Sex Offender Will Be Released On February 21st

February 14, 2018

The Attorney-General is officially notifying the public that Jonathan Jon Cumberbatch — a 55-year-old man who was convicted and jailed for sexual exploitation of a young person while in a position of trust, and sexual assault — will be released from prison on February 21st.

The Government also released his photo, said the Ministry of Education is sharing this information with the schools via principals, and the Government said that “known victims have already been notified of his pending release prior to this public notification.”


The Government said, “Jonathan Jon Cumberbatch, a 55-year-old black male who resides in Warwick Parish, was convicted and jailed for sexual exploitation of a young person while in a position of trust, and sexual assault.

“Pursuant to section 329H of the Criminal Code 1907, the Minister of Legal Affairs, Senator the Hon. Kathy Lynn Simmons, JP is using her discretionary powers in line with the Protocol on the Disclosure of Information Identifying Sex Offenders to notify the public of his release as he is deemed to be of the highest risk to the community. His photograph and physical description are also being released to the public.

“The Minister has carefully considered all relevant facts of the case, including assessments from Corrections and the offender’s psychological report.

“The Minister has concluded that this offender, whose crimes were committed against children, presents a risk of significant harm to the health or safety of the public, an affected group of people or an individual.

“This decision is made in consultation with the Commissioner of Police. Known victims have already been notified of Jonathan Jon Cumberbatch’s release prior to public notification.”

According to court documents, his victims were 11, 10 and 9 at the time of the offences in 2008, and the document notes he had a previous conviction involving child sexual abuse.


Attorney-General Kathy Lynn Simmons said, “These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. I must carefully consider the needs of the wider community while being sensitive to protecting victims.

“In this case, the danger to the community warranted wider disclosure. The aim is to protect our children and provide a safer community for all.”

The Ministry noted, “There is cross-Agency cooperation in terms of this disclosure. The Ministry of Education is sharing this information to relevant schools via principals. All entities who work with children should review this notice and exercise diligence and caution.

“In addition to this press release, an advertisement will appear in the media at the time of Jonathan Jon Cumberbatch’s release.”

The Public Notification follows below [PDF here]

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  1. Politricks says:

    IMO a person who commits the crime that he has should never have the opportunity to receive an early release.

    • sage says:

      How can someone be “convicted and jailed for sexual exploitation of a young person while in a position of trust, and sexual assault” when the victims (plural) were 11,10 and 9yrs?

  2. Cedar Stump says:

    If the OBA had released this information there would have been issues starting tonight. That said I think this individual should NOT be released into the public domain. Yes he has served his time BUT has he received treatment ? I think he should be released to a secure facility in MAWI for treatment until a phycologist certifies he is no longer a risk to our children or general public. If a father, uncle or anyone else takes revenge on this sick man, who will be responsible and who will be held accountable ?

    • Toodle-oo says:

      *If the OBA had released this information there would have been issues starting tonight.*

      What sort of issues were you thinking of ?

      I believe that when that certain policeman was released the OBA were in and the public was notified as well and there wasn’t any ‘issues’ as such .
      Except he did leave the island .

      • Strictly politics says:

        Stop with the politics! This man is dangerous and our children need to be protected.

        Just to be clear – a certain police officer was released and there was no notification to the public.

        • Zevon says:

          Your AG thinks it’s all fine that he is out. Even though she admits he presents a serious risk.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          I think your accusations of politics were misdirected to me and not the OP.

          And you’re incorrect about the info on the release of the ‘certain police officer’ .

    • Positive Pessimist says:

      Cedar, are you for real? The public has always called for this and politics plays no part in it. When it comes to our children, people don’t play and appreciate the information no matter if it comes from PLP, OBA or ABC. That said, I agree about the treatment part but the scary part is that pedophiles cannot be truly rehabilitated. If I had my way, this man would never be released but if we must, at the very least he should wear a monitoring device for life. That may sound harsh but that is how long he will be a risk.

      • Kathy says:

        CASTRATE HIM! He will no longer be a threat to our society and our children!

    • Stay Locked Up says:

      They can’t be fixed.

  3. Archie says:

    If he still presents a significant risk to the public, why is he being released? Is this what the parole board recommended? If so, I think they should release their reasons. As to the naming …. sets it up for vigilantes nicely

    • Positive Pessimist says:

      I do not support gangs or gang activity as a general rule, but it’s said that when a certain high profile pedophile murderer was released after 25 years, he was warned by gang members that they would be keeping an eye on him and if he even so much as glanced at any of their daughters, he would disappear for good. No matter what we think of gang members, they are fathers too and I believe their threats against this man is the only reason he hasn’t committed another heinous act.

    • inkblot101 says:

      Seriously. If they think he’s a danger he needs to stay inside.

    • Dready says:

      Perhaps He has to cut stone for a friends and family member.

  4. TURTLE says:


    • Pastor Syl says:

      People who molest, will molest whether or not their genitals are intact. There are other means of molestation and other weapons that can be used: fingers, hands, fists, other objects. The public needs to understand that sexual abuse is most often a crime of violence using sex as the means, the point being that someone weaker and smaller can be controlled, manipulated,forced, and/or coerced, humiliated and frightened into doing something they do not wish or desire to do.

  5. Really?! says:

    This is seriously sick! How can you allow a release while clearly stating he is a dangerous to the community!? Another child needs to suffer, for him to go back to prison ? Shame on you!

  6. Ok says:

    This is good…expose these weirdos.

  7. Coffee says:

    Pitch a small tent and keep him in a deep quarry cutting slate day and night

  8. Stay Locked Up says:

    How about we keep all sex offenders locked up for life? How does this help? There are children who walk the streets alone, who catch the bus home and to school, alone. How will this protect them? We seriously have to do better. In other countries sex offenders get 140 year sentences…or death.

    PLP please fix this as pedophiles CANNOT be rehabilitated.

  9. Jon says:

    If you turn them in the system will make them worse and stronger then release them back into the public like a dog on heat

  10. Once again here we go again, Bermuda has a more serious sickness that really goes un-dealt with, Judgmental to the core.

    I will in no way condone the action’s of anyone who commits such crimes, but the system has failed us for many years and continues to fail us, there are no such facilities on Island to professionally deal with sex offenders, so the best we can do is lock up a individual and let them go when they have served their time, but the most sickening thing is that we in this country who can continually not push for treatment that is desperately needed for countless individuals.

    Child molestation, rape, or sexual exploitation of another against their will should never be accepted at anytime, so don’t get it twisted what the message I am trying to convey, but we have people who would come to their final judgement of what should be done with Mr. Cumberbatch, without these same folk trying to draw to a conclusion of on just how we as a community can help.

    I will say that we really have to deal with the wider picture, and deal with the fact that Bermuda has failed to provide the necessary facilities and help agencies in many capacities of the ill’s of our society, all we want to do is lock people up or send them to Mawi, well Mawi is not equipped to deal with many of the issues we are faced with, and have been faced with for sometime, and neither is the prisons outfitted with the facilities or the professional personnel that is needed to help these kind’s of people..

  11. Absolutely unacceptable!!! says:

    The release is contradictory! Who in their right mind would release a high risk sex offender back into society? He ruined the lives of 3 individuals and was known to have offended before. The sentence he received in the first place was an absolute disgrace considering the 3 innocent victims lives he ruined. We demand answers as to why he is being released back into society!! It’s not safe for our children and it’s definitely not safe for the perpetrator. He is safer in jail than out in society with an outraged public!

  12. Public consideration? How? says:

    If releasing a known paedophile with a high risk of offending again back into society is deemed as “carefully considering the wider needs of the community while being sensitive to protecting victims” then Bermuda honestly requires a different judiciary system! This is absolutely outrageous!

  13. Um Um Like says:

    Why is this news? As long as gay people can’t marry we’ll be fine.

  14. Make a new plan Stan says:

    I’m guessing that he is being released because the time he was given has been served and you can not hold someone even if they are a threat beyond the length of their sentence. Thank you for showing people who didn’t know what he looked like who he is.

    However, I just allowed my mind to wonder and am concerned that now that everyone who didn’t already know who he was, has seen who he is will he take to even more deviant behavior to satisfy his compulsions?

    Some one above mentioned children going places on their own etc. Pastor Syl states that castration is not a deterrent so what will a person of this ilk resort to to “get his fix”?

    Is someone going to be assigned to watch him 24/7?

  15. drew says:

    He’s being released because it costs damn near a hundred grand a year to house a prisoner at Westgate, and the government is broke.

  16. Me says:

    Funny thing is this guy can get married in any church and pretend to be holy and hate on the gay commmunity lawd he could even become a pastor and maybe even a politician he does not need a dumestic partnership …. what a joke bermuda is