging things to say about Black Bermudians and Tourism in 2007? Specifically that “Black Bermudians Killed Tourism”, but he glosses over in the article above? So its fine to support one but not the other? Okkkkk, makes sense now – not really.

  4. swing voter says:

    morals before dollars. the world would be a better place if more people, groups, organizations make decisions like this trio. For others that don’t understand the decision….I hope you awaken before its too late for all of us.

    • Know it All says:

      Are you also aware that Mr Brannon has said disparaging things to say about Black Bermudians and Tourism in 2007? Specifically that “Black Bermudians Killed Tourism”, but he glosses over in the article above? So its fine to support one but not the other? Okkkkk, makes sense now….

    • I heart 441 says:


    • A double minded man is unstable in ALL his ways.

  5. Hmmmm says:

    I respect that.

  6. wahoo says:

    Good grief!

  7. mark says:

    who cares?

    • PBanks says:

      41 comments and counting, including yours. So at least a few people are interested.

  8. BermudaGuy says:

    Having worked for and with Mr Olsen in the past I can say I am glad he is getting all this negative attention. The amount of times I was embarrassed for his comments are too many. Rick is tactless and… on so many levels.. And his establishments reflect the same, from fights at the Beach… Great look for Bermuda!

  9. Misplaced says:

    So from now on, I am assuming the Big Chill will do their research on the owners of all the venues they play at? Isn’t Elbow Beach owned by a Saudi royal family member? Are you going to stop playing there after conducting an investigation into any potential ties to human rights violations in SA? Where do your principles start and end Mr. Brannon?

    • Uhhh says:

      How bout you do the research and present it to the band.

        • hmm says:

          They play for the restaurant company which isn’t the hotel. As the saying goes, a coin has two sides. Lots of Locals work for Rick, not so many for the restaurants of that other group.

          • Misplaced says:

            haha injustice anywhere isn’t injustice here, I get it.

            • hmm says:

              that wasn’y my point, but you don’t care about that. Onyour point, where do you want to stop? Do you turn over averything you buy to make sure it isn’t from a country with horific human rights violations or child labour? They have made a decision and it would seem you are judging them for it. If you don’t like it, don’t go see them. On Olsen, he was a muppet for not thinking how his comment would be interparted and the direction it could be taken, regardless of what he intended.

              • We might as well get Reperations for Slavery and Segregation.

                • wahoo says:

                  Then what would you have to bitch about?

                  • Attitude Of Gratitude says:

                    Oh, there will always be something for OJ to b**ch about! You can count on that!

                • Lualaba says:

                  So you want a handout?

                • Cathy says:


  10. BDA girl says:


  11. Applause says:

    Let’s all find the Big Chill work for Thursday nights folks! I applaud their integrity and stance….they’ve done the right thing to forge better relationships in Bermuda and to stand up for what is right….I wish we all did this…. now let’s assist them in finding Thursday night work…..

    • Say Whaat says:


    • Know it All says:

      “Mr. Brannon said he has been in Mr. Olson’s shoes and made a remark that he, to this day, regrets.”

      Assume that the comment Mr Brannon is refering to is that “Black Bermudians Killed Tourism” (c.2007)….

      So you are saying that you don’t support one person, when the other admits they have said comments that have put them in Rick’s shoes…hmmm….double standards at play.

      • There is a contrast between Black Bermudians blamed for killing tourism compared to Black Bermudians being “Drawn, Hanged and Quartered.
        But Tony is still an @$$.

        • wahoo says:

          I do not think RO mentioned black people. I am not a fan of his and I do not go to the beach (never did). I am also not a fan of yours.

        • Up D Hill says:

          How bout that Airport OJ !!! WHHHOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  12. Disappointment says:

    The comment made was not nice, insensitive and downright wrong. Do we as a society not forgive? Social media is both a boon to our daily lives and also a curse as what is said is there for all to see.

    Do we not have the opportunity to apologise and make amends, however that may be or look like?

    I do not condone what was posted by Mr. Olson but if we are no longer to forgive and move forward then where do we end up?

    • Say Whaat says:

      Why is it that only a certain segment of people are asked to forgive? And guess what? It is very possible to forgive and not be friends again, or in this case, patronize the establishment.

      People have forgiven, but we have learned our lesson, as this was not the first time Olson had said something terrible on facebook. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

      So all the best to Olson, just not with my money.

    • Quinton Berkley Butterfield says:

      Forgiveness is earned. Olson is not sorry for what he did, only that it is getting so much attention. He has no empathy for other’s he sees as below him or underprivileged. You can hear these sentiments in every word he says to the media. So, no, he gets no forgiveness until he learns why what he said was insensitive and how it hurts others. Apologies without action are worthless.

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        Respect is earned, forgiveness if given. Hence for-give-ness.

        I do not mean to suggest that anyone in Bermuda (or anywhere else) needs to forgive Rick Olsen, I only speak to set the record straight.

        Whether one forgives another for a transgression is a personal matter and will depend upon that person’s beliefs.

        To para-phrase Alexander Pope, “To err is human, to forgive divine”.

      • Onion says:

        Go talk to him.

        He helped me massively when I was down.

    • CT says:

      Perhaps if his apology reflected an understanding of what was offensive in his post, people may have a different view of him. His apology was a total non-apology… akin to “sorry you were offended” — he didn’t indicate that he understands why his post was offensive in the first place.

  13. Alvin Williams says:

    A moral and principle stand; I salute you Chill Band for taking a stand for human rights and against bigotry.

    • Know it All says:

      Good sign of support Alvin. So I assume that you support Mr Brannon’s assessment that “Black Bermudians Killed Tourism”. Good to know.

    • bee says:

      ANd so by your standards all the hatred and bigotry hurled at our Intl Biz community by the PLP, the Intl Biz community should not do biz in or with Bermuda. I also remember some really bigotted FB posts durng the last election… what does THAT say ?

      • Attitude Of Gratitude says:

        Why Double standards of course! That’s a given on our island.

    • Edmund Spenser says:

      Although I don’t want to defend Mr. Olsen in any way; his apology did ring a little hollow and was akin to every apology we have received from any politician, union rep or peoples campaign rep (I’m sorry I got caught, not necessarily sorry for what I did.)

      I do commend people for standing up for human rights and against bigotry. I just have 2 questions; when will you stand up for human rights and against bigotry in calling for a pathway to status for all who deserve it and when will you call for a boycott against back of town till they paint over the “Black City” tag on Court street?

    • sandgrownan says:

      How the **** is this a stand for human rights? So, it’s a human right to (allegedly) break the law. Don’t be so stupid.

    • serengeti says:

      Suddenly the PLP are against bigotry? That’s a new one.

  14. sandgrownan says:

    I like Tony and his pals in The Big Chill, but this is nonsense.

    The faux outrage about Olson’s comments, poorly chosen as they were, and the subsequent gnashing of teeth is tiring. The pathetic attempts to link a comment about a medieval punishment for high treason to the civil rights struggle, slavery and the abolishment of fundamental rights in ridiculous. Get over it. move on

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      That’s what racists say….get over it and move on lmfao.

      Rick’s comments were racist and disgusting to say the least…

    • I knew a Bill Oriely supporter would surface soon.

      • sandgrownan says:

        Give me a break, we all know what he said was dumb, but the constant whining about it is ridiculous.

      • Up D Hill says:

        How bout that Airport OJ !! Soooooooooooooo happy thats going forward!! Onward , upward!!!!!

    • WarwickBoy says:

      Spot on!

    • wahoo says:

      Like! You on the money. The outrage is fake only a way for the loyal to keep up the only argument that they have left.

      • PBanks says:

        How is it ‘fake’ though? These aren’t the usual political cheerleaders trying to squeeze mileage out of any issue real or contrived, these are regular folks from a cross section of the community who’ve felt offended for various reasons and may have chosen to go public with their stance.

  15. Pooh Bear says:

    What ever happened to ‘To err is human; to forgive, divine.’?

    Generation Snowflake at its best. Misdirected righteous indignation.

    • steve says:

      I like it.

      ‘Generation snowflake’ I am offended by that term therefore I am!

    • sandgrownan says:

      Generation snowflake – most excellent.

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      You must be a trump supporter lol get outta here bra!

    • Attitude Of Gratitude says:

      Generation snowflake eh? Try baby boomers!

  16. Mary says:

    the Big Chill rocks seen them many times always amazing performers

  17. GTA says:

    “I don’t want to put more nails in Rick’s hands but there are consequences for what he said.”

    I would hope he is not making a reference to Rick being crucified like Jesus Christ for his sins. As a Christian should I take offence to this and start a boycott because his reference offends me, as a blasphemous insensitive comment. How dare he, I demand an apology and every rightful Christian to boycott all venues which The Big Chill play at, and anyone who doesn’t agree must also pay the ultimate damnation for their sacrilegious views.

    Oh wait perhaps he was being satirical.

    • PBanks says:

      I think that was a metaphor, not a satire.

  18. Natural says:

    Let’s all support the Big Chill.

    • Know it All says:

      So I assume that you support Mr Brannon’s assessment that “Black Bermudians Killed Tourism”. Good to know.

  19. BRIER says:

    yes Rick will find someone better who are looking for work..I am so looking forward to heading to Horseshoe I have been going to Horseshoe for the last 47 years to swim and hang out When Lee had it was a great spot then and now that Rick has it even better..


  20. Mr. Boycott Olsen's & Similar establishments says:

    Real People Recognised Real Truth. God bless Big Chill!!! It’s sad how dumb and evil these types of people are. To all my young locals, stop paying these bipolar leeches, , first it may seem like it doesn’t hurt their pockets, but as we grow an gain more wisdom. Overtime they will regret there comments cause we can mimic their businesses and do the same thing but treat everyone with the most respect. Lol and the children of these evil owners will wake up (hopefully) and realize we can all profit together!! If not :) buy from us cause their business will not prosper!! LONGTERM

    • Cat says:

      As a mental health advocate – and this being Mental Health Awareness Month – I don’t want to detract from the remaing content of your post but I want to take this opportunity to bring attention to your phrase “bipolar leeches” used as an add-on to other derogatory descriptors.

      Please know that Bipolar is a serious and sometimes debilitating mental illness – it is in no way appropriate to use it that word to casually describe the negative characteristics or behaviors of a person.

      I’m not tryna criticise you but just wanting to educate and inform.

      Thank you!

  21. puzzled says:

    If the Opposition get back in with all this negativity there will be more than ‘The Big Chill’.

    Ice age of 2018…

    • Say Whaat says:

      What does this comment have to do with anything here?

      Are you a Russian hacker?

  22. Rhonda says:

    For me it’s very disturbing, that people find suggesting or asking in gest or seriously..

    That the govt of a people who rightly or wrongly feel oppressed..should be killed in the most heinous medieval cruel manner… for their acts of civil disobedience..

    Rick didn’t make a small mistake..We banned a man from bermuda for making similar comments against homosexuality..

    What is the acceptable standard for bigotry in Bermuda..

    • serengeti says:

      Oh come on. This is just ridiculous.

      The Genie guy stands by his bigoted comments, where he promotes violence against certain groups. He is proud of that position. That’s what he is all about.

      The only reason most people have even heard about Olsen’s comments, which were much milder to begin with, is because he has repeatedly apologized for them.

    • Say Whaat says:

      I don’t think he was banned simply because of the comments against homosexuals. He said something about white people and that’s where the line is drawn.

      Mind you Bill O’Rielly was/is welcomed here with open arms. Go figure!

      So it’s when they speak against whites, that’s the issue.

    • Politricks says:

      How do you feel about Jahmal Simmons’ tweets just before he was made a candidate by the PLP?

    • sandgrownan says:

      Olson wasn’t being bigoted. I know it doesn’t fit your world view, but he wasn’t.

      He saw people preventing others from going about their lawful business (and all will have their day in court). His frustration with what he perceives as blatant disregard for law and process, caused him to suggest a suitable punishment for the law breakers.

      That’s it. Not racist, not bigoted, nothing to do with civil rights, just a prominent businessman mouthing off and being stupid.

  23. Your joking says:

    As a millennial, when I read your post, I interpret that as your worldview so when I saw what Rick Olson posted it revealed a lot to me as to where his thought process is. I couldn’t be associated with someone who had that kind of values. It was really offensive.”

    So…have you even talk to Mr Olson about his view…..or everyone is just judging him on one post?…….Is that have we judge people now? You are as good as your last post and how we interpret it and what ever you have don’t before is irrelevant?

    • Say Whaat says:

      Go look through his posts, if he hasn’t cleaned them up already. He’s been talking trash, revealing his thoughts, etc.

    • Torian says:

      Milenials tend to imply overreactive extremely dayz outrage liberal mindset these days. I wouldn’t put much thought to it

    • Bda guy says:

      It not just one post he did lokk back at all his post you must work for him or drink with him and if you do drink with him, if ypu don’t know anythink about him well let me telk you he is not a good person

  24. Potcallingkettle says:

    Confused…Olson posted a photo that was tasteless and classless, regardless of what it implied did not specifically mention race.

    Brannon himself was once in this predicament, however he directly targeted Black Bermudians and was quoted saying “Black Bermudians egged on by the BIU” essentially ruined tourism.

    So the question I pose is, if Brannon expected to be forgiven for a legitimately racist remark, blaming Black Bermudians for “ruining” tourism, with poor attitudes, lack of work ethic and inability to think for themselves, who is HE to slam Olson?

    Brannon mentions he was in a similar position, however he was not in a similar position. He specifically targeted a race and blamed them for an economic downfall. Olson may have implied it, but Brannon went all in.

    Strange he is now taking a position against Olson, when he has been fighting to prove he is not racist himself for years.

    Brannons constant promotion of causes, and equal rights and PR stunts now seem a little fake to me.

    Pot Calling the Kettle Black?

  25. Know it All says:

    That’s unfortunate that you take that stance Mr Brannon. As someone that has “been in the shoes” of Rick and been in a position of having to sell your treasured asset and talk about relocating because of poor use of words, I thought you would take this opportunity to take on a mentorship aspect to help facilitate the gap, especially given your diverse views that you have shown lots of passion in supporting, even when they may not be the most popular positions.

    Who came out to try and support you when you went through your firestorm? The late Julian Hall, who many were shocked he came out in your support! His very comments resonate today just as they did 10 years ago…

    “Bermuda must stop hounding out people simply because they have said something that does not meet general approval or attracts widespread disfavor”

    I hope that you take this opportunity to help bridge the gap, not add salt to it like you are now, especially given your experiences in the past.

    • Sojourner says:

      Excellent observation and advice.

    • uiq says:

      “Bermuda must stop hounding out people simply because they have said something that does not meet general approval or attracts widespread disfavor”

      If most of us didn’t follow this advice, on any given day half of Parliament would be out on its ear.

  26. Infidelguy says:

    Not to make light of the outrage that some people have about what Mr. Olsen posted on Facebook, but I can’t help but wonder if Mr. Olsen was black, would the reaction to it be the same?

    • PBanks says:

      Because the ‘targets’ were predominantly black, I don’t think it would have affected the reaction too much

  27. stunned... says:

    i support freedom of speech
    Big Chill’s stance and
    i will still patronise the Beach

    Moral of this story: Words Matter, choose them wisely.

  28. aceboy says:

    Wow..a great big mountain out of a mole hill.


    • Bda guy says:

      For you to say it Ridiculous you must drink with him

      • aceboy says:

        I don’t drink, snowflake.

        When I see the same shock and horror at some of the comments made by PLP MPs, including your former leader, then maybe you’d get some sympathy. This is just a bunch of blown out of proportion faux angst.

        I think The Big Chill is great, I like Tony a lot, don’t know the others. We disagree on this point. Such is life.

  29. Alexander says:

    Cancelling the gig was the right thing to do. I cannot believe anyone would support such a bigoted, racist opinion. He is very lucky he was not prosecuted for his ignorant utterances. Question is, why wasn’t he ?

  30. If any of you knew how Rick ended up with this you would reconsider the negative comments. While it might have seemed wrong for such a post (and certainly not agreeing to such) but maybeeeee as a Businessman he suffered with the marches on the front lawn of the Cenotaph and Parliament from a business perspective? Have any of you thought of what Bermuda business’s suffer when such marches take place or have you forgotten that money does not grow on trees anymore!!

    Rick has put a ton of money into his business’s and employed many Bermudians. He has apologized and we need to move on and learn from such.

    No worries on the Big Chill I never liked them anyway and am sure a good band can replace them.

  31. Stinky D. says:

    I wish I can like and dislike these comments

    • PBanks says:

      Blame the political bots for that one.

  32. Cow polly says:

    I’m really confused as to why this has turned into a fight about racism. Had Mr Olsen said the protestors should be lynched I could understand it but hung, drawn and quartered is a medieval torture performed on the likes of William Wallace and Guy Fawkes neither of whom were black. In fact I don’t believe this punishment was metered out to persons of colour but I stand to be corrected. People need to stop taking things so literally. Do you think that when people say someone was on a witch hunt they are hunting witches? What I take Mr Olsen to be saying is that the Dec 2nd protestors were treasonous for blocking the House when it was in session. Whether he is right or wrong is immaterial, from his viewpoint the penalty for being found guilty of treason in medieval times is to be hung, drawn and quartered.
    The Courts will determine whether the Dec 2nd crowd were guilty of any crimes against the modern laws of Bermuda, as it should be. However we now have the Social media court in session who have already given a verdict which appears, as Ms Caines stated in her interview, to be based on what she feels instead of the facts. ‘I don’t know if he wants to admit race was behind it, but I feel race was behind it.
    I’m not taking sides on this one because to me, there is no case to answer.

    • Cat says:

      Omg, i dont understand why people are so clueless…im sure theres a more accurate word than “denial” to describe it! If you don’t get it by now I dont know if you ever will.

      This is Bermuda, for Gods sake IT’S ALL ABOUT RACE!!! What is it that blinds you to that??

      If you were genuinely curious (ref. your opening statement: “I’m really confused as to why this has turned into a fight about racism), if you really wanted to remedy your confusion you would. But the truth is that you don’t want that. You want to continue believing what you believe and then be confused about why others don’t see it your way. How about going out and talking to people who think differently from you? As the well known author Steven Covey says…”seek first to understand…THEN to be understood.”

    • PBanks says:

      By focusing on the method of torture/death, you’ve missed the point of why people are offended, and thus don’t see the big picture.

      It doesn’t matter if they were drawn and quartered, burned at the stake, drowned tied to a rock, or lynched.

      People felt aggrieved that they or their relatives should be subject to some form of torture or death because of their protest (whether the protest was legal or not is not the issue – either way it didn’t warrant the suggestion of killing them).

      Some people felt it was racially motivated, others felt it was politically motivated, others felt it was just offensive or insulting. But you have to try and put yourself in each person’s shoes and try to see the episode from their point of view to get understanding.

  33. Sage says:

    The food at all his places is sub-standard anyway; much like Big Chill.

  34. God says:

    Rick Olson should never have gotten the contract at Horseshoe Bay in the first place. The guys who run Tobacco Bay are more of the type of operation we are looking for and frankly they more represent the Bermuda product and vibe. The name of the bar, the decor and the quality Rick is providing is so much like the run down Florida product of old and frankly not what our tourists need – great here i am in Bermuda and i see yet another Florida rum bar.

    Bermuda needs to think about the long term consequence of letting a low end provider of service govern our #1 asset. And add to this the obvious disregard he has for Bermudians. He can hire all the Bermudians he wants but it does not change what he is.

  35. JAOS says:

    Why do people feel the need to post their opinion on if they like the band or not. It’s rude. The story is not about the skills of the band. Focus.