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November 30, 2017

[Updated] Minister of National Security Wayne Caines and Gang Violence Reduction Coordinator Pastor Leroy Bean held a press conference this afternoon [Nov 30] to discuss the formation of the ‘Fathers Bermuda’ group, which consists of fathers affected by gun and gang violence.

“Although bonded by tragedy,” Minister Caines said, “These men have come together to support one another, to deal with their grief, and to uplift their communities through their efforts at reconciliation and forgiveness.”

“This Fathers Group meets once a week,” said Pastor Bean. “The meeting is on Tuesday nights, from 6pm – 8pm, and on average we have anywhere from 7 – 9 men currently.”

“We believe that this men’s group is a key competent that will bring about healing and change that Bermuda so desperately needs,” Pastor Bean added.

The press conference has just concluded and we will have additional information later on, and in the meantime the 13-minute live video replay is below.

Update 4.22pm: Earlier today, the Minister of National Security announced the formation of a Fathers Support Group, which aims to provide a safe space for men in the community to discuss the effects that gang and gun violence have had on their lives.

In making the announcement at a press briefing today, Minister Caines said, “Since joining the Ministry of National Security, I can unequivocally say, that we have worked incredibly hard on multiple levels to address the challenges of gang and gun violence.

“You have often heard me say that an enforcement approach is only one aspect of dealing with the issue. And what I have continued to advocate for is a supportive, restorative and healing approach to the trauma caused by violence in our community.”

Minister Caines continued, “Not too long ago, we announced the formation of MOM Bermuda – a group of mothers united by tragedy to provide support to those who have been affected by violence. The community response to MOM Bermuda has been truly heartwarming and incredible, and we are encouraged about the future possibilities of this organisation.

“Today, I am pleased to announce an added element to our journey of healing – and that is the formation of a Fathers Support Group. Like MOM Bermuda, these fathers have all been affected by gun and gang violence.

“Although bonded by tragedy these men have come together to support one another; to deal with their grief and to lift up their communities through their efforts at reconciliation and forgiveness. As I have said previously, we must support those impacted directly by violence and restore their spirits to a place where growth and development is again possible.

“We promised to be a government for the people and initiative such as MOM Bermuda and the Fathers Group have the potential to empower communities, by acting as a means to inspire those who have suffered and to prevent further violence. Restored people can rebuild lives.”

Minister Caines was joined at the press briefing by Gang Reduction Coordinator, Pastor Leroy Bean, who said, “This Fathers Support Group has been designed to provide healing and support for men who have been affected by gun and gang violence.

“This Fathers Support Group meets weekly. We create a safe, non-judgmental, therapeutic environment for men to share their feelings, hurt, pain and help them find solutions to issues in their lives. Each meeting has the support of trained clinicians, who are present to offer support and guidance in the meetings.

“This group is not just for fathers, we would like to see uncles, brothers, sons, nephews, any male who has been affected by gun and gang violence. The meetings are Tuesdays from 6.00 – 8.00 pm. On average we have about seven men who attend the meetings each week. Bermuda requires men who are healthy and whole.

“We believe this group is a key component that will bring about healing and the change that Bermuda so desperately needs.”

Any men who are interested in participating in the group should contact or 705-4773.

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  1. Onion Juice says:

    Very nice but the sad part is, its a World Wide problem.

  2. Warlord2 says:

    Another plan for the plan and the other plan .

  3. Oh really says:

    They are good at forming a group yet nothing comes out of it. They have formed more than enough groups since they have been in power. Still waiting for a result.

  4. Frank says:

    What we need is for Father’s to be real man and get involved in ther children’s lives from the time they are born and the mothers to stop being so dam stupid and let the fathers have time with their children
    As for child support make DNA test be mandatory before any court payment order the cost to be paid by both parents

  5. talk is cheap says:

    to all,

    We did not get here overnight and there is no quick fix. The world standard for dealing with gangs is to put in place community and family resources that make gangs unattractive and ineffective. Can it be done? I don’t know but we must do more than lock them up and complain. Kudos to this Minister and the Former Minister for putting forward community based solutions.

  6. ImJustSayin says:

    It can be difficult for some fathers to get involved with their children when the courts decisions favor the mothers. It has got to be looked at and changes need to be made.