Video: America’s Cup Documentary Part #1

December 12, 2017

Look back at the highlights of the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda with a 9-part retrospective documentary produced by the ACBDA, and narrated by legendary Bermudian actor Earl Cameron.

The documentary is airing on ZBM TV9 this week, and each of the nine parts will be available online here on Bernews, beginning today.

“Hear from people behind the scenes and in Part One learn how others believed in Bermuda’s ability before we did, and how the America’s Cup touched the lives of many Bermudians from all walks of life,” the ACBDA said.

Narrated by Bermuda’s most acclaimed actor, centenarian Earl Cameron, CBE, the documentary is titled “9 Parts” because of an often spoken phrase by ACBDA Chairman, Peter Durhager.

The ACBDA explained that “when he said, ‘The America’s Cup is one part about a sailboat race and 9 parts everything else’, he was referring to the reasons why Bermuda bid for the 35th America’s Cup and why the Government saw it as a good investment. In a national effort to re-kindle the economy, local pride and belief in ourselves and our community, Part One explains how that all came about.”

“9 Parts – The Story of Bermuda’s America’s Cup” will be released online, one part per day for nine days.

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  1. Curious says:

    There was a tenth part that made our AC35 success possible – volunteerism.

    The XL-Catlin funded Volunteer First Mates Programme was the largest, most diverse and inclusive in Bermuda’s history with well over 600 residents participating in supporting Americas Cup.

    Their voices, service and Bermudian pride often made the difference for many of our local and overseas guests – informing, guiding and helping them have a unique Bermuda experience.

    First Mates were required to gain their Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) certificate. This created a cadre of well informed and serviced focused volunteers. A separate video was created just about our First Mates programme and that would be worth sharing in addition to the nine parts series.

    We don’t want to miss the extraordinary contribution that our local volunteers make each day and every day in making Bermuda a compassionate caring community.

    • ACBDA says:

      Hello Curious,
      Thanks for mentioning the incredible work of the volunteers. They are featured in one of these ‘Parts’, and in fairness they could feature in all Nine Parts! Th video you mentioned can be seen on YouTube – click here:
      With 545 volunteers involved and 322 of them from Bermuda, everyone is likely to know a Bermuda FirstMate!

  2. Athena says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed Part 1 and can’t wait to see the remaining eight and hopefully, the First Mates video too.

    Kudos to all involved in producing this documentary for present and future Bermudians to enjoy a portrait of us at our best!

  3. Hmmmm says:

    It was an amazing achievement by Bermudians from all walks of life. Sadly a number of Bermudians did not attended the event due to the political misinformation and propaganda spread by the PLP. I met a number of people who refused to go and they spouted back spoon fed PLP propaganda as reasons. They missed out.