32 People Secure Jobs At Employment Fair

March 27, 2018

Minister of National Security Wayne Caines extended his “heartfelt thanks” to all who participated in yesterday’s 100 Jobs initiative, which saw 32 people secure employment, and 77 more people confirmed for follow-up interviews with employers.

Yesterday, at the Hamilton Seventh Day Adventist Church Hall, 285 job seekers attended the employment fair, which was jointly organised by the Ministry of National Security and the Department of Workforce Development.

Minister Caines said he was overwhelmed by the turn out and confirmed that “32 individuals secured employment, with a further 77 individuals confirmed for follow-up interviews with employers.”

100 Jobs Bermuda March 27 2018 (2)

Minister Caines said, “We started this event at 4.00 p.m. yesterday, and from the start, we had a steady stream of individuals with resumés in hand seeking employment. They were eager and prepared and I want to thank each of them for attending the 100 Jobs event.

“I must also extend particular thanks to all of our employers who supported us, as well as the team at Workforce Development. This was a great demonstration of the public and private sectors coming together to help our fellow Bermudians.”

100 Jobs Bermuda March 27 2018 (3)

Minister Caines said that he considers the 100 Jobs event a success with plans already in the works to host another employment fair later this year.

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  1. Warlord2 says:

    What’s the over under for how long they last.

    • Well at least they were’nt stupid enough to promise 2000 jobs. Then again it worked back then.

      • nerema says:

        No, they haven’t promised a single job, and they haven’t created a single job.
        Since they don’t plan to achieve anything whatsoever they won’t fail. There’s that I guess.

      • Mrs brady says:

        You forgot to mention the rich white mans sailboat race. You loosin it OJ!

      • Toodle-oo says:

        The 2000 jobs promise , while maybe not the best thing to say , could have been a reality . That is had you and your friends not spent 5 years bashing ,trashing , protesting , marching ,spreading negative inuendo non-stop , the no no no meetings and starting irrelevant political fires every week that the OBA wasted too much time on answering to .

        It just might have been , but you didn’t want it ,at any cost.

        • wahoo says:

          Spot on. The plp seemed desperate to win at any cost unfortunately our reputation as a stable place to do business has suffered greatly. I know trickle down economics is a phrase disliked by some when used to explain how money filters down from top to bottom but trickle down can be applied to describe what happens when businesses cease to operate altogether i.e. the hard times trickle down real hard.

  2. Gustav says:

    ” 285 job seekers attended ”
    and how about the others , do we just have 285 unemployed ?
    if if would look for a job , I would take each and every chance to get one , but it must have been an “inconvenient ” time ……
    I am speechless

    • What's up? says:

      I hope this really works, I think it’s a great idea, but actually would like to see them all keep their jobs and show up after pay day.

  3. Curious says:

    Will there be a follow up in 3 months at the conclusion of their probation periods to determine how many are still employed and how to help those who are not to address challenges which lead to that employment concluding?

  4. facts of the rock says:

    32 jobs,hmmmm.
    How about a breakdown of FULL or Part Time Jobs.
    A Racial breakdown.
    A Male /Female breakdown.

    • Hmmm says:

      Why does it have to be about Race/Gender? Do they not all fall under the category of Bermudian?

      • Mrs brady says:

        Cos Bermudians bring everything down to race. They got nothin else.

      • Double S says:

        According to some, some people who don’t look like them aren’t really Bermudian.

  5. frank says:

    these are areas were the government needs to freeze work permits
    waiters( buzz)
    pot washers
    cable splicers
    telephone linesmen
    telephone technisions
    truck drivers

  6. frank says:

    the following areas is were government needs to freeze work permits

    waiters (buzz)
    telephone linesmen
    telephone techs
    cable splicers

    • aboogiewitdahoodie says:

      bermudians can get jobs down buzz/nannies if they want lmfao…ppl just don’t want d hours/working holidays/non work ethic/etc. u already know that…

      • The Original Truth™ says:

        More like Bermudians don’t want a job from an employer that refuses to pay them a living wage. It’s fine for someone who can convert a dollars into pisos and build a mansion back home with their remittances. How fortunate for them that they will have a great retirement fund from Bermuda’s generosity.

        We lose billions a year in remittances because of bias thinking like yours. The money doesn’t go into a Bermudian’s pocket, instead it goes overseas to support some other nations economy.

        • Bunion juice says:

          That’s called entitlement lmfao you can’t pick and choose! Guys should be grateful for any job and work there way up! Nothing is handed to you nowadays! Not everyone should expect $25 an hour even buzz workers! You’re part of the problem ya dummy

          • The Original Truth™ says:

            Of course it’s entitlement you ignoramus. Entitlement is defined as the fact of having a right to something. Having a Bermudian passport entitles a Bermudian to a job they are qualified for before a guest worker. It’s illegal to refuse a Bermudian a job over a guest worker on pay discrepancy. This is a legal fact.

            Your same simpleton like thinking has harmed Bermuda’s economy time over time. think employers are entitled to hire a foreigner over a Bermudian because of pay difference. Breaking the law, lying to immigration that they couldn’t find a qualified Bermudian. The truth is they couldn’t find a Bermudian who’d work for peanuts while they pocket majority profits. There’s no trickle down, just a trickle out to another country while tax payers front the financial assistance needed because of the laws being flouted.

  7. spanner breath says:

    Well its close to getting all the unemployed employed like the current govt said they’ll do… NOT

  8. Wahoo says:

    Irony is that lack of faith in this government resulted in suspension of Morgan’s point hotel and loss of even more jobs right about same time.

  9. Southampton says:

    You people make me laugh.
    The Employment Fair are trying to help people find a job and all you idiots do is make stupid comments and want to know the male/female ratio, race ratio or are they full time or part time.

    Just be grateful that something is being done to assist the unemployed people in Bermuda.

    So childish.

    • Black Panther says:

      Does anyone know the unemployment level for white Bermudians?

      Did anyone see any white Bermudians standing in line at the event?

    • What's up? says:

      Stop placing all of us under one umbrella, cause I did not say any suck thing.

  10. nerema says:

    Wayne got into a great conversation while driving GP7 home. Looks like he apparently forgot how to wind his window up, so instead he carried on with his nice long conversation with his ace boy.
    With examples like this from the Minister of National Security it’s no wonder there is carnage on the roads.

  11. Real Talk says:

    Excellent Initiative…. Looking forward to seeing continued and increased numbers of Bermudian’s hired for career opportunities….

    On the flip side, its so sad to see the lengths/ creativity that has to be taken for a Bermudian in BERMUDA to get a career opportunity SMDH……

    Thank you Caines and Rabain for caring about Bermudians!


    It is so sickening to hear negativity….Why cant people just say “well done” for securing a job. Grow up people. You obviously have nothing else to do with your lives, but as the saying goes misery love company.

    Congratulations and Well Done to those who obtained employment, and all the best for those still looking, just believe that it will happen and it will.

    • Double S says:

      Shame you weren’t so sick of the negativity prior to the election. Amazing what a change in Government can do to one’s emotions huh?

    • Warlord2 says:

      Gonna have to organize some more job fairs.150 layed off at Morgan’s Point.

  13. Well done,Minister Caines. Your sincerity and hard work are noticed. Thank you for looking out for BORN BERMUDIANS, something the previous “government” could care less about!!
    Well done, Minister Caines!!
    Continue on in your job and your government’s goal….”putting Bermudians first.”

    • Earth watch police says:

      I thought plp said there were thousands unemployed.

  14. Oh really says:

    Hmm I wonder why Morgan’s Point suddenly came to a halt? I guess they are not confidant enough with the great PLP to carry on. Such a shame that people obviously feel uncomfortable already with the friends and family deals already taking over. It’s going to be a long bump ride ahead with these jokers.

    • The Original Truth™ says:

      That’s just a tale you’ve told yourself. The reality is the developers of Morgan’s Point ran out of funds because they don’t know how to budget a venture correctly.

  15. Really says:

    Hmm…..wonder why work has stopped at Morgan’s Point? I suppose they are not feeling the love from the great PLP.
    Such a shame that people are tired of hearing about the friends and family deals. Then we cannot forget how eager Jamal Simmons and company are to get there fingers in the casinos. Stand strong people it’s going to be a long bumpy ride with these jokers in charge.

  16. JohnBoy says:

    Please shave the beard Minister Caines. It makes you look old.

  17. rodeny smith says:

    The 2000 jobs comment came from the developers at Morgan’s Point . The Government is doing well , promoting this job fair . What we must be careful of , ” Is the number of work permits applied for by some of these employers .” What do I mean ? It works like this! You employ a number of Bermudians on the one hand , while you are applying to government for work permits, on the other hand. At the end of 3 or 6 months , you owe the Bermudians nothing . They have finished their time of probation , and can be let go without a question to anyone . This is how the game is played. Work permit holders have contracts that cannot be broken just like that. NOW THE EMPLOYERS HAVE THE WORKERS THEY WANT . Thanks to the government. Only in Bermuda.

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      I have heard of this kind of thing playing out here in Bermuda once before. I had a conversation a few years back with a skilled young tradesman who had this happen to him. His boss had told him that even though he would love to keep the young man on due to him being a focused hard worker, the boss confessed he had to let some people go. Due to the guest workers being under contract it was a portion of the locals of the company who had to pay the price, while the guest workers got to keep their jobs. One day shy of the young man being able to apply for redundancy pay, the boss called him back to tell him he is to start back work again in the morning. Once hired back he was hired at greatly reduced hours while the guest workers still were receiving over 40 hours every week. This continued until the work picked back up. When asked the boss confessed that he had to keep the guest workers employed due to the “investment” he had in them & the contracts that were in place.

    • The Original Truth™ says:

      It’s how the game is played but it’s illegal. Bermudians need to read the employment act and learn their rights and report these incidents.

  18. Rocky5 says:

    Why is it not MANDATORY for everyone on Social Assistance under 65 SHOW up to this Work (not JOB) Fair?

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      This was something I had thought about some years back but I got a lot of negativity when I voiced it.