Terceira & Lopes Begin Competing In Belgium

June 7, 2017

Jillian Terceira and Tyler Lopes began competing in the Bonheiden International Horse jumping Event in Belgium.

Terceira competed four Classes on four different horses, while Lopes competed in one Class.

During in the CSI2* Table A Class, Terceira and Tamerino finished 43rd, they clocked a time of 63.84, but they also had 8 Penalty Fault Points.

Terceira and Junior Van Het Costersveld finished 72nd competing in the 1.30m Table A Class, they clocked 69.31, but they also had 8 Penalty Fault Points.

Competing in the CSI1* Two Phases 1.20m Class, Terceira and Amarulla finished 5th, they pair clocked a Clear First Phase time of 44.99, they then clocked a Clear Second Phase time of 28.95.

Lopes competing in the same Class riding Escalada finished 30th, they clocked a First and Only Phase time of 46.42.

Chakova and Terceira finished the CSIYH1* Two Phases 1.30m Class, they had a 4 Penalty First Phase Fault time of 34.43, but they went Clear in their Second Phase clocking 31.68.

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