X20 Adventures Waterpark Opens In West End

July 24, 2017

The X20 Adventures Waterpark opened this weekend in Daniels Head Beach Park in the west end, offering a floating obstacle course and waterpark with slides, towers and more.

“The ‘Belly Buster’ is Bermuda’s first floating obstacle course and offers a unique island adventure along with traditional family fun. The waterpark sprawls across Bermuda’s crystal clear blue water,” the company said.

“The convenient location allows a maximum of 100 guests to enjoy the expansive waterpark including slide, towers and pools. X20 Adventures Waterpark was carefully designed and themed to embrace the culture of the Nine Beaches culture that is both relaxed and scenic. Vacationers, families and waterpark enthusiasts will be immersed in the Bermudian culture and have access to other local vendors.

“While visiting X20 Adventures Waterpark at Nine Beaches guests can also enjoy shaded seating areas and multiple food and beverage outlets deliver variety and quality from snacks to local favorites.

X20 Adventures Bermuda July 2017

“X20 Adventures will certainly add to the excitement in the west end of the island and is in a class of its own. The partners at X20 Adventures take great pride in having the opportunity to provide a new and progressive first class attraction at one of Bermuda’s finest locations.”

“We are thrilled to be welcoming our first guests and honored to be a part of their Bermuda experience” X20 Adventures started their debut by hosting two birthday party bookings, one customer wrote “Thank you for a great birthday party for our son, the kids all loved it!”

Daily admission and 2017 season passes can be purchased online at www.x2oadventures.com or at the guest service office. Parking is free, and restroom facilities are available. Corporate events, Group rates, Summer Camps and Birthday Party packages are also available.

For more information about X20 Adventures visit www.x2oadventures.com or for bookings please call 704-4082.

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  1. Sherbet man says:

    Once it goes soft how you pump it up again? ;)

  2. Point boy says:

    Maybe I’m a bit of a sour grape. But just saying, a squall can pop up very quickly. Not to bust all those (your) bubbles.

    • Billy Bob says:

      i agree, it’s way to exposed right there

  3. Billy Bob says:

    this would have been perfect in Harrington sound

    • Bdabye says:

      I believe Harrington sound would be to deep.

  4. Psyched! says:

    That is so cool! I am excited. I wonder how many minutes my old arse can last on that thing. I cannot wait! Great job!!

  5. Jacques Cousteau says:

    For a second I was imagining actual water slides and real features like a real water park, but it is really a giant floating lily-pad for children…. in the ocean….!?!… how deep is the water there? One foot maximum I would hope. Otherwise you have an essential trap for little children to get stuck and lost under, drowning themselves while 100 people stand around in confusion.
    Give me a few million dollars that I cannot spend on myself and I will build you people a water park that will MAKE people want to come and spend their money and enjoy. But who am I? Just another voice in the wind nobody cares about because I don’t have the funds to start it myself.

    • Sam says:

      The water around the park is not that deep it’s probably about 6 Feet.

  6. Vote for Me says:

    This is brilliant.

    Bermudians are constantly looking for more activities on island. We now need to support this new Bermudian venture. Visitors may come and enjoy while they are here on vacation or cruise ships but we need to provide weekend traffic to make sure they are profitable.

    So lets go!! Birthday parties, summer camps, church picnics, family reunions and sometimes just for adult fun!!

    Congratulations!! Just in time for CupMatch.

    • Point boy says:

      It’s a playground on the water. I didn’t see a lifeguard tower? Perhaps off camera?

      There ain’t any prices shown?

      I call bull-sh1t

      Them damn sour grapes.

      • Scuddle says:

        Do you want me to go the the web site and answer your questions or do you want to take the initiative and do it yourself?

  7. Faith Choice Change says:

    I’m sure there is has to be consistent water level of 8.1 inches at all times for regulations. Alongside safety equipment I spent a lot of time researching this same business for Shelly Bay. My wish is to join up with ventures like this. It’s is very hard to keep the attention span of Bermudian’s let alone give our tourist families something to do.

  8. mrs smith says:

    Having been there and done it, great fun, great work out, not for the faint hearted. Yes it is plenty deep, no danger, and I am very sorry to hear about the vandalism that has just happened. There are only so many times you can go to the Aquarium, BUEI, Beach, Pool at National Stadium, here is a new, fun activity for locals and visitors – please support tham, and the youth that are well trained, knowledgable and keeping it all safe xxxx