Once A Week Garbage Collection Starts Monday

February 17, 2018

The Ministry of Public Works is reminding the community that the once per week garbage collection schedule takes effect on Monday February 19.

A spokesperson said, “For ease of reference, the Ministry has provided a map of the collection days for each parish [see below].

“The change in weekly garbage collection will continue through April 27th. As a reminder, garbage collection will occur as follows:

  • Mondays – From Dockyard to Church Road, Southampton, inclusive of Church Road.
  • Tuesdays – Collection begins at Church Road, [but does not include Church Road] and will cover the area up to and including Cobb’s Hill Road from Harbour Road to South Road, Warwick.
  • Wednesdays – East of Cobb’s Hill to Trimingham Hill round-a-bout and Crow Lane. The areas west of Woodbourne Avenue, Court Street and North Street junction, Barnard’s Park and Blackwatch Pass will also be covered.
  • Thursdays – East from Trimingham Hill, Blackwatch Pass, Barnard’s Park, Court Street/North Street junction and end on Devil’s Hole Hill. West to Flatt’s Village.
  • Fridays – Areas along North Shore Road east of Flatt’s Village to St. George’s, and east of Devil’s Hole Hill to St. David’s.

“The revised collection schedule will allow the Ministry the necessary time to conduct a full assessment of the trucks that are serviceable, conduct extensive repairs, complete the TCD relicensing process and return a larger number into the operational fleet. Questions regarding collection days should be directed to the Marsh Folly Collections Department – 292-1517.”

Garbage Collection Schedule [PDF here]

Garbage Collection Bermuda Feb 2018

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Comments (13)

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  1. mixitup says:

    Thank you OBA.

    • De Pleeple says:

      Yes OBA thank you for trying we are sorry we voted you out. Hind sight is 20/20 we cannot wait to have you back.

    • Unbelivable says:

      Didn’t start with the OBA. The OBA didn’t manage to fix this but they inherited this issue in 2012.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Oh no, it is thank you PLP ver 1. They are the ones responsible for the near $600,000.00 per day debt service costs WE now pay. That is enough to buy 2 new busses, or more than 2 trash trucks EVERY day.

  3. legalgal says:

    So if we are halving the service we should be able to cut back on costs and not need new hires? Savings all round?!

  4. Darkstar says:

    Reduce and reuse. Keep it to once a week-.

  5. A Bermudian says:

    Once a week is fine with me. I think this will help the W&E trash truck team to get the job done on the day you expect to have your trash picked up and then bags won’t be left out for days with chickens pecking them open. That’s if everyone sees this notice and abides by the new schedule.

  6. Dready says:

    More fallout from voting plp

  7. Overboardhope says:

    It didn’t work before. It will not work now. Most people do not have the room to store a weeks worth of garbage.

    • Hmmmm says:

      How much trash do Bermudians make?

    • HMMM says:

      Most people don’t have room to store a weeks worth of trash? You can buy these things called trash bins, and recycle.

      Unfortunately we will see many more examples of ignorant fools abandoning their garbage on the side of the road.

  8. recycling? says:

    what will the schedule be for recycling?

  9. Oscar de Grouch says:

    I love how they neglect to ever pick up our trash on time, leaving the bags to be ripped open by birds, dogs, and rats, and then some weeks they lack to pick up any trash whatsoever – yet they still find the nerve to now fine us for putting it out too early. Don’t make me laugh.