Video & Photos: Disney To Make Inaugural Visit

January 27, 2018

The Disney Magic is set to make her inaugural call to Bermuda this year, marking the first time the iconic brand will visit the island, with the cruise line saying, “At Disney, we love to create magical vacation memories for our guests, and Bermuda is without a doubt a wonderful setting for memory making.”

The cruise ship scheduled to make 5 calls to Bermuda starting in October, and according to the recently released 2018 cruise ship schedule, it will be carrying an estimated 2,376 passengers and 945 crew members for each visit.

BTA Chief Product and Experiences Officer Pat Phillip-Fairn previously said: “The Bermuda Tourism Authority is thrilled to partner with the iconic Disney brand to expose a new segment of cruise travellers to our island life experience out here in Bermuda. It’s the first-ever time Disney Cruise Line has come to Bermuda, so naturally we’re excited about these inaugural calls.

In announcing cruise ship schedule, a local spokesperson said, “Disney Cruise Line is coming to Bermuda for the first time beginning October 2018. The Disney Magic will sail to Bermuda five times next year from New York City.

“The Bermuda Tourism Authority’s product and experiences team is working closely with Disney and local tourism businesses to create and promote unique port experiences for Disney passengers who have specific vacation desires and a reputation for spending more than typical cruise ship passengers.”

Local tourism businesses are encouraged to get ready for the inaugural Disney Cruise Line calls, and to help with preparations, Disney and Bermuda Tourism Authority representatives hosted a stakeholder briefing last October at the Fairmont Southampton.


The recently published 2018 Cruise Ship Schedule projected a rise in cruise visitors to Bermuda outside of the summer months, as local officials execute a “joint strategy to boost tourism during the shoulder season.”

“April, October and November are expected to see the significant gains in cruise visitor arrivals next year, with 17 more cruise calls during those months alone, compared to 2017,” the announcement said.

The BTA and Government previously announcing that next year Bermuda is expected to receive 180 cruise ship calls bringing approximately 470,000 passengers.

“In 2018, the total projected economic impact of both visitor spending and government tax revenue is $84.8 million with $59.8 million estimated in visitor spending and $25 million in tax revenue,” a spokesperson said.

The 2018 cruise season will get underway this coming weekend with two ships due to arrive on Sunday, and extends all the way to December, when three ships are scheduled to visit.

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  1. Your joking says:

    I’m sure some will just call this another “Mickey Mouse”… event

  2. Full Stop says:

    Great job BTA.

  3. facts of the rock says:

    betcha this year is the only time they come to Bermuda.


      Disney ships are geared to children wonder why their ship coming to Bermuda in October when children are in school seems summer would be ideal time for visits.

    • Apollo Creed says:

      Still feeling the election blow out!! LOL get use to it.

  4. jammel says:

    Another Mickey Mouse event brought to you by OBA and BTA!

  5. Spanner Breath says:

    Im sure the current minister, if still the minister will be there for the photo op! Wonder if they can bring a couple more buses down.

  6. bdaboy says:

    “betcha this year is the only time they come to Bermuda.”

    probably…considering that Bermudians, such as yourself, don’t welcome foreigners here.

    • Anti B says:

      more like some Bermudians sh** A88 attitude ( not all but some who will spoil it for everyone ) I welcome tourists with open arms but unless we can play to their (Disney) high standards they will be a one shot deal. In fact Bermuda should take a page out of their book on how to conduct a very high standard FOR ALL THEIR GUESTS from arrival to departure and thence onward. Look at their ships, hotels or premises, SPOTLESS to even no gum on the ground, and staff “cast members” that want to help and ensure you the guest has the best most memorable of times.

    • facts of the rock says:

      you don’t know me and if you did,you would NOT dare say that to my face.
      People such as you are plentiful on Bermuda and you don’t deserve to be there.
      You and many others are the type that destroy Bermuda.
      …..and you have the nerve to call yourself bdaboy!
      no,you are just another cockroach that needs stamping on.

  7. Helo says:

    If you’ve ever been on a Disney Cruise, you will see that they not only cater to children. On every Disney ship there is a large portion of the ship that only caters to adults, over 18, including fine restaurants,activities, sports bar, pool, and more. They are considered one of the best lines to cruse on. You should try it! Thanks to the BTA and the OBA we will have this beautiful ship come to Bermuda. A three time Disney ship traveler.

  8. David m says:

    Our family go on a Disney cruise every October because school is out so it would be awsome that there is a cruise in bda