Off The Rock: Free In-Flight Texting On Delta

October 1, 2017

[Travel column written by Don Burgess]

Free in-flight texting is now available on Delta Airlines.

The free messaging will allow users of WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook Messenger to use the service on all Delta planes equipped with Gogo Internet.

You won’t be able to send video files, but it will allow you to stay connected once the flight reaches 10,000 feet.

Approximately 200 of Delta’s planes have Gogo inflight and the airline plans on having it installed on more than 600 planes within the next two years.

Maybe as a counter to Delta’s move, American Airlines also announced they will offer free in-flight messaging as well.

There is no set date when American will start offering this service, but CEO Doug Parker said in a press conference that the company is investing in satellite technology to make the Wi-fi available on its planes. It does offer this service now but at $5.

Also, American also said it will give free drinks and extra overhead bin space for passengers who pay for American’s Main Cabin Seat Extra seats – that is where customers pay for seats that provide extra legroom and have priority boarding in economy class.

Another piece of good news is that American is going to allow more Advantage award travel seats available. Here is a case where enough people have complained to the airline that they were finding it too difficult to cash in their reward miles for free flights.

Not to leave out the first and business class passengers, American will be adding perks for them as well. On select long-haul flights, those customers will get plush pillows, blankets, slippers, and pajamas.

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